I love anime and I love buying anime (most of the time.) I'm an avid DVD collector, anime or not. One problem I've encountered recently while having to balance work, attending school and working a social life in there somewhere is when I should actually sit down and watch all these wonderful shows. My current backlog is over 100 shows. (I could look up the exact number but I'm being lazy right now.) Should I set a certain amount of time aside each day/week for my anime watching and work my way through my backlog that way I wonder? Anyway just curious to see others thoughts on their backlogs. How big/extensive is your backlog? Also how should one decide what to watch next after completeing a certain number of shows. The more I find a show compelling the more obligated and excited I am to watch what happens next, the next episode ect, although it has been a bit hard for me this last year it seems. It took me like 3-4 months to finish Scryed, yet I ended up finising over 18 episodes of Ghost in the Shell:SAC over the course of three days. Having posted this I just bought 4 more shows from Rightstuf. (Although some of which are short ones)