Yoriko Nikaido 11 150x150.jpg
Oh, Yoriko...She's one lucky cop, isn't she? Tops in her class at the police academy (A fluke really) & not too long after coming to Bokuto Precinct receiving a commendation from the Chief of Police (Much to the chagrin of her "rival" Chie Sagami-Ono). Considering how much scheming she does & the tons of gossip she usually has, you might wonder just how much actual policing she does from day to day. Actually, she's a competent police officer who at times can be pretty awesome such as in one episode of You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle in which she saved a school kid from a street tough with a very convincing bluff & in the first season episode "Yoriko Nikaidou's Day Off" in which she helps the prince of a Middle-Eastern country decide what to do concerning the conflict in his country. Concerning gossip in the precinct, her intel network is second to none-If you've got any kind of dirt on you, she WILL find out! Given all this about her, I can't see anyone other than Aoi being her partner since they seem to work well together & Aoi does a good job in keeping Yoriko in check as far as her scheming is concerned.

Oh, and she can be cute too (See her image above).