Due to recent circumstances, I'm having to pack up all of my anime DVD's and move them. This got me thinking that I haven't really been keeping track of what all I have in online lists for quite a while now, and that is something I had been meaning to do. So I got all my stuff out and lined them up (a lot on the floor, since I only have one shelf) and got to updating what I have and don't have. DVD Aficionado was the last place I had kept track of things, and got to checking my old account there. Given what I had listed as "On order" there I had abandoned it around the time the Geneon and Sojitz incidents happened. Going through and getting it up to date proved to be easy enough, and now I think it is completely up to date at DVD Af.

I haven't ever sold anything I've added to my collection at this point (with the exception of a few VHS tapes from way early on), so there are a lot of random Vol. 1's around of things that I won in contests or blind bought way back in the day when I would actually do that to try out a show (streaming has changed things there, IMO, for the better). I have unfortunately had a few things lost or stolen over the years because of earlier carelessness, which I put in a new folder on DVD Af. Out of all of them that I haven't been able to buy back yet, those first few Galaxy Angel collections being gone stings the most, followed by slight disappointment in losing Strawberry Marshmallow (never got completed with the OVA's in R1 anyway: hopefully Sentai might pick up the full thing at some point). Others I'm not as sad about, but I do think I'd want to watch Fancy Lala again at some point.

So, what do you think of the titles I've collected over the years? Any must haves that I don't have and think I should add at some point?