It feels as though it wasn't that long ago, when we, as then AoD, were bought up by Mania. But here it is, 3 years later. And we're back to the beginning: a fresh new forum with bugs to work out, requests to make, but it's all the same users (this is mostly a good thing) talking about the same (and more, now) subjects. It looks as though we'll have some of our same spurts, we still have a drift thread of complete randomness, but the part that's going to be toughest for me is discarding the AoD moniker.

Yes, I know this isn't my site; my guess is that the AoD name is also part of what was sold to Mania. (Note: I am not claiming either way; this is only a guess, and a good chunk to follow is nothing more than opinion.) I've been a mod here, what, 4 or 5 years now? I've been around since... good grief, not as long as a few people here, but let's just say that I remember the days of nested when it was good, and why we all loved it. (I recall the failed recreations of it also...) I've always called this AoD, and my head still refers to it as such. Calling it TFP is going to be work for me. But with this new name, comes something else- a new spark. AoD in its young days felt like it was fresh, with a... well, not attitude, but this... feeling that I can't really describe. It was fun. As time went on, don't get me wrong, it was still fun, but the spark had gone out. Things had apparently settled in.

So, if it's the same people talking about the same things, how did the spark come back? Surely a name alone can't do that? True, it can't. But as things settled at the old place, some groups had formed, and become set. The settling showed some of the things that there was resistance to change which, frankly, needed to change. The complete move, with new name, a new place, etc, took all of us who had settled in, flaws and all, and let us look at things more objectively. And we've made some changes that have been needed. It stirred the pot. And this activity, this excitement, drew the attention of the spark. We're back.

Yes, some things never change. Some need to. And I see this as our chance to evolve. We have made some changes already, and more are to come. But I learnt this place as AoD. And in my heart, even with a new name and a new home, it's still AoD. (That, and I just replaced my AoD bookmark with here...)