These two series are complete opposites from one another. I absolutely LOVED both of them and finished them both in the last three days. Holy. Shit.

Haibane Renmei was such a relaxing and cute little show, but honestly there was a lot of darkness hidden within it. It had me questioning things about the world in which the story took place and the things that were going to happen to these characters. What do the walls represent? What exactly are 'Haibane'? Such a great little show that ended at a very nice place. I loved the setting and characters. Hell, I loved basically everything. This show also hands down made me cry almost every episode (well more like 7 or 8 out of the 13, but who's counting?) Normally if a series can invoke tears in my eyes, then it is a keeper and ends up becoming a high favorite. I'm so angry that I waited this long to finally watch it. I love it, love it. Rakka forever!!! It was just very nice and semi art-housey?

Berserk I started a bit before Haibane Renmei, but it's a longer series so I gave myself sometime to watch it. I ended up watching the last 9 episodes in basically a single sitting. WTF? I liked this show from the very beginning and it just kept getting better and better and the quality of it throughout was astounding. NOW for the shitty part...THE ENDING, anyone? I WANT to know what happens next, no...I NEED to know what happens next. The last epic shot...I just can't even. I think the anime adapted somewhere around 14 volumes of the manga? I have not read or collected manga in so many years, but Berserk is really seriously tempting me into picking up the manga. I mean wow, just wow! I am now going to buy the three films. I know they are basically a retelling of the anime, but I'm seriously hoping that the third film takes things a step further and shows me what happened after the events that took place in episode 25, and episode 1 for that matter too? Really the only downside to Berserk is the ending. Craving more.

Two shows on the opposite ends of the spectrum as far as genre and storytelling go. One calming, think about my existence, shed a few tears show with dark undertone and the other an in your face bloody action fantasy with extremely dark themes. I loved both of them. They are both two new favorites. I seriously need to find some similar shows to immerse myself in and become addicted to! Both are epic, albeit in different ways from one another.

Now time to end my love rant!