I've been running my blog for nearly 5 years by now, but I still manage to find something new that I haven't yet done before. This time, I actually interviewed someone about a subject.

The person: Robert Grebe, CEO of TraderzTV, a foreign exchange education site
The subject: The history of American Laser Games, the FMV arcade game developer that Grebe was founder, President & CEO of.
Why? Simply because there hasn't been any sort of retrospective on ALG. There has been the occasional piece of Digital Pictures of even Sega's FMV output of the 90s, but there wasn't anything out there about the company that kickstarted the FMV genre's heyday of the 90s.

You can either read a transcription of the interview on the blog over here, or you can watch/listen to a video version over here; the video is made up of images & footage of ALG titles, but it's better than nothing.

I hope you guys enjoy it.