Yes, I am a long time Star Trek fan. I also love the Star Wars movies. I still have vague memories of watching marathons with my dad when I was about 4. I thought adding a Stardate would be simple enough. Apparently there seem to be at least 3 different methods of creating one. The easiest one that seems to at least have some semblance of continuity and logic is that of the 2009 Star Trek movie.

I'd like to take this opportunity to make more frequent use of the blogs here. In the past, most of my blogging has been done on a close friend's website. I have made quite a few entries over the years and I feel that some of them would do well being posted here.
Ultimately I would like to import some of these entries and interweave them with mostly original content. The first 'new content' entry will most likely be an Anime Central related post.