It feels that in recent years, the source material of adapted anime is more available (either information, or even the whole thing fan translated) than ever before to the English fan circles. It may be in part due to the rise of simulcasting. When so much of an incoming season is already officially translated, fans that want to do something may turn to source material or spinoffs that are not covered as well in the same way. But with this, comes a lot of frustrations for me.

See, I like to go into anime on as blank of a slate as possible. When I'm watching through an anime, as I wonder or have questions about something, I am NOT asking for anyone familiar with the source material to fill me in on it ahead of time. I want to see how it plays out in the anime as I'm watching week-by-week. This is part of the experience I really like with viewing new seasons.

I may not be fair in asking others to be so strict, though, as different fans have different approaches, and there's not really one "right" way to enjoy it. I'll admit I've never been deeply into print material. I've always been more focused on anime. But other fans are bigger fans of manga and maybe even light novels. I've got into some manga lately, but for me the trend tends to be that I will come much later, only after I'm pretty deep into a particular franchise or theme with anime. Others will want to get into those things just like I do with anime, though, as soon as possible. I will admit with the Yuki-chan thread (one of the extremely rare cases where I know the source ahead of time), even I came dangerously close to answering something I really shouldn't at this point. Maybe the temptation to do this is one that's hard to avoid (but if you must, I do like people that respectfully add spoiler tags or at least give some kind of fair warning).

With the official synopses and character descriptions sometimes spoiling things I'd rather not know ahead of time, it's not really all on zealous fans either. It's to some extent unavoidable. But, boy, does this make me think how I love the freedom an original anime allows in comparison. As long as I'm up to date, I can browse all corners of the internet (even a cesspool like 4chan) without ever having to worry about running into something that spoils me. When people offer up speculation, I know there's not any chance of it being "tainted" (sometimes unintentionally) by source material info that's out there.