Just some thoughts on some shows I've been watching and whatnot. I'm going to keep this semi-brief.


Black Jack OVA [ 7/20] - The series is still good, although I have felt that the last few episodes haven't been on par with the first 4-5. Oh well they are still enjoyable and well done for the most part. B
Blue Gender [12/26] - Almost half-way done with this one and it hasn't compelled me to keep watching like a few of the other shows that I'm currently watching, although I will say that the suspense and drama are mostly well done. I also really like the growing relationship between Yuji and Marlene and the last few episodes have had some nice cliffhangers. C+
Gad Guard [2/26] - I've only recently started this series and have only really heard mediocre things about it. I actually like it based on the few episodes I've seen and it’s a bit 'different' I suppose. Not bad at all. B
Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig [23/26] - I breezed through the first season and I'm liking the second season just as much. Very well done and I can't wait to see how it ends. A
Girl Who Leapt Through Space [7/26] - A show that I'm currently stalled at having only bought the first volume. It does remind me of My-Hime/Otome considering the studio and staff behind it and is enjoyable and fun. Looking forward to seeing more. It’s nowhere on par with my love for the My-Hime/Otome shows, but that could change depending on me finishing it. B-
Guin Saga [13/26] - This show should really be considered 'Stalled' until I get the second collection, but I want to see what happens next so I'm counting it as currently watching. The last few episodes have dragged a bit and Remus continues to be an unlikeable character. I am intrigued by the other remaining cast members though and hopefully the show can end decently enough considering how long the source material is. B- Though possibly a C+
Heroic Age - [21/26] - Almost done with this one and its generally good throughout. I do feel that the main character Age spends far too much time in his 'Hero' form and doesn't often get ant dialogue in an episode because of this. Some of the fights have also dragged a bit and it will be interesting to see how it ends. A solid B thus far.
Princess Resurrection [13/26] - Surprised at how much I actually really like this show. Although I've read it doesn't have a solid ending? I would like to see Hime eventually encounter one of her other siblings besides Sherwood. I don't know if this happens in the manga or not, but so far the show has been fun and entertaining with some supernatural stuff and just a tiny bit of drama thrown in. Rating: B
Tokyo Majin: Martial Fist Chapter [5/12]- whereas I really liked the first half of Tokyo Majin, the second half has failed to really pull me in. I think maybe they should have ended it after the first 14 episodes or so. It’s still enjoyable although. It’s just average in comparison to the first half. I'd rate it a C.
Vandread: First Stage [4/13] = Funny, Stupid, Interesting, Cool, A bit Ecchi and a bit overcrowded in terms of the cast. And entertaining? These words describe Vandread. It has some neat plot ideas and then it has that whole haremish setup going on. I can also predict that by this seasons end the protagonist will have melded together with each of the three (or four?) female leads in order to fight their alien enemies. Despite being a bit predictable this series is fun and nice to look at. Also despite Dita being a bit stupid, I actually really like her. I really like most of the cast in fact although some characters feel unnecessary. Sooo B material. Oh and the CGI is nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be!

Things That Are Stalled or Things I Should Probably Drop (?):

Ah! My Goddess Flights of Fancy - [2/24] - I've watched the first two episodes and that was about two years ago. I think the third episode is a Christmas episode? I might start watching this closer to the holidays since I originally got into the first season after receiving the set as a Christmas present years ago.
Azumanga Daioh [ 1/26?] - It felt short, it was spastic and it was strange. It was also funny and cute. I'll get around to watching this eventually.
Gokusen [5/13] - I feel no connection to the characters whatsoever. I also don't find most of the comedy funny. At least the ED is nice to look at. I may or may not finish this show. I might just sell it.
Hi No Tori [3/13] - I really like this just haven't had the time to watch more. I'll get around to it.
Kanon (2006) [1/26] - Having enjoyed Air quite a bit I was looking forward to trying Kanon out. I didn't like what I saw. So obviously since the lead character is living with his cousin it will be later revealed that they both have feelings for one another? It’s only a shot in the dark. Also the Aunt looks just about as old as her daughter and then there is the annoying girl with the winged backpack who doesn’t know she is wearing a winged backpack!? Also said girl with backpack is supposed to be around the same age as the male lead yet she looks like she's about 10? Umm okay. Air pulled me in from the beginning and this show hasn't. I have no idea what the plot is supposed to be. A young man moving back into his old town barely remembers encounters he had with different (annoying!) girls from seven years ago? Umm I don't know. This show has failed to impress me considering how much praise it seems to be given. Although to be fair it’s still too early to tell and I will have to watch more.
Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok [9/26] - This show will remain Stalled for the time being. I don't care about it one way or another, but I just can't bring myself to sell the thinpak collection.
Slayers [2/26] - I like older animation, I really do yet the Slayers animation just feels bottom of the barrel to me. And believe me I never generally let the animation quality of a show get to me. Maybe it’s an unfair judgment considering the show came out over like 15 years ago? I mainly care about characters and plot. It’s a fun series and the characters are likeable, I just haven't been compelled to watch it and the animation is a hindrance. Perhaps it just doesn’t hold up well enough in this day and age?