This is just going to be a list of the series that I have completed so far in 2015 with my ratings and maybe some possible commentary on things I'm currently/actively watching. I also recently started collecting manga again from the ground up in the last few months so I'm going to include a list of the books I've acquired thus far.

Shows Completed in 2015 So Far:
1. Blassreiter - Better than I expected. Rating: B
2. Haibane Renmei - New favorite show that I wished I had watched way earlier. So good, I must've cried like 5-6 times while watching.
Rating: A+
3. Attack on Titan - Super addicting and I can not wait for the second season to finally happen! It's really good and I want to know so much more about the characters and the world they inhabit. I need to look into the manga at some point. Rating: A-
4. Berserk - Once again another very high favorite and I'm going to have to look into the manga for this as well. Rating: B+
5. Bokurano - I watched this show in like 3-4 days and I absolutely loved almost everything about it. Checking out the manga for this one too, umm yeah.
Rating: A
6. Gunslinger Girl - Really good little series and I'm looking forward to watching the various other anime's related to it. I just wanted more of an overall connected plot. Not saying anything about checking out the manga either...oops... Rating:B
7. Shangri-La - I will never understand why this show gets so much hate. Is it far from perfect? Yes. Does it try to do way to much and get really confusing from time to time? Without a doubt. Is it the BEST show ever? Nope. But I found it to be a fun Sci-fi adventure show with a very likeable lead heroine. Just a lot of fun for me personally. Rating: B+
8. Please Save My Earth - What a wonderfully strange shoujo OVA from the 90s. This thing seriously needs a TV adaptation or something. I have the first manga volume on order. It does a lot of really interesting things and made me want to know what happens next and more about these characters. A lot of things feel left out and the last episode is just a cop out, but honestly I liked what I saw. What we did get needed to be polished a bit more and has caused me to want to see more of it. Rating: B

So those are the only series I've actually completed at present, but I have enjoyed all of them a pretty fair amount which is awesome. Now on to shows I'm actually currently watching.

Currently Watching 2015:
1. Allison and Lillia - [14/26] - It started out as fun, but in all honesty has developed more and more into generic and boring. Rating: C thru C+
2. All Purpose Cat Girl Nuku Nuku - [2/6] - After finishing Please Save My Earth I decided to start watching this as it was another 90s OVA I had never actually watched before. So far I think I'm enjoying it just as much as Please Save My Earth if not a bit more. Rating: B
3. Cyberteam in Akihabara - [10/26] - This show almost falls into the so bad its good category, ALMOST. Its so generic and over the top and animation is so crude. The story is cookie cutter at best and the characters are kind of if not mostly annoying. Yet, for some reason I'm actually kind of liking this show and for some reason can't stop watching it. I watched 9 episodes in a single sitting. Somebody should check to make sure I'm not destroying brain cells. Rating: C-
4. Inuyasha - [143/167] - Still trudging through it, still enjoying it a good deal. Rating: B+ thru A
5. Mushi-shi - [5/26] - By far my favorite show that I'm watching at the moment. I'm going at this one slowly though and watching it in-between other things. I'm also watching this one together with my mom of all people and my little sister and both are really really liking it too. Rating: A+
6. Saikano - [7/13] - When I started watching this I really liked it, but it has just gotten progressively worse and worse as it has gone along. I want to see some more action, I want to know why they chose Chise, I want to her fully transformed, the list goes on. The characters have gotten worse particularly the male lead and while I want this show to succeed as a some kind of war-torn high school drama romance the science fiction and action aspects just make it all collapse on top of its self into something that is just incredibly average for me. Rating: C

Others Things I Should Be Actively Watching, But I'm Not!
1. Casshern Sins- [2/24] - No real interest, but it's not bad.
2. The Count of Gankutsuou - [1/24] - One episode down and its pretty darn good.
3. Gokusen-[5/13] - I have not touched this show in I don't even remember how long. I'm probably going to have to go back and rewatch the first five episodes again. It's just really boring and generic and not funny.
4. Tekkaman Blade - [10/49] -Mehhh its okay.

Now for the list of manga that I've purchased/have on order. I decided to pick a few old favorites that I collected way back when and some new stuff. This is everything I've managed to get in the last 2 months or so.
Manga Collected Thus Far:
1. After School Nightmare Vol1-4
2. Alice 19th Vol.1-7 - Complete Series
3. .hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol.1-3+box - Complete Series
4. [B]Suikoden III[/B ]Vol.1-2
5. Alichino Vol.1-3 - Complete Series, the 4th Volume was never published as far as I know.
6. Innocent W Vol.1-3 - Complete Series
7. Lament of the Lamb Vol.1-7- Complete Series
8. The Flower of the Deep Sleep Vol.1-2 - Complete Series
9. Please Save My Earth Vol.1
10. Rebirth Vol.1-3 - Is technically a manwha.

And like I mentioned earlier I need to check out the manga's for Berserk, Attack on Titan, Gunslinger Girl and Bokurano as well. Also I am nowhere near as savvy about Manga as I am about Anime. If anyone has any manga recommendations bring them on. I do have some criteria though. The series has to be readily available in print and with no more than 12-16 volumes in the series. I am aware that Berserk and Attack on Titan exceed this amount, but I'm looking more for series that I can find the complete print runs for and at affordable costs. I'd like some lesser known stuff, genre really doesn't matter to me, shoujo, shounen, action, horror, psychological or drama I'll try anything.

Anyway now I'm done!!!