Today I decided to check out the "old home" for the hell of it, and looked at the PMs I had amassed during my time there. One of them, though, will forever remain in my memories as both a once-in-a-lifetime moment as well as a sign of how evil a certain someone in this industry can be.

Remember back in March of 2010 when Right Stuf/Nozomi had a mystery license to announce, and they decided to play a game with the fans by releasing audio hints that's actually in code? Well, I remember on the first day of the game, when the first hint came out, we were all guessing what any of the MP3 file could mean; some of us thought that the file name itself was a hint. One part of the file name looked to be a specific year, so I logically decided to search on ANN's encyclopedia and look for potential license choices from that year... And the decision I came to was that, out of all of the choices I had, Dirty Pair TV was the most likely. Well, not too long afterwards I saw that I had a new private message to read. Imagine my shock when I saw that it was sent by Shawne Kleckner himself! With a title of "hmmm" and a message of "anime today forums" I should have easily seen this to be a false lead (why else would the man himself BREAK HIS OWN RULE OF NO PMs if not to fool me?), but I head-over-heels fell for it and dropped my initial kind-of-guess. The amazement that the man himself sent me a PM blinded me from logic.

The license ended up being Dirty Pair TV... To this day I still haven't fully forgotten this PM I got from Shawne Kleckner. The fact that he was willing to break his own PM rule is proof that he didn't want anything ruining the surprise that would be the license itself, and the fact that I, accidentally, got it right on the very first day must have surprised the hell out of him. That PM is all the proof I need that the man truly is the "Dark Lord" that everyone calls him.

Dark Lord Kleckner... I have not forgiven you for this trickery, and I still await the day you make it up to me. You owe me one, good sir! If it wasn't for the fact that Iowa & New Jersey are completely different states, not to mention that you only go to cons like AX & Iowa-local ones, I would go to you personally and talk to you about this... But, alas, I am unable to do so. Also, I wonder if he even remembers this whole "incident"; it could just be a blur to him now, all of these 2+ years later.

And, if DLK does indeed remember this whole thing, I bet he still laughs at me to this day for falling for such an obvious trap...