As you may have already noticed, Sailor Moon has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts. It started out slowly, new merchandise appeared here and there. Rumors circulated the dealer's tables at cons about the possibility of a reemergence of the golden pony-tailed one.

The first bombshell that dropped in the States was that we were finally going to have access to the manga again in the form of Kodansha's release of Japan's "Renewal Edition." As if that wasn't enough, we would also be treated to Sailor V -available for the first time in English. Just this past summer the biggest of all news was dropped -a new Sailor Moon Anime series for 2013. Discussions have exploded in every corner of the internet. Would it be set during the Silver Millennium? Would it go Fullmetal Alchemist's Brotherhood route and be closer to the original manga? Perhaps it could even turn out like the Live Action PGSM series and do an alternate take. Who knows, we might be treated to something (as Monty Python would say) Completely Different. My hope? Perhaps something Sailor Wars related.

In Sailor Moon fandom there are many topics that spur such intense conversation. One such topic is that of "Saban Moon."
First found floating out in the ether back in the late 90s (first emergence could date back as an omake on fansubs) it has since been seen by many and a few mysteries surrounding it have been revealed via an AnimeFringe interview. There do still remain several questions about it however. Debate revolving around who was which Sailor Senshi, what exactly are those Flying objects, and what exactly was the premise? Is it supposed to be Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets the Power Rangers or what? Hopefully some of those questions are soon to be answered.

Concept Art from the animated segments has been popping up here and there. Everything from the Luna-Artemis type feline, to that funky flying object, including headshots of the Sailor Senshi and 8 pages of a Script. Said script details the fall of the Moon Kingdom and brings back Beryl as the main antagonist. Please note that the picture(s) included in this post do not belong to me and are the property of their original owners.

So what do you think? Do you think "Saban Moon" ever had a shot? What do you think about the Concept art? Any ideas or thoughts about what the new anime series might be like? Are you a Sailor Senshi trapped in an Otaku's body? Feel free to share.

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