Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

You must cast all 7 required characters and any 6 optional characters.

You are required to cast the same VA for the Sonozaki Twins.

Required Characters:

Furude Rika: (Seiyuu: Tamura Yukari, VA: Reba West)
The only remaining member of the Furude family, she is the heir to the Furude Shrine. A friendly, outgoing girl, she lives with her best friend Satoko in a small house on the outskirts of the Furude Shrine, both are shunned by much of the village due to the circumstances of their family's deaths. While Rika seems like a normal girl, she is actually trapped in a time loop, which always ends with her death in June of 1983. She has been searching for hundreds of years for a way to end the loop, but has failed every time. She sometimes speaks with a deeper, more adult voice, and secretly drinks wine to help deal with her stress.

Maebara Keiichi: (Seiyuu: Souichirou Hoshi, VA: Grant George)
A highschooler who moves to Hinamizawa in the summer of 1983, he quickly becomes friends with Rena, Mion and the others. He gradually learns of the secret past of the village, and the horrific murders that occur every summer during the Watanagashi Festival. He's loyal to his friends, and is willing to go to great lengths to help them. Has romantic ties with both Rena and Mion, and views Satoko as something of a surrogate younger sister.

Ryuuguu Rena: (Seiyuu: Nakahara Mai, VA: Mela Lee)
A girl the same age as Keiichi, she lived in Hinamizawa when she was young, but moved away, she just returned a few years before Keiichi arrives. Rena has a great fondness for cute things, and frequently squees in joy when she sees something cute and declares she's going to take it home. She also enjoys searching the local junkyard for hidden treasures. She had a rough experience outside of Hinamizawa, and her cheerful exterior masks darker scars

Sonozaki Mion: (Seiyuu: Satsuki Yukino, VA: Kelli Kassidy
The oldest member of the group, she's the heir to the Sonozaki family, the most powerful family in Hinamizawa. A natural leader, she leads the friends on a number of adventures. A bit of a tomboy, she nonetheless has a soft heart under her rambunctious exterior. Generally seen carrying an airsoft pistol in a shoulder holster, she is never shown to useit. Has a younger twin sister, whom she can impersonate flawlessly.

Sonozaki Shion: (Seiyuu: Satsuki Yukino, VA: Kelli Kassidy
Mion's younger twin sister, she has spent much of her life at an all girl's boarding school. However she escaped and returned to Hinamizawa. More feminine than her older sister, she wears her hair down and tends to wear skirts instead of pants. Has a part time job as a waitress at the Angel Mort Maid Cafe. Can flawlessly imitate Mion's personality. Has a history involving Satoko's family.

Houjou Satoko: (Seiyuu: Kanai Mika, VA: Minx Lee)
A girl about Rika's age, her parents died during the Watanagashi festival several years ago, and her older brother Satoshi vanished the previous year. Technically living with her uncle Teppei, he is frequently away, so she lives with Rika in a small house on the grounds of the Furude Shrine. A bit of a prankster, she's fond of creating intricate traps to mess with people. Looks up to Keiichi as a surrogate older brother.

Hanyuu: (Seiyuu: Horie Yui)
Also known as "Oyashiro-sama", Hanyuu is, in fact, the guardian deity of Hinamizawa. However instead of fearsome, sacrifice demanding god, she's really a shy, reserved girl. Normally taking the form of a young girl about Rika's age, the only thing that makes her unusual are the two dark horns curving around her head. Normally only visible to Rika, they share a link where Hanyuu feels the same things Rika does. Hanyuu is also the one responsible for sending Rika back after each death, in search of a way to survive the summer of 1983.

Optional Characters:

Houjou Satoshi: (Seiyuu: Kobayashi Yuu, VA: Darrel Guilbeau)
Satoko's older brother, the year before the events of the series, he became involved with Shion, and then mysteriously vanished during the Watanagashi festival. He was always protective of Satoko, against the abuse they both suffered at the hands of their aunt and uncle. His fate is unknown.

Ooishi Kraudo:(Seiyuu: Chafurin, VA: Joe DiMucci)
A detective at the Okinomiya Police Department, he is obsessed with solving the Watanagashi murder case. He is frequently seen in Hinamizawa asking questions, and is not trusted by many of the residents.

Tomitake Jirou: (Seiyuu: Okawa Tooru, VA: Kyle Hebert)
A photographer who arrives in Hinamizawa right before the Watanagashi Festival to photograph birds and other wildlife. His murder on the night of the Watanagashi signals that the Watanagashi Murders are still ongoing. Is frequently seen with Takano Miyo.

Takano Miyo: (Seiyuu: Itou Miki, VA: Karen Strassman)
A nurse at the Irie Clinic. Friends with Tomitake Jirou, she vanishes the night of the Watanagashi Festival, a body though to be hers is later discovered. However all is not what it seems with her...

Irie Kyousuke: (Seiyuu: Seki Toshihiko, VA: Dave Mallow)
The head doctor at the Irie Clinic, he's well known throughout Hinamizawa. He also manages the local youth baseball team. Has a somewhat excessive interest in Satoko, much to Satoko's distress.

Rumiko Chie: (Seiyuu: Orikasa Fumiko, VA: Sam Carr)
The teacher at Hinamizawa's one room schoolhouse. A friendly woman who handles her charges adeptly. Has an intense fondness for Curry.

Akasaka Mamoru: (Seiyuu: Ono Daisuke, VA: Patrick Seitz)
An investigator at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, four years before the events of the series he visits Hinamizawa and meets Rika. Rika tells him that if he does not return to Tokyo immediately, a tragedy will strike him. He ignores her warnings, and as a result his pregnant wife dies while he is still in Hinamizawa

Tatsuyoshi Kasai: (Seiyuu: Tachiki Fumihiko, VA: Steve Kramer)
An employee of the Sonozaki Family, he serves as a guard/protector for Shion. Adept at hand to hand combat, he is Shion's closest confidant other than Mion.

Houjou Teppei: (Seiyuu: Houki Tatsuhisa, VA: Steve Kramer)
Satoko's uncle. A chronic drunk and gambler, he's physically and emotionally abusive towards Satoko. He spends most of his time in Okinomiya with his lover, Rina. On the occasions when she dies, he returns to Hinamizawa and forces Satoko to move back in with him. His wife was murdered in the previous year's Watanagashi Festival Murders.

Sonozaki Oryou: (Seiyuu: Okohira Shizuka, VA: Barbara Goodson)
The matriarch of the Sonozaki Family, and grandmother to Mion and Shion. She separated the twins to avoid the "Twin's Curse", and treats Shion badly in general.

Kimiyoshi Kiichirou: (Seiyuu: Tsukada Masaaki, VA: Kyle Hebert)
The head of one of the Three Families of Hinamizawa, and officially the village chief. Led the resistance against the damn, and the shunning of the Houjou family.

Mamiya Rina: (Seiyuu: Watanabe Misa, VA: Jean Smart)
Teppei's lover, she has the tendency to get killed, prompting Teppei's return to Hinamizawa. However sometimes she appears before Rena's family, and begins to make a move on her father.