Anime on DVD was my home away from home in the early '00s when I first got into anime in a major way. Sure i'd been interested in it before then, but when I first discovered the joy of region hacking my DVD player, I stumbled across AoD and the rest is history.

I'd while away the hours reading through reviews and past release schedules, compiling lists of dvd's to buy and lurking on the fourm, making the odd post.

However, things changed in 2006 when for some reason i just fell off the aniem bandwagon. No longer was I spending £200+ a month on anime importing from DVDpacifc. I can't explain why, but since then, my anime appreciation has been minimal.

Now, in 2011 I am getting back into anime, specifically on BD. And just at the time i'm about to start spending again, I learn that Chris has started a new website. What better time to get back into anime than when a new social hub for all things "fandom" appears.

Hopefully this will turn out to be just like AoD of old with many a lost hour or three.