Wow... it's been... frankly, an eternity in terms of the internet since I posted in here. And I can tell I've been away for too long. So I'll start there. I have 2 hobbies: anime/manga and video games. My absorption by them is very akin to a sine curve. A very slowly moving sine curve. For the last few years, I've been in the deepest part of the gaming peak- I've gotten complete libraries for a few systems, spending more and more there, which had eaten very sharply into my anime budget, to the point where about 2 years ago, it hit zero outside of Crunchyroll. Obviously, it's on the way back up, and I'm back to poking around here.

And now I'm finding the changes here. I found how to do this easily enough, but to create a new post in the forums? I feel blind; I don't see it. I see the moderation functions, and can use them just fine, but a regular action? I'm out of it. A general lack of interest is part of why I stopped doing the anime draft- the number of votes coming in just didn't feel worth learning more HTML for in order to actually get a site up for it. And the site I had for the rules and other things? Well, that's a long story...

I did look back at a few of my posts here in the blog. I mentioned feeling like a parasite, depressed, etc. While I wouldn't say I'm still depressed, any contact with them is now... permanently severed. I did move back to NY about 5 years ago due to varying circumstances, but it was financial with one of them losing their job. The split was on good terms, and I stayed with them yearly while I went to Otakon. This past year is when things changed. I do still have post-con depression of sorts. With it, it doesn't take much to swing my mood. I was accused of doing things like getting violent and throwing things around. (Apparently lightly tossing a pen to someone asking for one and getting frustrated with my tablet not connecting to their Roku and hitting it on my leg is too much now.) Topping it off was something frankly insulting to me. I've said it here before, and they knew that I am a fan of shota. It's not something I try to hide. But this year, they also wound up with a godchild, and expressed concern for him being around me- basically, to my interpretation, accusing me of actual pedophilia. Like I said, I was insulted and disgusted by that thought. It basically ended with being told that I was no longer welcome there, and that we should not have any further contact. (I will mention that all this unfolded about 2 months after I left.) One of them was hosting my site, so I don't have access to it anymore. It makes this year... interesting, to say the least.

So, while I'm still down on the gaming side of the curve, I'm on the upswing side back toward anime. I'm still enjoying anime, and I'll still enjoy video games, even when I'm in the peak. I'll probably also get back my GA membership at some point, which some have told me even a few years ago was unthinkable that I would have even let it lapse. This will never change. But now I need to find that post new thread button... that's a change to get used to.