I just got finished with a marathon of Brigadoon a few days ago, and being curious on what some others have said of it in the past, I was searching through Mania. Getting near the end of my search, I managed to spot this thread that I created asking for recommendations from about six years ago. It always rather interesting when I stumble across old posts and read what I've said way back when compared to how I think now. Brigadoon was exactly the kind of series I was looking for in that thread, ended up having it recommended to me by several people over, and even acknowledged that in the thread... but the thing is, at this point, I don't remember it happening at all. I do vaguely remember coming across positive word on the series before, but not that it was even specifically directed at me. Maybe it just slipped out of the back of my mind at some point... I never followed up on trying Moon Phase, either (only the VA draft featuring it got me to finally check it out), and that was one that I rightly ended up loving too. When I finally saw Moon Phase, it was on Hulu, and that does get me thinking... I was much more restrained in my anime watching way back in 2006 (before the age of legal streaming) and less likely to charge into watching something than I am now, even if I had heard a lot of good word. That's one thing that has changed a lot about my anime watching habits.

It's also rather interesting that I come across this now because I was just thinking about how I've indulged in and enjoyed series with a certain amount of tragedy in recent months. My re-watch of Puella Magi Madoka Magica is going strong, and out of all the older shows that I'm starting to discover now, the ones that are really sticking with me the strongest have a pretty strong tragic element, be it Brigadoon, Shigofumi, or Hell Girl. Reading how I described my tastes in the old thread from 2006, it's not as if some of that still doesn't ring true for me now, though. The four shows I mention all strike a nice balance of elements I enjoy. My tastes have not changed to the point where I love shows that are purely dark and miserable. Darker than Black 2, for instance, out of series I've seen in the past few months, frustrated me greatly with how constantly depressing it was for the main female and didn't really appeal to me in a way I want to rewatch. Brigadoon and Shigofumi hit the balance I was looking for in that thread by having some nice lighter moments and things tend to come around to a somewhat positive note despite all the tragedy and darkness. Madoka Magica and Hell Girl are more strongly on the dark side (not completely without light moments, either, though), but have very interesting characters and stories that get me thinking, and I come to enjoy them a lot. I think, since I made that thread, the one thing since that was kind of a milestone was Clannad, particularly up to Clannad After Story. That really got to show me just how powerful some of those tragic emotional moments can get, and also turning it into bittersweet positive feelings as well. Until I saw that old thread of mine today, I hadn't thought about Rozen Maiden driving my interest in this direction, at least not in a while. Poor me didn't know the second series was going to end so inconclusively and never be continued when I wrote that... Another interesting thing to look at knowing what's happened since.

So has it happened to anyone else, when you find something interesting coming across your own old posts and comments?