Now that we've had a look at Miyuki & Natsumi separately, let's finish this up by looking at their partnership:

Bokuto's Best Partners 20 150x150.jpg

How's this to start off a partnership-Getting a ticket for reckless driving from your soon-to-be partner! Yep, that's how it all started for Miyuki & Natsumi's partnership in the very first episode of You're Under Arrest! "And So They Met" with Natsumi getting the ticket from Miyuki while running late for work at her new posting at Bokuto Precinct (Miyuki let it slide though since Natsumi saved a kitty when she spun out). Natsumi even doubts that their partnership will work since they're so different from each other but that soon changes thanks to a challenge to them both by the "Fox" that ends with lunch at Odaiba Park & the birth of a beautiful partnership (And friendship). Come to think of it, it started even before the ticket with Miyuki requesting that her new partner be Natsumi-In fact, if you look carefully at the scene when Natsumi first reports in at Bokuto Precinct you'll see Natsumi's file displayed on Miyuki's computer screen so Miyuki definitely wanted her as her partner. As effective a team as they have become their partnership isn't perfect either as they do bicker from time to time (In fact, no one gives Miyuki as hard a time about Ken than Natsumi does) but it would take an awful lot to break up the friendship that Miyuki & Natsumi share.

Actually, Natsumi has shown that she can do well without Miyuki-First with the White Bike Troopers & then twice with Inspector Kinoshita's special investigative teams at Headquarters. She even spent time training with the JSDF Rangers before finally returning to Bokuto Precinct & at Miyuki's side in "Today". We've all seen how much Miyuki misses Natsumi when they've been separated for a time but I think that even though she could succeed almost anywhere in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, Natsumi depends on Miyuki just as much as Miyuki depends on her. They make each other better IMO & are always fun to watch as they deal with everything that comes their way, including Strike Man & Scooter Mama. For me Miyuki & Natsumi are not only "Bokuto's Best Partners" but my favorite traffic cops as well & I love them both. Nitro on!