How dare you criticise Hellsing in your first blog post, Burton Gibzon Zero Kenobi?

Okay - I get that it's meant to be cheesy horror with extra cheese, and I understand that the first OAV episode is really a highlights reel of the early manga volumes, but still!

I'm assuming that Hellsing is akin to those Shonen Jump fighting shows, where everybody has to announce their name in a display of ultra-machismo before they fight/chat/have tea, but it really started to grate in the climatic conversation between Integra and Anderson - every line featured a restatement of the character's full names: Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing and Father Alexander Anderson. I realise there's a need to fit the lip-flaps, and the Japanese dialogue probably does the same thing with full names, but this is just dialogue amateur hour - English dialogue can probably make shortcuts that retain the formality that was intended by repeating the full name in Japanese.

Also, while I'm on the subject of translation: she's English, her name is Victoria Seras. You can go too far with fake authenticity in translation.

I bet Captain Harlock never repeated the full names of his nemeses every time he met them. Now there's real masculinity in action...