So, here I am now, making this post. I probably should be resting more, since I've had this illness for almost a week now. I'm getting tired of being cooped up in bed! I want to do something, dammit! But no... while my fever (maxing out at 103.4 F) has broken several times (4 at last count), neither my stuffy head nor my coughing up pleghm are going away. Thus, I had to cancel today's plans of actually going to a theme park, HersheyPark, to be precise. I've never been there, and was trying to get better all week to be able to go. I'm on countless medications to kick this thing out, but it won't leave.

We've rescheduled the trip to July 9th, where if I'm not better by then, I'll find the problem and rip it out myself with a pair of pliers! Seriously, I've never been sick for a week straight before. And even when I was younger, sickness always came at the worst times. Maybe instead I'll blame it on the construction around here. Hey, it causes me enough stress that I can argue how the added stress weakened my immune system, exposing me to this. Because this area sure isn't a theme park. It's an area I want out of... NOW!