A double bill this week, as I've been getting myself up to date ahead of the end of season - but the two weeks are separate, for those following on the free streaming tier. If that's you, stop at the linebreak if you don't want to be spoiled. First up this.. er, the week before last, we have Assassination Classroom, where there's a(nother) new student for Nagisa and co to get used to:

New student seems to have proportions 1:3:9, and should really be using Also Sprach Zarathustra as her theme tune. I wonder if she's full of stars?


Ah. One of those, is he... Over to Jojo's Stardust Crusaders:

If I could have a penny for every gambling anime I've seen, Terence Trent here'd be out of coins. Over in KanColle, we have more practical concerns:

Just a suggestion, Shimakaze, but WEAR SOME PROPER CLOTHES.

Death flag raised, prepare for an unfortunate sinking. Over in Maria the Virgin Witch, things are looking bad for Maria.

Well may lightning strike you down, you lying toerag.

Given that this show is rapidly becoming The Church: Utter Bastards, we have reason to doubt your words, Bernard. Which makes it all the sweeter when Maria drops a logic nuke on you. Over in Go! Princess Precure, the OP makes the fatal mistake of reminding us all who the best Precure team are:

What I wouldn't've given for the Smile girls to get another season. Over in Saekano, Utaha-senpai manages to look unbearably cute while reminding us about her screen-time last episode:

As for Eriri's motivations...

...I don't think that's them, frankly. Meanwhile, just when you think protag-kun's about to actively pick a girl...

...(like, how often does that happen in anime!)

...nope, that wasn't going where I was expecting. Back to the drawing board. Which works for me, since I still actually quite like Megumi. Over in Shirobako, they're pointing out the obvious:

Could be worse, they could end up like Hiraoka. Or 'Funny story...' dude.

Reaction face filed under "Keep your hands of my senpai!".

Yeah, I couldn't possibly keep a straight face for this... Yatterman Night brings us something that should look oh-so-familiar to people of a certain age:

Well, apart from the inverted M. Finally for this part, Yuri Kuma Arashi:

Follow that logic, and a huge chunk of society would end up on the exclusion list. Your methods suck, girls.

It certainly is.

I prefer searching Duck Duck Go, myself. End of part one, we'll be back after this short horizontal rule...

Well that was quick. Another week, and we're back to Assassination Classroom, where Prof Bitch's methods are getting ever more dubious:

Hello, Ofsted? We have a problem... Although given the setup at this school, I suppose she's the least of their issues.

If it weren't for the subtitles, I wouldn't. The Engrish in this episode is that special.

With politeness like that, how could you not let her kill you!? Neither words nor screenshots do this week's Death Parade justice, but I couldn't leave it out:

Yes. Yes she does.

Right before this episode starts killing people (in its final sense), ironically enough. This episode engendered tears for Chiyuki, and a hearty FUCK YOU for Ginti. Watched it two days ago and I'm still pissed at him. Over in Jojo's Stardust Crusaders, we're doing callbacks. Sort of.

And not "Open the gate!"? Shame.

Call Saki and her friends, quick. Moving on to KanColle:

If it hadn't been posted 3 million time already, I'd be posting That Comparison Shot. Not sure it works so well with milk, though.

This is not the time for terrified looks. That comes later.

Well duh. To sucker impressionable casual gamers into forking over large wads of cash to fuel microtransaction-powered improvements, of course. Suckers, all of them. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some LL:SIF to play.

Oh, hello. New entrant in the Catgirl of the Year charts, courtesy of Maria the Virgin Witch. Meanwhile, The Rolling Girls finally gets round to explaining things:

Yeah, that was my reaction as well.

Can we hire this tax collector bloke to deal with corporate evasion? I think that would be a Really Good Move.

Debunking from the Bad Astronomer coming real soon now. Next up, Saekano:

Why hello there, Michiko. Setting the tone for ALL YOUR APPEARANCES right from the get-go, I see. (There were scenes with her before this, but this is the tamest I could find. Seriously.)

And that's without his cousin getting her grubby paws on him, god help him. Eriri's reaction to this is entirely understandable:

But wait! Let's explain what's really going on here!

Can't think who that last dig was referring to. Nope. Seriously, though, this episode would've been the highlight of the show so far, if it wasn't breaking all records for male gaze with it. Aaargh, conflicted. I'm far less conflicted about Shirobako, though:

Funny story, dude: YOU'RE FIRED. And it couldn't've happened to a nicer guy. More importantly, though:

I'm with Aoi when it comes to Zuka-chan's debut, I have to say. Next, Yatterman Night:

They going for a hentai edition here? Leave poor Leopard alone! And finally, Yuri Kuma Arashi:

Creepy barrier: smashed. See you next week, when some of the best current shows will be bowing out...