I really didn't watch much this year, yet again. Things were very busy with my job and unfortunately a had a loved one pass away two weeks before Christmas. So rough year, not to mention a bunch of other crap. Thankfully all the anime that I did watch, they were all pretty good. Counting various extras and specials, it comes out to close to 20 different entries. I will add commentary on each of them later on. As for things I've started watching, yet haven't finished yet, I will add those few series later as well.

Shows Completed in 2016;

1. Highschool of the Dead - C-
2. Btooom! - B+
3. No Game No Life + No Game No Life Specials - B+
4. Patlabor: The Movie - B
5. ef - A Tale of Memories - B-
6. Maid-Sama + Maid-Sama Special - B
7. Medaka Box -C+
8. Medaka Box Abnormal - B-
9. Skull Man - B+
10. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - B
11. Infinite Ryvius - A
12. Uta Kata + Uta Kata OVA - C+
13. Kurogane Communication - A
14. Casshern Sins - A
15. Solty Rei + Solty Rei Specials - B+
16. Fushigi Yugi - B
17. Yugo the Negotiator - B-
18. Ayashi no Ceres B-