As a longtime Anime fan, I got into Anime watching dubs. Inspired by the "English Track Favorite Dubs" thread, I decided to make my own blog about it. Here's the list of dubs I have watched, my rating, and brief comments.

Akira (375) [Electric Media, Inc.] 1 -- Sorry, but I can't stand this dub. At all. Awful acting, distracting slang talk, and altogether incomprehensible. It's laughable, too, with many lines only evoking unintentional humor and missing every emotional note. Cam Clarke, although talented, is simply wrong for the role of Kaneda, misfiring with every line, and Jan Rabson both fails at conveying Tetsuo's neediness and OVERACTS! IN EVERY SCENE!!! Everybody else fares no better.

Akira (375) [Animaze.. iNC] 8 -- Smoother acting, writing, and production overall (Johnny Yong Bosch and Joshua Seth do much better jobs as Kaneda and Tetsuo, respectively, and everybody else takes the subject seriously), but a bit iffy with the lip sync. Still, compared to the embarrassing previous dub, anything has to be an improvement.

Animation Runner Kuromi (1146) 9 -- Lisa Ortiz rules. 'Nuff said.

Animation Runner Kuromi 2 (2860) 9 -- Same as above.

Bio Hunter (523) 9 -- One of Matt Miller's finest, if not his finest, performances ever, sounding very natural and believeable throughout. Well written, synched, and acted overall. A great dub from Jack Fletcher, arguably one of the most underrated voice directors of all time.

The Brave Frog / The Brave Frog's Greatest Adventure (1399) 1 -- Awful, just awful!

Bubblegum Crisis 2 -- The dubbed songs are OK, but otherwise an absolutely DREADFUL dub all around. Hideous overacting or flat readings, miscast voices, stilted dialogue, cringeworthy and/or laughable attempts at conveying emotion. Self-parody material all around. To call it a "crisis" would actually be quite the backhanded compliment.

Castle in the Sky (481) [Disney] 10 -- Even with its mature leads and occasional gratuitous lines, this is still an excellent dub, especially the supporting cast (Hamill and Leachman in particular), and the new score. James van der Beek is also surprisingly good as Pazu; granted he sounds more mature, but his enthusiasm makes up for it. Anna Paquin's Sheeta has the occasional iffy moment, but otherwise is fine and improves greatly at the end. The rest of the cast is excellent as well. One of my faves. (The 2010 version of the dub is less enjoyable though; as it omits the extra lines and rescore.)

The Castle of Cagliostro (127) [Animaze.. iNC] 8 -- Points off for excessive profanity, but still great fun overall. The late Kevin Seymour is a hoot as Zenigata, and it's amusing to hear Solid Snake as Lupin. Kirk Thornton is also entertaining as the Count.

The Castle of Cagliostro (127) [Streamline] 6-8 -- Have only heard a little bit of, so my score is undecided. It's neither superior nor inferior to the Animaze dub, only different. Some performances do excel, like Mike McConnohie as the Count, others feel oddly cast. Script is considerably talkier, though. So far I'm kinda neutral on this.

The Cat Returns (868) 8 -- One of my least favorite Ghibli films, but the dub itself is still fine, especially Cary Elwes as the Baron and the late Peter Boyle as Muta, although Tim Curry's "hip" Cat King is a bit off-putting at times, and Anne Hathaway does overact as Haru in certain scenes (albeit very good overall). Otherwise great.

Comic Party (1150) 8 -- Liam O'Brien really makes it his own. Great enthusiasm and energy throughout. Rachel Lillis is also terrific.

Crusher Joe: The Movie (561) 8 -- Very fun. Occasionally rough at times, but still very enjoyable, with no glaring weaknesses to detect.

Demon City Shinjuku (576) 2 -- Laughably bad. Whose idea was it to give the characters accents? In shows that require it it's understandable, but in this show? It makes the whole thing embarrassing.

The Devil Lady (1146) 7 -- Points off for loose scripting, but performances are all around good. Camille Chen's scream especially.

