I got something on my mind that has been...bothering me. I just remembered it tonight. I thought I'd just go on my PC and write about it here.
First off, my teenage years were complete hell, there's no doubt about that, but...there was one thing that I remember to be quite special.
Here in Canada, there was a programming block on YTV called Bionix which aired anime such as Naruto, FMA, Bleach, etc. I remember looking forward to it every week. Even though I hated my life, was desperate and wanted to die, this programming block is what good I remember of my teenage life.
I was a night owl (Still am) and there was something great about watching anime in a big living room with surround sound at 2AM and cooking Kraft Dinner and hash browns to eat. One thing I should mention, most of the time I didn't even understand what was going on in the anime since I started watching too late, but...there was just something special about it. I liked the shows even though I didn't know what was going on, and oddly, I liked the commercials as well. Commercials do give television shows a certain something that just makes it even more enjoyable.
The problem is, due to my parents' fighting, divorce, etc. we've had to move twice since then, each living place worse than the last IMO. I do live in a condo now, so I have to watch anime with headphones, which isn't the same at all IMO, and of course no stations in Canada want to air anime. I envy the Americans as Toonami is back for them. Too bad greed of cable companies prevents us from ever getting that programming channel.
Maybe some day, I'll get to be in a big living room again, eating hash browns and watching anime at 2AM on some programming block. I would MUCH prefer a programming block to buying the DVDs. Having to wait a week for the next episode makes things better, and of course commercials, haha. When I pursue more goals and move out into this house with a big living room, there's still the problem of anime dying here and damn TV stations not wanting to air it.
Sorry I'm probably ranting about nothing, I'm a little tired.