Double entry this week, as I'm in catch-up mode. I can partly blame Eurovision last week, but not entirely... Also as a heads-up, I'm away for my 2-week summer break from next weekend; if I can get my ducks in a row there'll be another double entry next weekend to leave everything up-to-date, but if not, service resumes around the end of June. And with the housekeeping out of the way, it's on to the snark.

First up for week 38, Ghost in the Shell: Arise...

Spidertank, spidertank, does whatever a spidertank can... Sorry, couldn't resist. Just as the tachikomas were arguably the best part of SAC, the logicoma is arguably the best part of Arise. Next, Assassination Classroom:

That's a contentious argument, that's for sure.

And that's an h-version I really don't want to see, thanks. Time to move quickly onwards, to Blood Blockade Battlefront:

He'd gladly pay you Wednesday for a hamburger today, I suspect.

The ones I make myself, sure. Just don't rely on McDonald's to have that effect. Next up, DanMachi:

Says the goddess with famous support of her own.

2 familia, 1 cup?

Well, Bell always seemed keen on kissing Aiz's ass. He finally got his chance.

NO. NONONONONO. Do not listen to ghostgrandad, EVER. Have to admit this episode was at least fun to watch, in contrast to any episode which tries to get remotely serious. There's a distinct pattern with this show on that front.

Aaaand Sound! Euphonium takes the lead in this season's Best Euphemism contest. Euphonimism? Over in Mikagura School Suite...

Don't bother. Worst Ghost in the Shell. Next up: Nisekoi:...

Valentine's choco of INSTANT DEATH. Feed some to Chitoge, quick.

Well, that could be interesting. Unlike most of this season so far. Moving on, My Love Story!!, which is kinda the motherlode for this week:

Hey. Guys have learnt a lot from shoujo manga over the years. How much of it is accurate is another thing, though.

Ahh, memories. Of my Grade 7 year, and illicit encounters with a first-form girl. If you need me, I'll be misty-eyed over in the corner.

Takeo, eating pussy.

Warning, Sunakawa. Run away.

Well, at least he used clingwrap. But there are some things lifelong friendship doesn't cover, dude. Next, Go! Princess Precure:

Sometimes you watch these things with a particularly juveline mindset, and things suddenly don't look quite right. Moving on to Punch Line probably not the best solution to that, either.

Yeah, pretty much my reaction to this episode's plot twists, too. Next, Show By Rock!

Yuri mode: ON. And finally for part 1, Urawa no Usagi-chan:

Parents to otaku everywhere. Insert linebreak here.

And now for #39, which is a little bit shorter than most weeks. Starting with DanMachi, where Bell's feeling a threat to his manhood:

'Her' being the undisputed badass of the world. If I swapped with Bell, frankly there'd be no-one I'd rather have save my arse than Aiz. Best chances of success, and frankly I'd enjoy the view while she was doing it. Next up, Nisekoi:

Dear Kosaki: She's your sister. You should probably know by now that she's due to start the same school as you today. Although given her general attitude to Raku, I'd've been quite happy for her to stay at that all-girls school. Moving on, My Love Story!!:

That seems... unwise.

After hearing about Yamato's unclean thoughts about him, Takeo decided to share one about himself...

I don't want to know where this is going, frankly. Next up, Punch Line:

I fail to see the connection, frankly.

She's been taking drink-making lessons from Remon, hasn't she..? Finally, Show By Rock!:

Which is why he can hold down a full-time job, I suspect.

This show is taking the lead for Best Reaction Faces. And there's been some top-class competition this season, let me tell you. (Hopefully) see you next week...