Escaflowne TV (240) 6 -- A mixed bag. Some performances are very solid, but others very stale. Kirby Morrow and Brian Drummond fare best as Van and Allan, respectively. But Kelly Sheridan doesn't always deliver as Hitomi, and Andrew Francis' Dilandau, although appropriately psychotic, takes some getting used to.

Escaflowne Movie (351) 7 -- Substantial improvement over the TV show but nothing really amazing. I will say that Andrew Francis' Dilandau is a BIG improvement over his TV counterpart, and Kelly Sheridan does a much better job.

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals (613) 7 -- Kinda goofy and grating at times, but very funny, too. Prettz sounds annoying, but Balkus is amusing -- one of John DeMita's funniest roles. Michael Sorich is also appropriately scary as the evil Ra Devil. Arguably the best part of the OVA.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited (639) 6 -- Only seen a bit of, but it seemed fine to me, although not anything special.

Fist Of The North Star: The Movie (2135) 1 -- All kinds of bad: atrociously dull acting, robotic, stiff delivery, laughable scripting, and poor sound quality. Bad all around, with no genuinely good performances (there are a few moments that don't altogether misfire, but that's not enough). The script is even worse; Shatneresque in style and full of rushed, choppy-sounding dialogue. This is considered a classic dub? Buffonery.

From Up On Poppy Hill (12307) 8 -- Yet another solid entry to the Ghibli dub library. Great performances by Sarah Bolger and Anton Yelchin and the singing is well done. Beau Bridges does especially good in his cameo role toward the end as Tokyo Chairman Tokumaru.

Fullmetal Alchemist (2960) 10 -- Funimation earned my respect with this. Excellent performances all around, and even better writing. Deserving of every praise it gets.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conquerer of Shamballa (4176) 10 -- Just as good.

The Garden of Words (14995) 6 -- Great acting from everyone involved, especially Patrick Poole and Maggie Flecknoe as the leads, but the dub is unfortunately hampered by bad lip sync and occasionally iffy dialogue.

Genshiken (4168) 9 -- Very enjoyable and funny. Bill Timoney turning in one of his finest performances ever.

Ghost in the Shell (465) 5 -- Dreary and drab. OK for the film, but pretty dull overall.

Grave of the Fireflies [Central Park Media dub] (152) 5-- Mostly OK for its time, but very dated and unfortunately suffers from a grating and weak performance from Setsuko. J. Robert Spencer fares best, as do Veronica Taylor, Dan Green, and Crispin Freeman in smaller roles, but overall, it's average at best.

Grave of the Fireflies [Seraphim Digital] (152) 8 -- BIG improvement over the CPM dub! Strongly acted and appropriately cast, with Adam Gibbs turning in a splendid performance as Seita. Setsuko still sounds a bit too old, but having said that Emily Neves does a much better job and isn't as grating to listen to. Had Setsuko been better cast, this would get a ten. I will say the aunt sounds appropriately more bitter and nastier than Jones in the previous dub.

Great Conquest: The Romance of Three Kingdoms (3844) 7 -- Pat Morita's narration is the highlight of this dub.

His and Her Circumstances (392) 9 -- One of NYC's greatest dubs ever. Veronica Taylor turns in a fantastic performance as Yukino ? her best role ever IMO?, and everyone else involved does an excellent job.

Iria: Zeiram The Animation OVA (615) 7 -- Sometimes iffy lip sync and occasional missed lines, but otherwise generally solid 90's NYC dub. Stacie Lynn Renna does a great job in the title role, and it's nice to hear Al Muscari (Slayn) again, albeit as a baddie this time. Nothing particularly outstanding, but nothing grating either. Decent overall.

Kiki's Delivery Service (595) [Streamline] 8 -- More accurate than Disney's dub, but not necessarily better or worse; only different. Interesting to note that it shares most of the same cast and names from Streamline's Totoro.

