So I had to spend 2 nights in a hospital after giving birth to my second child. I don't know how people are supposed to get better when staying in one. First off, the food sucks. They just don't serve good food. I saw no whole grains in anything they brought me. But of course they kept offering me laxatives and stool softeners. WTF? I want to help things along naturally with fiber, not a f'n pill. I sent my husband out to Whole Foods so that my body wouldn't end up ingesting too much crap.

The few times my baby actually feel asleep for a few hours and I could get some sleep, the nurse had to come in to take my BP. I spend the whole pregnancy with normal BP, I'm sure I'm fine. Let me get an hour or 2 of uninterrupted sleep. The first morning when someone came in to take my blood for a routine blood test (after waking me up), I flat our refused it.

Then the room faced another building and had almost no natural's just depressing.

And I could walk fine 2 hours after birth, but no I couldn't walk from the delivery room to my regular room. I had to go in a gurney (really?) or a wheelchair.

I hope I don't have to go in again anytime soon...hospitals just make me sick.