With the transition from the old forum to the new, I figured I'd migrate my blog entries. There were never very many, and scheduling concerns derailed my attempt at a regularly-published blog on anime criticism.

However, the entries that I did write delved into a subject that I have not seen covered extensively elsewhere: how to move a large (1000+ discs) media collection and transport it cross-country.

So here, now preserved from any potential disappearances down the internet memory hole, is the first of the series.


(Originally published 21 July 2009)

I used to think that moving was a simple process. You place your stuff in boxes, place the boxes in your car, and set off on your merry way.

Perhaps it really is that simple -- but only if you don't have very much stuff.

As a veteran otaku now cresting my fifteenth year of anime fandom, I do not lack for stuff. It spills out from my room's every crevice. Artbooks, wall-scrolls, posters, plushies, figurines, doujinshi, manga, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, Laserdiscs, Blu-Ray discs, pencil boards, binders filled with Giclee prints, video game cartridges, empty Escaflowne boxes -- all occupy every corner of my living space, like some psychedelic otaku potpourri.

I never realized just how much there was until I tried to box it up. Ever tried to stuff 1200+ DVDs into Xerox boxes? You need quite a few.

Even in the best of situations -- transporting a mere fraction of my collection to another residence just down the street -- would make for a hard day's work. I face a 1600-mile exodus, which presents some unique challenges.

The more I take with me, the greater the hassle of relocation. If I ever need anything and have to have it shipped cross-country, however, those charges add up. The process of triage is far from easy.

I don't intend to abandon my otaku ways simply because they make relocation a rather inconvenient process. Yet the move does impress upon me the need to view my collection with new eyes. In some cases, the simple act of cataloguing everything unearths treasures I had long since forgotten. They've sat on shelves or laid tucked away in various nooks.

Some items I have not even touched in over a decade. I just uncovered a promotional poster for ADV's initial VHS release of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Acquired in 1996 or 1997, it hung on my wall, framed, for a year or two before going into storage. Except for a dense layer of dust covering the glass, it is essentially as I left it ten or eleven years ago.

A bucket along the rear wall holds an old collection of Japanese promo posters, most acquired from CD Japan between 2001 and 2003. I noticed that the rubber band securing one rolled-up poster had turned brown and brittle. As soon as I touched it, the band crumbled into shards.

It's amazing, how things can just sit, unnoticed, for so long. Makes me reconsider what's really worth bringing along to Los Angeles, and what might be best left behind.

So much for that simple move.


Assuming I'm not just twittering away into the ether, I'll end with a question for you, dear reader. If you had to relocate, and part with some portion of your collection, what would you go without?