Kiki's Delivery Service (595) [Disney] 10 -- My first Miyazaki film, and a total charmer from start to finish. Phil Hartman's Jiji is a riot, and Kirsten Dunst handles Kiki very well. One of my faves. (The 2010 version is less enjoyable, though, as it takes out much of Hartman's lines as well as the OP/ED songs.)

Jing: King of Bandits (864) 8 -- Only saw a bit of, but I liked what I heard.

Jungle Emperor Leo (3277) 10 -- Very underrated and seldom heard. The performances are excellent, especially Dan Green, Mike Pollock, and Ed Paul, the writing is solid and smooth, and the sync is well done. A must hear.

Laputa: Castle in the Sky (481) [Magnum] 1 -- It may be more "accurate" than Disney's dub (even then it still leaves out the "Gulliver's Travels" reference), but that doesn't mean it's better. It's practically hideous in every way. Barbara Goodson's Pazu is middling at best (despite sounding younger than Van der Beek -- not convincingly so, however), while Lara Cody's Sheeta fares even worse than both Paquin and arguably Goodson. Everybody else ranges from mediocre to plain awful (Jeff Winkless' painfully robotic Muska especially misfiring), and the script is both choppy and stilted. Laughable, as well ("Now say bye-bye!"). Simply put, it hasn't aged well at all.

Legend of Crystania Movie (482) 5 -- I only heard this a long time ago and only once, but it's not anything special or memorable. It did bother me that Pirotess's name was translated as "Pirotessa" instead of "Pirotess".

A Letter For Momo (12526) 10 -- Excellent, excellent, excellent. One of NYAV Post's finest so far. Amanda Pace is perfect as Momo, and Stephanie Sheh and Bob Bergen both turn in similarly outstanding performances. Everybody else was great as well. A perfect compliment to a similarly heartwarming film.

Lost Universe 4 -- Larissa Wolcott's vigorous performance and a good if uninspired turn from Sarah Richardson as Kali are the single saving graces of this otherwise so-so Monster Island dub, which suffers from both from awkward scripting: "Couldn't you have just. Blown me away?" and other performances ranging mostly on the lower side of the spectrum. Jessica Schwartz is the weakest link, sounding artificial and unnatural, while Steve Matz, although fittingly exuberant for the part, overacts too much.

Love Hina TV (168) 3 -- A lot of people find this dub unbearable, and frankly, I have to agree. It was very hard on my ears, but the show itself turned me off, too.

M.D. Geist: Director's Cut (791) 1 -- More like the "Most Dangerous" dub. Only part that made me laugh was "you bastard!" otherwise, it's a shrill, dull, trainwreck quality dub from start to finish.

Macross II (169) 4 -- Don't remember this very well.

Macross Plus (501) 8 -- Saw a long time ago. It sounded pretty good to me, but I don't really remember it.

Madara (1004) 8 -- Surprisingly excellent dub for a negligible fantasy "mature" anime. Ed Paul does a fine job as the lead character, and Bruce Winant gets to gloat and be menacing the evil Miroku (he's basically Wagnard from Lodoss War, and given I loved his voice work in that so much, it's great to hear him do another cackling baddie). Bill Timoney also does a fine job as the bad-ass knight Khaos, and Greg Wolfe is appropriately growly and raspy in his brief role as an attacking "wolf." No noticeable grating issues.

Metropolis (176) 9 -- Great work from Animaze. Solid performances and writing. Brianne Siddall does an outstanding job as Kenichi, to the point that we forget it's a woman acting like a child, and James Lyon is smooth and menacing as Duke Red. No problems.

My Neighbor Totoro (534) [Disney] 9 -- Aside from the somewhat off-color OP/ED, this is a very underrated and unjustly maligned dub. The Fanning sisters are great (Dakota does underact in some scenes toward the end, but she does fine otherwise, although it's really her sister Elle that gets the juiciest role -- and steals the show!), as are their parents. Ditto for Pat Carroll and Frank Welker. One of my faves.

