It usually takes me a while to finish watching shows. Even, shorter series that range from 6-13 episodes. I like to take my time and view things at my own leisure. Also because I can lose interest really quickly or I get incredibly lazy or other unexpected things in my life pop up. I'm also an avid film and TV show/DVD collector and I have not only a LARGE anime backlog, but a large film and TV show backlog. I haven't really had cable for the past 8 years or so and I don't really like streaming shows. I might be more open to it in the future but 99% of the anime that I watch is through physical means and that is the way I prefer it. I like the collecting aspect behind it all. Also as a rule I generally finish about 99% of everything that I start and generally watch 99% of my anime subbed. I also have pretty broad tastes when it comes to just about everything so my anime choices, as well as everything else I like can be pretty eclectic. Generally if I like the plot synopsis of something I'll like it, but there are a few times where I've been disappointed. If its a show that sounds like I won't like it, I read up on it, read reviews, watch a few clips, (and do a variety of other things) until I make a final decision.

I work only part time and have had a lot of difficult problems in the past year, both financially and personally but that has never stopped me from collecting. I have never paid full price for a DVD/Collection. I love getting really great deals on things via The RightStuf or Amazon. I have been actively collecting since 2004-2005 and have gathered a rather sizeable collection since. You can find links to my DVD collection in my signature. Going back to my first point, it took me while to finish some of these shows, because of the mentioned reasons but also because a few of them were a bit longer in length. I've decided that I'm not going to start any shows/series until I've finished watching all of my current shows. The shows/series that I'm currently stalled at will be picked back up at some point. I do own them on DVD, but like I said I just haven't gotten back to them. I'm also going to post a list of the anime that I purchased in 2014 and maybe a few things I've gotten since the new year started.

Shows I Finished in 2014:
  1. The Twelve Kingdoms
  2. Sakura Wars: The Movie
  3. Yu Yu Hakusho
  4. Samurai 7
  5. The Garden of Words
  6. Angel's Egg
  7. Big Windup!
  8. Jinki: Extend
  9. Tweeny Witches
  10. Black Jack - The Movie
  11. Revolutionary Girl Utena
  12. Persona 4 : The Animation
  13. Divergence Eve
  14. Princess Nine
  15. Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva
  16. Ninja Scroll
  17. Tsubasa Chronicle: 2nd Season
  18. Blue Drop
  19. The Sea Prince and Fire Child
  20. Gurren Lagaan
  21. Inuyasha Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler
    22. Jungle Emperor Leo

So all in all 22 series, not including various specials or on disc extra type deals. So I finished a lot more than I had originally anticipated.

Currently Watching:
Blassreiter - [12/24] - Actually got half way through this one pretty quick. About 3-4 days to get to episode 12, which is fast for me. I had heard mixed things about this show and just on whim decided to start watching. It's pretty enjoyable, just haven't gotten around to watching more of it. Rating: Solid B
Inuyasha - [141/167] - Yeah, I'm still watching Inuyasha. Probably the longest running show I've ever viewed and the most episodes from a single series that I have seen. Still going strong, although I'm not liking some of the more recent plot developments or characters introduced. Really looking forward to seeing The Final Act after I'm done with the original series. It has it's flaws, but I love it. Rating: A.
Nadia : The Secret of Blue Water - [36/39] - Been on this one for awhile, but almost done! Yes, the island episodes dragged, but there was some nice character interaction going on. The series is picking back up again and I'm looking forward to the ending. The only thing that really has been dragging this show down for me, is well Nadia herself. To me she just isn't a very likeable character. Love Jean, Hanson, Sanson, Grandis, Marie, King....Gargoyle...basically everyone else. Nadia is rude, mean, whiney and just annoying. I'm all for sticking to your convictions and maybe a little immaturity as you grow up. I'm also on board for character growth, development and characters having flaws, but seriously come on! Really the only hampering for this show is some of the dated animation and the title character herself! Rating: B-
Tekkaman Blade - [10/49] - I like this show, but it hasn't wowed me or completely pulled me in. It's fun at least. The only downside is it seems a bit repetitive and the animation is showing its age. I need to see more before I can make a judgement. Rating:C+

Shows I Started, But Have Yet to Finish in 2014:
1. Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo - [1/24]
2. Gunslinger Girl - [1/13]
3. Cyberteam in Akihabara - [1/26]
4. Attack on Titan - [13/25]
5. Shangri-La - [6/24]
6. Wedding Peach - [4/51]
7. Tenjho Tennge - [1/24]
8. One Piece - [10/???]
9. Legend of Himiko - [4/12]
10. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien - Rumbling Hearts - [4/14]
11. Space Pirate Mito - [1/13]
12. Casshern Sins - [2/24]

