*Disclaimer: This post is somewhat a rant, so I apologize if it comes across being rather disorganized.

Having seen the recent batch of anime solicitations from Section23/Sentai being filled with some DVD-only releases (with an explanation as to why some shows have initial DVD-only releases), I could not help but ponder the fate of some shows I'm interested in that are DVD-only, both from a personal and business standpoint. On one end, I vastly prefer getting the Blu-ray for shows animated in HD, so being stuck with DVD as the only option for acquiring a show leaves me feeling disappointed and frustrated. On the other end, I can't help but think that acquiring a show, even if it's not in the format I want, is better than not having it at all, not to mention that other shows similar to it (that I may be interested in) may not get licensed if the show I'm interested in doesn't do well. With Sentai's explanation as to why some shows don't get initial Blu-ray releases in mind, not getting an initial DVD release of a show may also prove to be problematic because U.S. anime companies may not bother to do a BD release of said show due to poor DVD sales. It's a quagmire.

Which brings me to the rant part of this post. It's probably because I'm not a Japanese anime licensor, but I cannot understand some of the licensing decisions made by some of them. Take Red Data Girl (a show I'm interested in) for example. I don't get why Kadokawa (assuming it's them) thinks it's necessary to limit Funimation to a DVD-only release of the show. Assuming the numbers I've seen for the Japanese release of the show are real, it can be said that the show basically sold like crap. Would reverse-importation of the show really be that much of a problem for licensors at this point, especially since the U.S. release is seeing release a little over 6 months after the final Japanese volume? Or, I don't know, maybe 6 months is still too soon? Either way, I don't think Kadokawa has much to gain at this point by limiting RDG's release to DVD-only. Another example of this irrationality is Is this a Zombie? Apparently Kadokawa thought it necessary to exclude the 1st season's OVA from the US Blu-ray discs. Looking at the Japanese sales numbers, the show doesn't look like it sold like hotcakes either, and at this point the show is significantly older than Red Data Girl, so I don't understand the need to limit the OVA's availability to DVD, even if Funimation's release is a combo pack. This doesn't make much sense to me.

I've already mentioned some of the reasons why DVD-only releases are a problem for me, but there's also the added issue of double-dipping in the event I decide to buy a DVD release in hopes of seeing a Blu-ray one. I can't really say I consider buying a DVD release a waste if it helps an anime get a BD release, but I don't really like paying more than necessary (though there's no way to know for sure whether it's necessary or not) for the acquisition of a BD version, especially if said money could be used for buying a different show. Then again, a show may never see a BD release no matter how well the DVD version sells. Either way, DVD-only releases suck.