Shu: Hey, boss, I'm hungry. When's dinner time around here?

d1: I've actually got someone coming to deal with that... he should be here any moment. Besides, you don't want me cooking...

--Akira enters.

Akira: Good evening! I'm here to cook your weekly meal! The others have the student council duties under control for once.

Miki: Oh, another student council member? Though it sounds like yours is a bit more... controlled?

Akira: Well, not quite... we've got one who's rarely there because he's too busy chasing after girls.

Miki: So it's essentially the same, then.

Ryo: Wait, who's this kid? And why's he working in the kitchen?

Akira: Oh, hi! I'm Akira. I just come by every week to work on my cooking and allow others to enjoy it.

Ryo: So you're not here against your will?

Akira: Nope! It's a great way to cook for a variety of palates, coming here!

--Shu starts singing loudly again

Ryo: ...excuse me...

Akira: Yeah, that won't be conductive to studying later tonight...


--Mizuki enters.

Mizuki: Ah, thanks for letting me get away. My roommate is too far ahead on his rent.

Ryo: That's a complaint I can't say I've heard before...

Mizu: Well, when he pays with... *sees Akira* never mind. I shouldn't talk about it.

Ryo: Just as well. I don't think the station would take a complaint of advance rent payment seriously.

Mizu: Hey, there's a cat here! I can't have pets in my current place.

Ritsu: Don't pull on the ears, at least.

Mizu: Oh, and a setup for live music? Do you guys use it?

Shu: Yep! *runs to mic*

Most others: NO!


--Greece enters, with a slew of cats following.

Greece: I hope my friends here won't be a problem.

d1: Nope, not at all. In fact...

--Some cats move over toward Ritsu.

Greece: Ah! Someone else who wears cat ears! *moves toward Ritsu*

Ritsu: These aren't... *sighs, while cats start purring*

Greece: I'm so glad to find someone else open-minded about cuteness! Would you be willing to also partake in some of my country's ancient traditions?

Ritsu: Such as...?

Greece: Well, there's the naked...

Ritsu: NO!

Mizu: I hope he's not like my roommate...


--Shouta enters.

Ryo: Another kid? You better not be running some sort of...

Shouta: Kid? Just how young do you think I am?

Ryo: Well, you're older than the one in the kitchen, but I'd say you're prolly about the same age as the pink-haired one over there.

Shou: Not quite. Perhaps I should be asking how old you are?

Ryo: Upper 20s enough for you?

Shou: That'd put me at older than you. Care to rethink that 'kid' bit?

--Shu is at the mic, singing in a lower voice about Yuki

Miki: Glad to see you finally got your volume under better control.

Shu: Well, Yuki did always say I was annoying. If I could do something for him to not be annoying, it would be good.

Shou: Wait... Yuki... as in the author?

Shu: Yeah, why?

Shou: How do you know him?

Shu: He's my lover!

Shou: That explains the change of tone in his recent books...