My Neighbor Totoro (534) [Streamline] 9 -- Carl Macek's finest hour, and the OP/ED songs are less bouncy. Only faults: occasional stilted dialogue and record-player like sound quality. Otherwise a classic. Another one of my faves.

My Neighbors the Yamadas (177) 8 -- Another good dub from Disney. The translation is sometimes iffy, as there are certain jokes that don't translate well. However, the acting is very solid, especially the ubiquitous Tress MacNeille.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (385) 6 -- Awfully stiff in places, but otherwise OK.

Nadia TV (48) [Streamline] 5 -- Not a total writeoff, but I like Monster Island's dub more. The Grandis gang and Electra both roughly tie with their ADV counterparts and Jeff Winkless' Nemo sounds less stiff in the few episodes than his ADV's initial appearance, but both Ardwright Chamberlain and Wendee Lee are badly miscast as Jean and Nadia, and the decision to provide the latter with a European accent works better on paper than it does in execution. Steve Bulen's turn as Gargoyle is also too aggressively cartoonish -- he's guilty of overacting when the character is a more down-to-earth, complicated one. Jeff Winkless is OK as Nemo, but nothing amazing. Only got about as far as eight episodes.

Nadia TV (48) [Monster Island] 9 -- Yes, the accents are sometimes inconsistent, but otherwise this is a much underrated dub. The VAs for the children are perfect (the chemistry between them is phenomenal), as are the Grandis gang and most of the rest of the cast. David Jones' Gargoyle is distinctively more deadpan than one might expect, but it works surprisingly well (he also steps it up in the final episodes). Ev Lunning Jr. provides Captain Nemo with a fitting Indian accent; there are stiff moments from him in the opening episodes, but like Jones, he improves greatly as the show goes on. Lowell Bartholomee's script is excellent, too. One of my faves. Probably one of Monster Island's first solid dubs.

Nadia Movie (48) 8 -- Arguably the only redeeming factor about the whole movie. The joke on Jean's French accent is its biggest laugh and the new characters are appropriately voiced.

Naruto (1825) 7 -- Only saw a little bit of, but it sounded fine to me.

Neon Genesis Evangelion TV (49) 6 -- I liked Alison Keith's Misato the best, otherwise this dub is nothing special or horrible, just OK.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth / The End of Evangelion (418 / 419) 5 -- A very average dub at best. Alison Keith and Tristan MacAvery are the best of the cast, and Tiffany Grant does a better job as Asuka, but the rest of the performances are uneven in quality. Keith Burgess and Mike Ross are both miscast and weak in replacing Makoto Hyuga and Fuyutsuki, respectively. Points off for unconvincingly goofy additional sound effects.

Night On The Galactic Railroad (51) 9 -- Appropriately low-key and generally well-acted dub, with Veronica Taylor and Crispin Freeman both turning in very fine performances as the leads. Lisa Ortiz has a brief unrecognizable cameo toward the end, and the rest of the characters are appropriately cast and acted. Only one line is not dubbed (fixed in Discotek's recent rerelease), but otherwise solid.

Ninja Scroll Movie (485) 7 -- Dean Elliot is well cast as Jubei, and Wendee Lee is also a good fit for Kagero. I didn't have any major problems with the voices or their acting per say, but the flow of the dialogue can sometimes come across as stilted and stacatto-sounding at times, and that is a bit of a flaw. With all apologies to the late Kevin Seymour, this isn't one of his best dubs.

Now and Then, Here and There (287) 8-- The children don't sound authentic, but the powerful performances elevate that flaw. Jack Taylor steals the show as Hamdo, and Lisa Ortiz is solid as Lala Ru. Ed Paul was also good as Shu; he does sound rough at first, but I got used to it.

Oh My Goddess (53) 10 -- An excellent dub. The voices and the acting are spot-on. I have no complaints.

Once Upon a Time (2606) 4 -- Solid performances hampered by drastic script cuts and rewrites.

