The first full week of the Spring season is now done & dusted - which means a quite frankly epic instalment of The Week in Anime. So without further ado, onto the important stuff. First up, Ghost in the Shell: ARISE - Alternative Architecture, which I'm thinking wins the award for most mouthful for an official title. While it's always good to see the Major in action - and for what it's worth, apart from the character designs this is the GitS you know - when this popped up, I was expecting Mizuho to make an appearance instead...

Next up, Heroic Legend of Arslan, an epic tale of medieval warfare and... princes who wouldn't look out of place in a KyoAni show, apparently. That was unexpected. Assassination Classroom got a new OP theme this week (boo!), while its characters seemed to gain a whole new power:

The ability to make anything that might cover their face magically disappear. I'm sure that'll come in handy against Korosensei. Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? is next, and it seems Bell doesn't even need to go to the dungeon to get lucky...

Don't tell Hestia, she's jealous enough with just one known rival. Speaking of Hestia...

..I never realised she was so short until she appeared with the other goddesses. Also, fear the ones like Loki who never normally open their eyes, for they are not to be trusted. Next up it Ultimate Otaku Teacher, making its only appearance as it's been dropped like a big droppy thing...

...and not just for hitting too close to home on some things. Honest.

For background on that, I recommend Isaac Asimov's short story, It's Such a Beautiful Day.

Safeguarding lapse #1: following a single student to dark and private place.

Safeguarding lapse #2: collection of personal details on students, and failing to adhere to data protection regulations. Fire the man, now. Next up, Etotama, where Japan anthropomorphises something else. It's what they do.

Catgirl fans rejoice, it's your licky day.

Oh, she's one of those types. Passu. Next up, Food Wars - which for the life of me I mistype every single time as Food Wards. Help.

Stereotypical American: check. Although I'm told there should be a few more platefuls there for the genuine effect.

See, at this point you lynch the child, rather than mark her down as some Godlike Tongue or whatever.

Common food is best food. None of this high falutin' gourmet shite for me. Over in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, we've a new entry in the 'great reaction faces' stakes.

Go Iggy. Next, Black Blood Battlefront...

...which sums up my own mood while watching that episode perfectly. Moving quickly onwards, we have Mikagura School Suite...

...which would like to be this season's entry in the "Yuri: APPROVED!" stakes.

These things are important when choosing a school.

I don't think she cares.

See? Note to other girls at the school: run away. It's for your own good. Not much in the shoujo department this season, but what we do have - My Love Story!! - at least seems decent:

Correct response to that line, I'd say.

Can I order a clue for the male lead in show, please? Next, a return to the Haruhiverse, courtesy of the Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan:

Hang on. That's not my Yuki...

Can't think who that other girl is, either...

And, as we all know, the childhood friend always loses. Clearly taking the wrong approach to all this. Pop quiz: what do Nasuno Takamya Desu! and Gunslinger Stratos have in common?

Get these two together. They can do what sheep do together. That's not the only Gunslinger Stratos character we could pack off, too, as Mysterious Girl could follow suit:

A lot in common there with the old geezer in Paranoia Agent, I reckon. Two down, and if we keep this up, we'll have no-one left to explain when annoying plot exposition questions are asked.

Like this one. Well, I suppose it's a notch up from a "Well, as you know..." infodump. Just about. Nisekoi: is back, and this week is bad news for everyone on Team Anyone But Chitoge:

"New"? Haven't you been playing that game for a whole freaking season already!?

Hopefully not. #teamkosaki

No, we don't. This whole episode revolved around Chitoge being truly desperate to get a compliment or two out of Raku - dunno about him, but if I think my other half is fishing for compliments, I'm even less likely to dish them out than usual. But then that may just be me being a bastard. Next up, from they KEY school of "CRY YOU BASTARDS", we have Plastic Memories:

Veteran, huh? Takes time to become a veteran, so who's willing to bet our veteran will be on the soon-to-be-disabled list?

Spot the Asuka expy. Even the personality's pretty much spot on. Next, Go! Princess Precure:

Wonderful disguises, girls. No-one would ever know it was you. The award for most divisive show of the season looks set to go to Punch Line, but sue me, I liked it.

And there I was thinking Ichigo had a monopoly on strange juice. There was nothing stranger than her Dynamite Drink, after all.

Get used to this view, I suspect you'll be seeing a lot of pantsu this show. The clue's in the Japanese pronunciation of the series name. As for the basic premise behind the show...

That is sound advice. Heed it well. Next, Re-Kan!.

..featuring the world's perviest cat. Actually cats seem to be a running theme this season. As for the show's resident tsundere's reaction to the basic idea behind the show...

Don't knock it, it's nice when someone's completely honest about the undead spirits in their life. Next, a word from our sponsors at Sanrio in the form of Show By Rock!!:

This is the same character. The occasional switch in animation style from traditional to 3DCG isn't jarring at all.

Yeah, that was my reaction to Cyan's 'nyaa!' as well. Moving on, Seraph of the End:

Any relation to Miina? Teekyu lasted all of 3 minutes, which is quicker than it'll take me to slot in these screenshots:

Insert 'yamama' joke here.

Could be worse, could've been the Alien. Finally for this week, Triage X...

...I think. It's hard to see under that broadcast censorship. ::squints::

And yet outfits like this make it through. Whatever they're keeping for the BD release, it must be good. See you next week...