This week's edition of TWIA brought to you by a bottle of wine, and playing in the background. I take no responsibility for the consequences. Getting us underway this week we have Ghost in the Shell: ARISE, which invokes an entirely different type of music:

Cue Men Without Hats.

You can dive if you want to, you can leave your friends behind;
But your friends don't dive, and if they don't dive, well they're no friends of mine...

At the risk of showing my age: 80s music makes anything better. Moving quickly onwards brings us to Heroic Legend of Arslan, which highlights two pet hates of mine:

First: people who can't take sensible advice.

Second: just translate it as "approximately 250 metres away!" then. Yes, I know this is accurate to the source, but I couldn't be arsed doing the mental work associated with how this is presented. Aaargh. At least it's a step up from "All according to keikaku". Just about. Next up is Assassination Classroom, where the new PhysEd teacher and I have one thing in common:

I recommend beer and pizza. Seems to work for me, anyway.

Move in with me for a while and I'll show you one. But then I don't resort to this arsehole's methods. Karma, unusually not delivered by Karma, was strong in this episode. I approved.

See? Ph34r the cute ones, and ponder how this show seems to be developing a slightly darker side. I wonder if they'll make much of it. Moving on, we have Black Blood Battlefront:

Is that an expy from Nudist Beach I see before me? Actually, to be fair, I don't see anything under that censorflare. Which is, frankly, a good thing. Is it Wrong to Pick Up Boobies... errr, Ribbons.. no, wait, Girls in a Dungeon this week got serious all of a sudden, but by a wide margin wins my "Best Single Episode of the Week" award.

I'll take this as confirmation that Bell has in fact succeeded in picking up a girl from a dungeon. Not that he needed to put Hestia into one to make any progress with her.

Things are not looking good for our hero.

I can't help but feel it should be over 9,000. But for what it's worth, in its three episodes so far, DanMachi has moved the furthest from what seemed to be its initial idea to something far more entertaining. Two thumbs up from me. Next, we have Sound! Euphonium, where Asuka takes an unexpected dominant turn:

You can see Midori being the submissive type to that, too. Or perhaps I'm overthinking these characters.

I'm finding it hard to avoid a 'beating off' gag here. This is probably an improvement over the stress relief methods that JList would sell us, that's for sure. Food Wars is next on the list...


Too late. Although this would've been funnier if we hadn't already had exactly this joke in episode one. Moving on to Jojo's Bizarre Egypt Arc...

This bird really is an arsehole. But the end of its arc is ever so anticlimactic. THIS IS JOJO, people, it's not supposed to do anticlimactic. I am disappoint. Nisekoi: brings us a new character this week, in the form of American import Paula, whose sole aim is to provoke Tsugumi:

Something she's remarkably good at.

Sorry, dear, you're in the wrong show for that.

Are we talking specifically about your hips here? Next, My Love Story!!:

The size of those hands, hey. Also: if that's not a clue-by-four, I dunno what is, but our adorable galoot still manages to miss the hint. Oi.

Not enough facepalms in the world. Seriously, dude. Over in Plastic Memories:

This is not the face of quality customer service.

Once again, I can't avoid thinking IT'S ASUKA. And don't try to persuade me otherwise. I suppose that make Isla the Rei expy... Over in Go! Princess Precure:

...Cure Twinkle has apparently been taking jumping-on-missiles from A-Ko. Which only goes to reinforce her position as Best Cure. Meanwhile...

..a wand? The moon? Have Toei got their properties mixed up here!? (After all, it's not like anyone actually cares about Sailor Moon Crystal, so may as well promote the merchandise though something... well... better...). Punch Line seemed to take less of an interest in panchira this week, which didn't actually do it any harm. Although it did stick to some things:

That's not getting as tired as the cat porn joke.

And I really wish he wouldn't.

Suddenly, Hatoful Boyfriend.

Ginko, is that you!? Quite where this show is going I have no idea, but it's doing a decent job in making me interested in finding out. Next up is Re-Kan!, whose resident pervycat seems to be feeling the need to fill in for his Punch Line counterpart:

At least he's not sharing his favourite YouPorn clips with us. Moving on, we have Show by Rock!!...

...and I find myself unable to disagree with Cyan. Although my taste in music probably varies wildly from hers. (Now Playing: Ministry of Sound - Trance Nation.) Breaking the Hippocratic Oath we have Triage X:

..which continues to keep its secrets to itself as you were. I'm not sure if moving from last week's whiteout to this week's blackout is an improvement or not. Hint to anime producers: if you feel the need to broadcast-censor to this extend, please, don't bother. Just go straight to BD. Kthkxbai. Finally for this week, Yamada-san and the Seven Witches, where if you've been gender-swapped from male to female there are some formalities you just have to get out of the way:

At least they didn't linger on them.

Much. And in such circumstances, there are certain things that need to be done in the name of SCIENCE:

Yaoi, APPROVED. See you next week...