As the curtain falls for some of this season's - nay, probably this year's - best shows (hi there, Death Parade and Shirobako. Announce new seasons soon), it's time for another Week in Anime, and I'll admit up front that I'm really milking some of the remaining shows. Because they deserve it. Before we get onto the shows, though, I couldn't help but notice a trend in this week's shows that couldn't pass without mention:

Was it World Flying Kick Week and I missed it, or something? That's a lot of shows to be on the same wavelength there... Anyway, starting with this week's three finales, and it's Death Parade up first. Them feels, man.

Nona: badass of the piece. Which we really should've expected.

I recognise this trap, Ginti pulled it last week on starstruck girl. Decim, I'd credited you with more than to stoop so low.

This Arbiter has malfunctioned.

Uh-oh, SHAFT Head-Tilt Syndrome is spreading. What do.

Smiling clearly isn't the answer. For a smile like that, Decim, the apology's entirely necessary. Frankly I could've capped half this episode it was so damned good. A real shame this is only a 12-ep show. Moving on to the other show that I suspect will be seen as a classic in future, we have Shirobako:

UNBEARABLE TENSION, THE ANIME. Even if you know it'll all end well.

Don-don-don't let on there may have been a tear or two watching this. Although if I was picky, I'd say it all ended maybe a little too happily - I mean, even Hiraoka seemed nice for a moment. That just ain't natural. Also ending this week, season one of Kancolle:

If it's my fate to watch the confirmed second season, I'll have something to say about that. Of the shows that I finished this season, this was easily the most dull. Moving on to shows that haven't left us just yet, we have Jojo's Stardust Crusaders:

But just a moment you were telling us he was as smooth as the Devil himself. That statement and this don't entirely gel.

>mfw realising who Hol Horse has teamed up with this time. This will at least end humourously. Next, Maria the Virgin Witch:

Photoshop Galfa and this hand, rocking down at a metal concert. Please.

Presented without comment.

Because he has lousy priorities. And see last statement. Next up, we have Saekano:

Yeah, they're going to milk Eriri vs Michiru for all that they can, aren't they...

Why yes, we do. Wait, that wasn't praise, was it..?

Because SERVICE. Which Michiru appears to be specifically made for. Not to producers: dial it down, just a little. Please.

Resulting misinterpretation entirely predictable.

Repeat after me: THIS IS A GOOD THING. ::headdesk:: Anyway, Yatterman Night.

I sense that the tape on that cassette is going to wear thin real quickly.

Get Maria and Leopard together, they think the same way.

Hey, whaddya know, pigs can fly. And that's it for this week. One more instalment to come for this season, and then we're into Spring. 60+ shows. 60+. There will be some pre-air editing of what I'll be watching. Next week...