I couldn't figure out which forum to put a discussion for a drama CD. I found a translation so I went ahead and listened to it There was one minor reference to an event I had not yet read about. Otherwise the CD more or less stood by itself and was easily enjoyable for someone who had only read part of the novels.

Avoiding as many specifics as possible, the story was hilarious, and I particularly appreciated all the anime references. Also, Sena's outfit, which was dreamily sexy. I think we can safely say this will never be animated, given it pushed the boundaries of what non-ero seiyuu can say. It is my firm belief that Sena should have ended up with it though. Anyway, here are my impressions of the casting.

Sena: I thought Itou Kanae did an excellent job as Sena. Especially when she flipped her switch. Sena is my favorite character, and I'm glad to see the qualities I like in her have been refined. Almost to the point of perfection, really. Oh, did I mention I loved Sena's character's outfit?

Yozora: Honestly, I'm not seeing Inoue Marina as Yozora. I liked her when Yozora was insulting Sena. Otherwise, I thought her voice sounded a bit off. Granted, Yozora isn't exactly my favorite so I am biased. I guess it fits, but I kept thinking "a bit too masculine."

Kodoka: Kimura Ryouhei's voice seemed a bit too kind at times. However, he did a pretty good job during chapter five. That said, Hinata (Angel Beats) kept popping into my mind, and I'm not sure that image really fits.

Maria: Iguchi Yuka voicing a nun--basically a complete typecast. She was kind of childish, but towards the middle I really started to get into her. Actually, I think I like her as Maria more than Index. De gesou.

Kobato: Another typecast. However, Hanazawa Kana did an excellent job switching back and forth between Kobato's two "personalities." My second favorite overall. This is definitely am imouto role to watch.

Rika: I thought Fukuen Misato was another great match. I think it sounded like she had a lot of fun with the role. This was my favorite overall.

Yukimaru: Yamamoto Nozomi did OK, but didn't leave much of an impression.

Overall, I like this cast and I can't wait for the anime to come out. Well, part of me can't wait. The other realizes that it's going to spawn yet another inevitable bitch fest.