Well, after doing video reviews on YouTube for about a year and then doing the Land of Obscusion blog for more than a year, and still going on strong, I decided to try out the next step in terms of talking about anime: A Convention Panel. So I sent in a panel approval form to my local con, AnimeNEXT in NJ, and today I got the word: It's been approved!

What is the panel? I call it "25 Years of Burning Blood: Masami Kurumada Animes", and it's a general overview of every anime adaptation of a Masami Kurumada manga; Saint Seiya, Fuma no Kojirou, B't X, & Ring ni Kakero 1 will be the major focus, but even Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas & Saint Seiya Omega will get brought up (since neither is adapting from a Kurumada-drawn manga, I don't fully consider them "Kurumada Animes", but they're close enough to at least mention). Hell, I'll even touch on the Manga DVD for Ring ni Kakero 1 (not actually an "anime", but it's a neat oddity) as well as the RnK1 Pilot Film. I've got the basic PowerPoint slides down already, but naturally I'll probably be continually checking on it and making sure that it's as good as possible. What I need to do next is decide on which video clips to use for each series and to decide if I should use a script or not so that my talking stays focused and doesn't potentially go into yammering.

Hopefully this panel will come out very well, since I wouldn't mind trying this panel out in a con like Otakon one day and maybe I can even try out other panel ideas. Afterall, I'm the guy who reviews obscure anime, so I could easily do a panel about obscure stuff. Anyway, for anyone going to AnimeNEXT I hope to see you there and I hope you can check out my panel, if you have the time.

Here's hoping for the best!