Loot Crate has been delivering themes boxes of geeky tat to people now for over five years, and have expanded to many different themes and genres. From the standard core crate, to the Gaming box. Crates for Pets, crates for Clothes, and there's even a deluxe variant. I have been receiving their Loot Anime crates now since their launch in December 2015, along with their regular monthly Loot Crate service since September 2015. I've been posting unboxing videos of their crates to my YouTube channel every month, along with my regular playthroughs and videos.

If you want to check the video itself, be sure to click the banner image above, or if you want to see one of the previous boxes, you can find links to those videos at the bottom of the blog. For those who just want to see the loot rather than see me experience it in video, read on, though I'd love if you were able to visit my channel to check it out!

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This month's theme is ACTION COMEDY!

When ANIME and LOOT collide!

They may be goofy, or seem incompetent, but underneath that silly exterior beats the heart of a champion! (but beneath that, is another silly oddball).

How disappointed will I be with this month's anime loot?

One-Punch Man Figure 2-Pack (Loot Anime Exclusive!)
The first item this month is the headline item. The item that would have had most people buying this box... but not me. I've said before, but I don't care for One-Punch man. I've read the first volume, thanks to Loot Anime, and wasn't overly thrilled, and the anime has never appealed to me. But it's a popular series at least. The little minifigures are pretty bad really. They're small, not hugely detailed, and overly shiny. If they were going for a specific look, then they get a no thanks from me.

KonoSuba Manga Volume 1 (Loot Anime Variant)
We have another book... and sadly it's the series I was most interested in too. I am interested in trying to Konosuba manga, but I've already seen the anime and read the light novel, so what more is there for the manga to show me? I was hoping for something more interesting, but when a variant-cover manga you didn't really need is the best item in the box, then we have some worrying to do.

High School DxD Art Print (Loot Anime Exclusive!)
It's promo art. It's printed on nice paper, and put in a bag with some card to make it stiff. Sure it's exclusive, but is that because it's good, or because noone else would want this crap?

FLCL Art Print (Loot Anime Exclusive!)
And as if one art print wasn't bad enough... At least the art is better.

Trigun: Badlands Rumble T-Shirt (Loot Anime Exclusive!)
It makes sense for the Trigun tshirt to be a very classic looking design. Really this shirt harkens back to the day that anime shirts were a character collage with a logo on a white shirt. And that's exactly what we have. I like the design, but as one of the three people in this world who has never seen Trigun, it means nothing to me.

Kitty ACTION COMEDY Phone Charm
This month's charm is again the cat not the girl. But it's a rubberised strap, which means it's less likely to scratch your phonescreen.

I was always a bit worried about this crate. I liked the idea of KonoSuba being in the box, and FLCL is always interesting, but LootCrate exceeded all expectations this month. There is only one item I'm interested in, and that is the one I knew I'd be interested in. The rest of it is somewhere between crap and landfill. An almost totally flushable crate. If you want judge for yourself, be sure to check the video out on my Youtube channel!

They announced the August crate theme early this time out, and it sounds like if we want good loot, we'll have to Work For It! It's another month like this month, where there's one series that dominates my hype, and given they've never given away a manga by this publisher, I do have my hopes up that we can escape without another first volume. The series named on the website, are Gintama, Soul Eater, Bungo Stray Dogs, and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. No prizes for guessing which one I'm interested in out of that lot.