I've already mentioned Ken Nakajima in a couple of earlier blog entries but let's spend a little time with him here:

Ken Nakajima 7 150x150.jpg

We first meet Ken (Aka "The White Hawk of Bokuto") along with Yoriko Nikaidou in the very first episode of You're Under Arrest! "And So They Met". He's one of Bokuto Precinct's motorcycle cops & along with Natsumi (Whom he flirts with in the first episode but Miyuki makes short work of that ) is one of the better motorcyclists in Sumida Ward if not in all of Tokyo & has as good a sense of justice as you'll find in any of the TMP's police officers. In fact, on more than one occasion he not only has backed up Miyuki & Natsumi but has saved them in at least a couple of potentially dangerous cases so he's a pretty cool dude (Though not as cool as his dad Daimaru but he's getting there). There's just one thing about him though...

...Miyuki Kobayakawa! As cool as Ken is most of the time he's damn near hopeless whenever he's with Miyuki! Of course he likes her (And vice-versa plus Miyuki's almost as bad concerning Ken) but I can't think of any other anime character outside of Keiichi Morisato who has as much trouble telling his girl how he feels about her as Ken does. Even with this though, make no mistake- Ken would go to the ends of the Earth for Miyuki if necessary. Every once in a while they actually go on a date together but it would be nice to see Ken & Miyuki officially become a couple as Toukairin & Natsumi have-In fact, I know of a particular scene that I'd like to see actually happen (Click on image for larger version):


Wouldn't that be great to see? I think so!
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