Outlaw Star (423) 9 -- Very entertaining dub, with great performances by everyone involved. Brianne Siddall is the standout of the dub, portraying Jim Hawkin so seamlessly you'd swear it's a real boy (her turn as Kenichi in Metropolis is just as good). Buchholz is terrific as Gene Starwind too.

Panda! Go Panda (352) 7 -- The thick-accented panda is a bit much, but overall a fine dub.

Petite Princess Yucie (600) 8 -- Monster Island's last hurrah. It's a shame they are no more; this is another fine dub.

Pom Poko (809) 8 -- Not one of my favorite Ghibli dubs, but still a commendable effort, especially considering the difficulties of the translation. The only Disney dub to use traditional voice actors. No major complaints.

Ponyo (7814) 8 -- Another great Disney-Ghibli dub, although Noah Cyrus does overdo it at times as the title character. Frankie Jonas is surprisingly good as Sosuke, and Liam Neeson, Betty White, Cate Blanchett and especially Tina Fey turn in solid performances. That said, Cloris Leachman is disappointingly underused -- she was far better as Dola in "Castle in the Sky" -- and the techno song over the closing credits was a mistake. Faults aside, good overall.

Porco Rosso (Disney Version) (855) 8 -- Not my favorite Disney Ghibli dub, but still enjoyable; I liked Kimberly Williams-Paisley the best. It's nice to hear Susan Egan sing as Gina and Cary Elwes' Southern accent is a hoot. Michael Keaton is a rather eccentric choice for the title character, but he manages it surprisingly well. All in all, another competently executed effort from the Mouse House.

Porco Rosso (JAL Version) (855) 1 -- To even award this previous dub of this Miyazaki title a "1" would be too generous. It's the total opposite of Disney's dub; embarrassingly hokey and cartoonish, with poorly delivered dialogue from top to bottom and miscast voices (save perhaps Fio). Apparently some fans feel that this version of Porco is superior to Disney's, but as with Laputa, I seriously beg to differ.

Princess Mononoke (7890) 10 -- One of my favorite dubs. Excellent script by Neil Gaiman, fitting performances (Minnie Driver, Billy Crudup, and Keith David are especially good, and even Billy Bob Thornton's Jigo is strangely fitting. Clare Danes has a few iffy moments as San, but otherwise does well), and impeccable lip-sync.

Record of Lodoss War OVA (394) 8 -- A considerably old-school but very fitting dub for a fantasy series like this. Lisa Ortiz makes a great Deedlit, and the rest of the principal characters (Parn, Ghim, Slayn, Ashram, Karla, and Wagnard especially) are well done. Some awkward moments and the lipsync is inconsistent at times, but otherwise solid for a 1996 dub. The OP/ED songs are also great. It's still one of my favorites to this day (despite my score being only an 8).

Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (471) 5 -- A mixed bag. The returning cast is mostly good (although I liked Parn and Wagnard's VA better in the OVA), and Crispin Freeman and Angora Deb are stellar in their roles, but otherwise not as good as the OVA dub. Also problematic are various actors dropping in and out of characters for various episodes as well as some cheesy-sounding incidental roles (Ashram's minions and Prince Reona are the worst offenders in this regard). Lodoss Island shorts are take it or leave it. Not the worst I've listened to at all, but too flawed to be anything more than average.

Ringing Bell (1459) 5 -- A dub from the 1980's. Barbara Goodson unfortunately misfires as Chirin in childhood -- she sounds too unconvincing and strained. Gregg Burger fares much better as the grown-up Chirin, and Ron Gans' narration lends itself well to this dark, depressing tale. Bill Capizzi is adequate as the wolf, but I could have done without the vocal filter. Average overall.

Roujin Z (329) 3 -- I don't know what it is about this dub that turned me off, but I found it very hard to listen to.

Ruroni Kenshin OVA (Trust & Betrayal) 4 -- Despite a promising opening by Joe York, the rest of this dub doesn't live up to that, or even the Anime itself, which is unfortunate considering its high-profile status. Lots of wooden, flat delivery and dialogue. A disappointing production from Monster Island Studios.

