Another double entry (and probably another to come after this as the season winds up). I could a) sell this on how I'm spoiling you by covering so many episodes on one go, or b) admit to having been on holiday and playing catchup. Hmm.

b) it is, then. :D

Without further explaining we'll just get down to business, shall we? First up for week one, we have Assassination Classroom, where we're on dubious topics this week:

Well, it's an improvement over anything to do with ethics in videogame journalism, I'll grant.

::checks:: No, this isn't a hentai. Sure beginning to sound like one, though. We'll move on before we get any worse, to Blood Blockade Battlefront:

This would be funnier if he didn't have my gut. Those all-you-can-eat inclusive meal plans on holiday didn't help on that front, sadly.

Chain uses a Blackberry!? All respect, gone. Next up, Danmachi:

Repeat after me: not property to be leant to you or anyone else. We really need to work on Fair Treatment of Humanoid Races in Anime. Next, Sound! Euphonium.

Yes, really. Now, I'll admit in advance that I'm aware that we've moved on from this scene through the sinking and miraculous refloating of the SS Yuritastic, but I haven't seen those episodes yet. Let me have my fun.

I have to say that in a lot of ways, Reina's isn't much better.

WHATWHUT. At this rate, Reina will to turning out to be Tubacabra. Or something.

IM(ns)HO, these are actually fairly good attitudes to life. But what do I know. Next, Jojo's Egypt Adventures...

Said no true Senator, ever, I'm sure. Mikagura School Suite gives me a great idea:

I would join the hell out of that club. Just call it the Stress Relief Club. Nisekoi: is next...

Uh-oh. I know those eyes. Be afraid.

Those colours look familiar, too. Madodera?

Well, that hits 200% on the Appropriateness scale. Finally for part I, Go! Princess Precure:

I don't care who she is in canon, that's Cure Peace and you know it.

And finally this season's Precures are arranged in the correct order. Part II after the linebreak...

Week 2 begins with Assassination Classroom again...

Because you look like you should've been wearing a dress since episode 1?

And again I have GG in my anime. Geroutofit. Sound! Euphonium took a break from things yuritastic this week...

...but is still pretty much on target on the relative importance of things. Next, Jojo's Egypt Arc...

Next Spiderman movie sorted. A reboot with an ornery old geezer with a great line in OH MY GOD! would be so much more entertaining that something about a hormonal teenager. Although I'm sure recasting Joseph in there would break that Sony-Marvel agreement that leaked last week.

What I thought, moments before finally dropping this show. Probably the last one to be fed to Dropzilla this season. But only because some are too short to bother dropping, like Nasuno Takamiya Desu!:

Or maybe it'll end early..?


COSIGNED. Next, My Love Story!!:

Let me think about the possibilities there.

There's Mari, from Project A-Ko, although she's a villain and lacks Takeo's burning need to do good. For the real solution, we need to skip into the world of live-action for a moment...

Major Iceborg, the perfect match. The Fifth Element always has the answer. And finally, Show By Rock!!:

I just noticed their microphones were little animal heads, to match their characters. Cuteness OVERLOAD. And with that, see you when I have the next batch of episodes ready to go...