Another week, another Week in Anime, and with this season so far not having anything truly horrible for me to go on a dropfest with (well, maybe Etotama), there's a fair bit to get through. First up, Assassination Classroom, where the rest of the class are just picking up on something that's been bugging me since episode 1:

Although I would've though the small detail that he turned up in a male uniform every day may have given it away already. Go figure. Next up, DanMachi, where there's a running theme:

Now now, Hestia, don't be speciesist. Although she is a cute half-elf.

It's true, he really doesn't need to go to dungeons to pick up girls, does he..?

All those part-time jobs to pay for his Hestia Blade, and this is how he repays you. Go medieval on his ass, Hestia. ::grabs popcorn:: Moving onwards, we have Sound! Euphonium, which is going for the double entendre award for the week:


Excuse me while I retrieve my mind from the gutter. Where Food Wars seemed determined to leave it, but we'll pass over that part and go to matters of recipe:

If he was cooking for me, the flavour would be about to take a turn in the wrong direction again. Next up, Mikagura School Suite:

And there I was thinking that 'eejit' was a word only ever used in Ireland. But entirely appropriate in this context. Nisekoi: takes a turn for the meh by focussing on all the wrong people again, and introducing THE WORST ANIME MOM EVER. Not that Raku notices:

What planet are you living on, dude. And we've another episode of her to deal with next week. FManimeL. At least good progress is being made over in My Love Story!!:

Kindasorta. But then the big dude is so smitten he'd never think anything else anyway.

::files in the reaction images folder::

Dawn breaks on Mount Dunderhead. This whole sequence had me laughing, and it's very refreshing when the leads of a show get together so soon. I can only think of Golden Time and World of Narue being similarly quick off the mark - and this time we've got no aliens or ghosts to deal with. Hopefully. Moving onwards to Plastic Memories:

Michiru pop up with so many variations on 'protective oneesan' this episode that it was straining my patience.

But then we got unexpected Future Diary cosplay. If that's not Minene-sama... Over in Wish Upon the Pleiades, I was just losing interest when...

You Know You're Losing The Audience When...

It's called a crowd-pleasing plot twist.

I'd make a point of not letting go of the driveshafts in free-fall, girls. Those outfits aren't going to help much in re-entry. Next, Go! Princess Precure:

You can only be improved by being in the presence of Kirara. And don't you forget it.

Those eyebrows are doing a great impression of Evil Monster Eyes. They'll be a zetsuborg all of their own in a future episode, I'll bet.

Cure Twinkle, channelling Morpheus. Come get her. Punch Line may just be trying to make a political statement or two, but it's hiding them well:

2D is never going to be the answer to that, however visually-appealing it may be.

And Sound! Euphonium's reign with the Double Entendre of the Week award is short-lived. Next, Re-Kan!:

It's just a phone, not a hentai shoot...

::hook retrieves character from stage left:: Selfies are banned. Show By Rock!! was unusually serious this week, especially if you were Retoree:

But if you're not in, you can't win. Defeatist attitudes are no fun at all. Over at Teekyu...

Which is about par for the course for this show, to be honest.

They've borrowed the squid from Food Wars, apparently. Finally, Yamada and the Seven Witches:

That's not a safe question to ask, Itou.

Just you keep telling yourself that.

Can't figure if this should be renamed the Yuri Research Club. Or maybe the Yaoi Research Club.

Yuri this week, at least. And on that note, see you next week...