I've waited until now to bring this up on The Fandom post for two reasons. First, I wanted a good bit of content to be on the site before really hyping it; second, the essay I contributed for this is now live!

For those of you who don't know what this site is, the Golden Ani-Versary is a blog thought up by Geoff Tebbets, who wrote for a good portion of Animerica magazine's life, in order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the debut of Tetsuwan Atom/Astro Boy on both Japanese & American television. Essentially, the blog will be chronicling the history of televised anime (though OVAs & some movies get talked about, too) year by year from 1963 to 2012; this is likely the most comprehensive look at the history of anime in English ever. To help Geoff out he sent out a request for writers, and 49 other people (including me) answered the call & took on a year to cover. From the popular shows to the innovative creators to the memorable moments in the industry each year has been covered in a pretty in-depth fashion, in my opinion (if literally everything was covered this would be an outright encyclopedia!).

Anyway, my year of choice was 2004, and I decided to focus on titles that differentiated themselves from what else was being offered that year. I chose nine titles that, in my opinion, both rebelled against the status quo as well as respected both the viewer as well as the history that had been made already. Finally, I gave credit to the popular titles of the year as well as some of the quirky ideas that came about. I do hope you guys check out both parts to my essay, and if you want to comment on it (or criticize it) you can do so via either the "Golden-Ani" blog or on this very blog itself. I just wanted to be a part of this amazing collaboration & I feel very honored to have been given the chance to be involved.

After you've read my essay, though, go check out the other 41 essays that have been made (they're really good!), and don't forget that there are eight more years to cover; there are eight more essays on the way! Also, Geoff is hoping to continue the blog after 2012 is covered by way of a "Hall of Fame" voting ballot as well as any other little ideas that come up (I have something in the works, but it's more of a silly, for fun kind of thing).

But, yeah, check this site out... You might learn something, or maybe you'll find out about a show you now want to check out.