The Secret World of Arrietty (11212) 7 -- Points off for sometimes mistimed lines, minor name changes, and a few unenthusiastic lines (not to mention the superfluous pop song over the second half of the closing credits) but otherwise another solid dub from Disney, with Bridgit Mendler turning in a surprisingly good performance as the lead and Carol Burnett as Hara is a standout. David Henrie is a bit too mature, but his otherwise solid acting cancels that out.

Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars (1009) 8 -- It's been some time since I've watched this dub, but I do remember enjoying it tremendously, with Bill Timoney turning in a fine performance as young Hajime Murata. Angora Deb is great as both Hajime's obnoxious sister and aloof "girlfriend", and I don't remember anything about it that rubbed me the wrong way.

Slayers (657 / 220 / 658) 6/8/9 -- The first season starts off somewhat roughly, with some very bad performances from Joani Baker and Daniel Cronin, but when Crispin Freeman and Veronica Taylor replace both, the dub skyrockets in quality. In every episode, though, Lisa Ortiz is absolutely spot-on as Lina Inverse, as is Eric Stuart as Gourry. Stacia Crawford is the only weak link; her Sylphiel sounds very detached and lacking (luckily, she's only in select scenes). David Moo's nasally-sounding Xellos may be an issue for some viewers, but he strangely suits the smarmy, charismatic nature of the character well. Occasional stiff moments and some hokey sounding side-characters (although strangely fitting considering the comic nature of the show), but otherwise a lot of fun and another one of my favorite dubs.

Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie 2 -- A bottom-tier Monster Island dub, with only one halfway decent performance (Bill Wise as Knuckles), and misfires from everyone else: Martin Burke and Lainie Fraiser are both miscast as Sonic and Tails, sounding neither charismatic, nor convincing (Tails, in particular sounds too nasally). Even Edwin Neal disappoints as Dr. Robotnik, with a German accent that is neither convincing nor fitting. Perhaps the slapdash material had something to do with it, but either way, this is a low point for the late Austin-based dubbing studio.

Spirited Away (377) 9 -- Chihiro's a bit too shrill, but everyone else (including the late Suzanne Pleshette, Jason Marsden and Susan Egan) fares very well. Deserving of every praise, but not my favorite of the Disney dubs.

Swan Lake (1516) [Media] 1 -- Some of the SLOPPIEST lipsync I've ever seen, and even lamer acting. Choppy writing, too.

Swan Lake (1516) [Goldwyn] 6 -- Big improvement over the Media dub, with an interesting selection of all-star actors, like David Hemmings as Rothbart, but occasionally can sound stiff and not quite perfect.

Sword Art Online (13858) 10 -- FANTASTIC dub all around from Bang Zoom, especially Bryce Papenbrook and Cherami Leigh's turns as Kirito and Asuna; the reason the dub works so well is because of the chemistry between them. Everyone else plays their parts well, and I noticed no grating issues about it. Highly recommended.

Tales from Earthsea (6147) 7 -- One of my least favorite Ghibli dubs. It's still watchable, but it can be stoic sounding at times. Best voice: Cheech Marin as the film's most interesting character, Hare. Timothy Dalton is very good, and everyone else is mostly decent, but Therru is weak and Cob is mixed.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya 9 -- Good performances and writing.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (10704) 6 -- An uneven but mostly decent dub from Sentai. Luci Christian turns in a great performance as Mirai, and Shelley Calene-Black is just as good as Mari. Tiffany Grant isn't quite as good, though; she sounds too weak and unconvincing as Yuuki, despite some solid moments on her part. Otherwise good, but not great.

Twilight of the Dark Master 8 -- Meh anime, great dub from Jack Fletcher and company.

