Looking at a list of anime series from 2015 didn’t provoke a lot of “yes, that was a good one” thoughts from me, and I couldn’t quite settle on a “best in show” choice from the shows that did catch my eye. Instead of “worrying in retrospect,” though, I did consider how I’d spent part of that year watching long series from past decades to commemorate personal ten, twenty, and even thirty years-since marks for me; that might have stuck in my memory better than many of the shows I did see streaming at the time.

As for the series that have lasted better for me, the fourth Lupin the Third TV series (airing decades after the third) added another colour to the titular superthief’s wardrobe of jackets, and that was just the first thing that interested me about it. I do have to wonder if Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphanswound up more an example of how I feel downright sorry for modern mecha series, forever alienating most of their audiences along the way, but it did both develop on the more “serious” alternative universes of the franchise and try to make some new tweaks to the established formula.

One-Punch Man took what might seem a one-joke idea and laid on the production values for its superhero spoof, keeping up the interest and action around its unfortunate in a certain way main character. That I skipped its anime sequel on just the preliminary complaints of others to delve further into the mangadoesn’t detract for me from what the first episodes managed. Sound! Euphonium had its own polish courtesy of Kyoto Animation, sufficient that I did focus on its general story of musical practice and improvement rather than fixate on the slashy undertones and perhaps get frustrated alongside others that once again they weren’t being brought to the official surface.