While Ken & Miyuki danced around getting together early on in You're Under Arrest!, Natsumi ...Well, she didn't really have anyone that you could call her significant other. Oh sure, she had a crush on the Chief & had a bit of one for Detective Tokuno (Even though he was married), but there was no one that was even close to being a match for her until this fellow came along:

Shouji Tokairin 4 150x150.jpg

Yup, that man Shouji Toukairin! He made his first appearance in the first season episode "Friendship at 250 Meters" in which he & Natsumi worked to save the Chief & a little boy who were both trapped on the roof of Tokyo Tower's 250 meter observation deck. A member of the Mountain Police in Toyama Prefecture, Toukairin was temporarily assigned to Bokuto as a rescue instructor after the Tokyo Tower emergency & while he & Natsumi were rivals at first, that would eventually change as they would prove to be a near perfect match for each other. Outside of Daimaru & Ken Nakajima, I always found Toukairin to be a pretty cool guy & a good match for Natsumi (The first season episode "The End of Summer" in which they finally profess their feelings for each other is a favorite for me because of that). We get to see him again in the movie & season 2...

...But not in Full Throttle! WTF??? I know that Toukairin wasn't in the original manga & was created specifically for the first two series but C'mon Man! Even an appearance in a cameo or a flashback would have been nice to see for the third TV series. IMO Toukairin's too awesome to be left out for long & I'm hoping that he'll be included if & when a new YUA! series is produced. Until then, I'm in the middle of a rewatch of season 1 & am looking forward to seeing Toukairin again when I get to that point.