Vampire Hunter D (654) [Streamline] 3 -- Has not aged well. At all. Dan's VA is especially awful -- sounding like a woman PRETENDING to be a boy, and painfully obvious. Michael McConnohie's D sounds too cheesy, and Barbara Goodson is miscast as Doris. Jeff Winkless also misfires in his robotic turn as Count Lee and isn't helped by either hokey-sounding vocal filter effects. Only half good voice is Edie Mirman as Lamika, but even then she still comes across as monotone. The Transylvanian accents are laughable as well. It's also guilty of extending the music from certain scenes to the point where it feels out of place with the visuals. Good for a MST3K view at best.

Vampire Hunter D (654) [Sentai] 8 -- Dan is still the weakest voice in this newer dub. Otherwise, however, much better and thankfully less cheesy than the Streamline version, with better performances all around and an interesting choice of using accents. David Wald's rich voice for Count Lee, in particular is TERRIFIC, easily stealing every scene he's in. John Gremillion isn't quite what I would expect for the title character, but his acting is more convincing than McConnohie, and Luci Christian's Doris sounds more natural and believable than Goodson. Jay Hickman's Southern accented Greco is surprising, but works well.

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (238) 10 -- John Rafter Lee's charismatic Meier Link and Mike McShane's Left Hand steal the show, and Andrew Philpot makes a very solid, stoic D. Pamela Seagall has one false note as Leila, but not grating enough to take away from her performance.

Warriors of the Wind (180) 2 -- Only saw a bit of, and I can safely say that Disney's dub is better. The cuts really hampered it, as did the renaming of the characters. The acting in this is marginally better than that of the JAL dub of Laputa, but that's not saying much.

Wicked City (959) [Streamline] 7 -- Distasteful and confusing mess of a movie, surprisingly good dub from Streamline. Greg Snegoff does a solid job as Taki and the rest of the cast sounds very natural and believable. The dialogue script is also very smooth and natural. For an early '90s dub, this is solid.

Wicked City (959) [Manga UK] 2 -- Messy, stilted, and just plain bad. Taki's boss, Maki, and Jin all sound decent, but everybody else sounds miscast, cartoonish, monotonous, or just plain annoying. The accents are distracting as well. Lots of choppy scripting too, with dialogue sounding either laughable, stiff, speedy, or just lacking in color. Accurate or not, it's still terrible.

The Wind Rises (14975) 6 -- Yes, it's true. This is my least favorite Miyazaki dub. Stanley Tucci, Martin Short, and Mae Whitman are all excellent, and Emily Hurst as well as John Karanski are adequate, but everyone else doesn't really stand out, and I didn't really care for Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jiro. I did like the use of children and accents, though. A mixed bag. I never dreamed I would say that as a fan of Disney-Ghibli dubs, as I've found all of them to be excellent to great dubs. This, sadly, isn't one of them.

The Wings of Honneamise: Royal Space Force (495) 7 -- An old Animaze dub which happens to be quite good. Some stiff moments and the sound quality is a bit scratchy at times, but elsewise holds up well. David Thomas Jr. does an excellent job as Shiro, and most of the other characters are voiced well.

The Wizard of Oz (Movie; sorry, there's no entry for it at ANN) 7 -- Nothing special, but intriguing to hear Aileen Quinn as Dorothy.

Whisper of the Heart (847) 10 -- Another one of my favorite Ghibli dubs, this one is highlighted by Cary Elwes as the Baron and Harold Gould as Nishi, but where it really shines is in the translation. It's handled beautifully, particularly in the difficult to translate literally plot point involving "Country Road." If there are any slip-ups, it's not noticeable. The performances by everyone involved are excellent as well. I highly recommend this one.

Wolf's Rain (1806) 9 -- Excellent job all around. Johnny Yong Bosch, Crispin Freeman, Steve Blum, Mona Marshall, Kari Wahlgren and Joshua Seth all turn in fine performances. So does the rest of the cast.

The World of Narue (1499) 9 -- Wonderful. Everyone does a magnificent job, but Michelle Knotz is the star of this show as the problematic Yagi. Favorite.

My list is incomplete as of now, but I will update it later.