Here I aired my first doubts as to the Box's true value. The past two years have since proven these reservations to be right on the money.


(Originally published 7 August 2009)

I've hit a low point in my struggle to find a way to transport and temporarily store my DVD collection. Those DVD sleeves that shipped with my DJ case turned out to be not nearly as supple as I initially believed.

Just to be safe, I took a couple of test discs (stuff I wouldn't miss if it were damaged, like .hack//Legend of the Twilight) and took them in and out of one of the sleeves. The discs incurred linear scratches, some pronounced, others subtle. Rotating the disc while in the sleeve, however, produced substantial amounts of radial scratching. The fabric in those sleeves isn't quite sandpaper, but it certainly isn't conducive to safe disc storage.

So I now face a dilemma. This case appears to pose a not-insignificant risk to any DVDs stored inside. My timetable for moving to Los Angeles is now such that I cannot order a different case; it wouldn't arrive in time for the move. I'm either going to have to risk the damage to the majority of my collection and use the case anyway, or leave some five-sixths of my collection behind in Minnesota.

So much for my goal of maintaining an academic library of anime programming.