Man, I said way back that I was going to do this; regretfully, I waited until pretty much the end. I guess it means that the entire thing will be able to be typed out at once? It might go in 2 parts, depending on how long this goes, but I'm already padding, aren't I?

So, from concept. It's known that I have a few things that I like that describe me well. And I had 2 themes in my head before starting. Let's just say that I'm very glad I took this one! (Competing with Calathan if I went with my other theme, catboys, would've been interesting, if not some gnashing of teeth... Though looking at things, we might've been able to coexist.) But I went with Team Uke. And thus, my favorite character in anime, Shuichi, was chosen to lead things off.

Shuichi: Hey, it's been a while since I've been in one of these rooms. And look at how much has changed! The seats are more comfy, the air more relaxed... I should bring Yuki here next time!

dunno001: Regretfully, he would not fit in with the theme for this room. The plans are...

Shu: I... *sniffles* can't be with Yuki? I WANT YUKI!!! *cries*

d1: This... may be a longer draft than I anticipated...


--Miki enters, Shuichi still crying in the corner

Miki: You better not have brought me here to babysit that.

d1: Of course not. Your submissive ways are what led me to...

Miki: If you've nothing better to tell me, I've got student council duties to attend to...

d1: I also figured that this would be a good place for you to relax. If you can calm the crybaby over there, he's also a musician, so you perhaps could play the piano with him? It'd be a good chance for you to have a duet with someone.

Miki: Fair enough. The Rose Bride stuff is on hold for now, so I could do that. *approaches Shu* There, there... stop crying. You can relax and do some music.

Shu: Music? OKAY! It's... the RAGE BEAT!! *starts singing loudly into mic*

Miki: I thought you said this would be relaxing...?


--Ritsuka enters, Miki trying to calm Shu's voice down.

Ritsuka: Man, it's loud in here. Did you consider how this may hurt my ears?

d1: It wasn't this loud when I called for you. -_-

Ritsu: Fine, I'll go deal with them. *walks over to Shu* You. Silence. If you keep up this racket, my ears are going to fall off from your noise rather than the proper time.

Shu: Fall... off? Wait, the cat ears! So you like dressing up also! *tugs on ears* And man, you've got them on there good, too!

Ritsu: OW! Hey, it's not dress up! The ears are a sign of things for us. And if beloved saw my ears were missing...

Shu: So your lover takes them off? All Yuki does is yell at me when I get in costume...

Ritsu: I told you, these are not...

Miki: Don't bother. I've not been able to get anything through to him yet, either. Hopefully, we can just get him to do a softer song...

Ritsu: That would be an improvement, yes...


*a knock on the door is heard*

d1: Hold on, guys, someone's here. *opens door*

Ryo: I'm here on behalf of the police. We've gotten a number of complaints from nearby people about the noise level in here. I need to look into everything and make sure it's to code.

d1: Fair enough. *glares at Shuichi* See what you did now?

Shu: But I... I... *cries*

d1: Oh crap...

--Miki and Ritsu glare at d1

Ryo: Well, I see where part of the problem is. I'm gonna have to train this crybaby.

Everyone else: PLEASE!