Now A List of Things I Bought in 2014/2015:
1. Lagrange The Flower of Rin-ne Set 1
2. Lagrange The Flower of Rin-ne Set 2
3. Tiger and Bunny Set 1
4. Tiger and Bunny Set 2
5. Samurai Deeper Kyo Complete Collection + Gameboy Advance Game
6. Blessing of the Campanella
7. Final Fantasy Unlimited - Complete Collection - Rebuy
8. Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1-4 [Set 1-2 is a rebuy, 3-4 are new for me]
9. Juden-chan Complete Collection
10. Idol Project Complete Collection
11. Ex-Driver Volume 1-2
12. Glass Maiden Complete Collection
13. Ray: The Animation Complete Collection
14. Rideback: Complete Collection (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
15. Otogi Zoshi: Heian Arc
16. Otogi Zoshi: Tokyo Arc
17. Hyper Doll DVD
18. Jungle Emperor Leo DVD
19. FLCL Complete Collection
20. Disgaea Vol. 1-3
21. Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva DVD
22. Jungle de Ikou DVD
23. Sea Prince and Fire Child DVD
24. Area 88 TV Complete DVD
25. Princess Jellyfish Complete Collection Blu-ray/DVD Combo Limited Edition
26. Shangri-La Complete Collection DVD - S.A.V.E. (Got the original artbox for $12!)
27. Attack on Titan DVD/Blu-ray Part 1
28. Cosplay Complex DVD
29. My Dear Marie DVD
30. Gakuen Alice DVD Complete Collection (Litebox)
31. Humanity Has Declined DVD Complete Collection
32. Love, Election and Chocolate DVD Complete Collection
33. Maoyu DVD Complete Collection
34. Megazone 23 DVD Complete Collection
35. Place to Place DVD Complete Collection
36. Shigofumi DVD Complete Collection
37. Shiki DVD/Blu-ray Combo S.A.V.E. w/original artboox
38. Tari Tari DVD Complete Collection
39. Tenjho Tenge Complete Collection
40. Girls Bravo
41. Lost Universe - (Litebox)
42. Shakugan no Shana Season 2 - DVD/Blu-ray Combo
43. Cyberteam in Akihabara Thinpak
44. Gokusen Collection - Rebuy
45. Rio: Rainbow Gate
46. ex-Driver: The Movie
47. Sengoku Collection
48. Attack on Titan Part 2 - DVD/Blu-ray Limited Edition
49. Baka and Test Season One S.A.V.E.
50. Baka and Test Season Two + OVA S.A.V.E.
51. Blood Lad DVD
52. Cat Planet Cuties DVD/Blu-ray S.A.V.E.
53. Hero Tales Part 1
54. Hero Tales Part 2
55. Mononoke
56. Level E DVD/Blu-ray Combo Limited Edition
57. Okami-san and Her Seven Companions DVD/Blu-ray Limited Edition
58. Steins;Gate DVD/Blu-Ray Combo - Anime Classics
59. Submarine 707R
60. Itakiss
61. Tekkaman Blade II
62. Zombie-Loan
64. Devil Survivor 2: The Animation
65. The Garden of Words
66. Gatchaman Crowds
67. Listen to Me Girls, I'm Your Father
68. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
69. The Severing Crime Edge
70. Watamote
71. Mayo Chiki!
72. And Yet the Town Movies
73. Children Who Chase Lost Voices
74. ef ~ A Tale of Memories
75. ef ~ A Tale of Melodies
76. From the New World Collection One
77. From the New World Collection Two
78. Girls und Panzer TV
79. Girls und Panzer OVA
80. Hiiro no Kakera Season One
81. Hiiro no Kakera Season Two
82. Maid-Sama!
83. MM!
84. Modern Magic Made Simple
85. Stella Women's Academy
86. Towa no Quon
87. Broken Blade
88. Fushigi Yugi Season One
89. Fushigi Yugi Season Two
90. Garaga DVD
91. [email protected] Xenglossia: Collection One
92. [email protected] Xenglossia: Collection Two
93. My Beautiful Girl Mari
94. A Tree of Palme
95. Nyan Koi!
96. Psychic Detective Yakumo
97. Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise
98. Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy Collection One
99. Sugar, A Little Snow Fairy Collection Two
100. Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee Collection One
101. Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee Collection Two
102. Tegami Bachi Reverse: Letter Bee Collection One
103. Tegami Bachi Reverse: Letter Bee Collection Two
104. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
105. World God Only Knows
106. World God Only Knows II
107. Gakuen Haven Complete Collection
108. Karas Vol.1
109. Karas Vol. 2
110. Fractale Limited Edition Complete Collection Blu-ray/DVD Combo
111. Patlabor Movie 3 - Only title I've picked up in 2015...and for good reason!

Honestly, this is the most I've purchased ever in a single year and just continues to add to that backlog! I went a little crazy this year during RightStuf's holiday sales, but most of these were titles I'd wanted to check out for a while. At least once I finish the shows I'm currently watching I'll have a lot to choose from and then some. :D