This post was originally inspired by a friend's off handed comment about his being "A Japanese School Girl."

Personally I believe that the main attraction to such shows as Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and Card Captor Sakura is mostly the drama/plot. The character interactment, plot, animation style and even the music all play a crucial role to the success of the show. These two titles fall under the genre of "Mahou Shoujo" or Magical Girl anime. Ironically, these two have also fallen to the heavy hand of US television censorship as well. In Sailormoon's case, the series suffered from removal of entire episodes from 2 seasons, and a censoring of certain other things, one of which was the relationship between Haruka and Michiru (Amara and Michelle) who ended up being turned into COUSINS. Instead of portraying a beautiful relationship and friendship which had been carefully built up between them, such connections were instead written off as being because they were family, and close.

Ultimately when you get down right to it, most people fall in love with these shows because of epic story telling. A sense that you just stepped into this huge universe and that there is so much to show. Great music lends to the development of the scene, adding a sense of danger/intenseness when needed.

I've heard of grown men crying when they watched the end of Nurse Angel Ririka SOS. They had developed such a connection with the heroine, they became emotionally involved at the end. Heck, I myself cried a little during the last 10 episodes of the Stars Season (the final season of Sailor Moon never aired in the States) due to the events that transpired.

I think that perhaps if it had been dubbed today instead of back in 95, that Sailor Moon would have stood a better chance of endearing itself to a generation in this country. VAs now adays seem to be so much more better cast in their rolls. I think if the title character hadn't tried so hard to sound like Terri Hawkes for continuity reasons(3rd and 4th seasons had Linda Ballantyne as Sailor Moon) it might have gone a long way towards making Sailor Moon more enjoyable.
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