It has been quite some time since I last wrote one of these blogs here as I just haven't been motivated to doing anything. Summer season wasn't particular interesting for picking winners and losers, but there were some. I will keep this one short seeing that I want to get this posted.

WINNER: Sentai
This season's lineup was pretty strong for Sentai as they continue to benefit from their acquisition by AMC. Among the heavy hitters this season are Made in Abyss season 2, Call of the Night, and Danmachi season 4, all while Tokyo Mew Mew New, My Isekai Life, and Vermeil in Gold are all solid pickups as well. And not to mention, they had quite a strong showing at Anime Expo as well.

LOSER: Disney
Disney had nothing for the summer save for the continuing Summer Time Rendering, which wasn't simulcasted outside Japan, and by the end of the season, it was nowhere to be found in America. While it's one thing for them to get into the anime business, it's another to approach things like Netflix and other streaming services that are not anime-specific.

WINNER: Anime Conventions
Anime conventions have made a comeback, and this is the first year many of the conventions returned to being in-person. Among them this season are Anime Expo and Cruncyhroll Expo, which delivered a lot of news and other things, while holding conventions in a hybrid manner. Great times were to be had once again.

LOSER: BD Collectors
This stems from Crunchyroll's acquisition of Right Stuf as it has heavy implications on the retail business. But of immediate consequence is the fact that now, Right Stuf is charging sales tax for all purchases for customers residing in states that have them. For the company's 35 years of existence, they were only obligated to charge sales tax for customers out of Iowa as the laws only required them to collect from in-state buyers. Then the laws changed in which only the retailers with high sales volumes are required to collect. This comes at a time when megacorporations were starting to take over just about every aspect of the anime industry. Crunchyroll was taken control by a megacorporation when their parent company Otter Media was bought out by Warner, which is owned by AT&T, and with the company's financial troubles they were sold to Sony. During that time, Crunchyroll became large enough that they are now obligated to charge sales tax outside California and Texas. And with Crunchyroll buying Right Stuf that now the Iowa-based retailer that had been independently owned and operated for decades is now required to follow Crunchyroll's rules and regulations.

WINNER: Kinema Citrus
They put out Made in Abyss, which enough makes them winners. They also put out Cardfight!! Vanguard Will+Dress, which has great character designs and has better production values than most TCG shows despite being yet another show designed to market the cards more than anything else.

WINNER: A-1 Pictures
This season featured two shows from the prolific studio, as well as the Sword Art Online Progressive movie that came out that season. Lycoris Recoil and Engage Kiss are what they put out, and while Engage Kiss was a miss, Lycoris Recoil was a huge hit. Even though Engage Kiss was a bit disappointing, it was still a solid show and far from being a dumpster fire of a show. In all, this studio had a great season.

LOSER: Shaft
On the flipside, there's Shaft that produced two shows and neither of them are anything better than mediocre. This is a studio that has long been known for their bizarre animation style that uses visual barrages and stuff to tell their stories. But in both Luminous Witches and RWBY: Ice Queendom, they were animated normally, and that loses style points for them. That said, while Luminous Witches had modest expectation, RWBY had high ones seeing that Gen Urobochi was involved, and it was was a disappointment.

While lots of shows were duds because of their weak source materials or the aim for why they produced the shows like with many shows adapted from TCGs or mobile games, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer has extremely strong source material. And when NAZ was announced as the studio with them putting out those awful-looking PVs, this was a moment to cringe. NAZ is one of the worst studios out there, and look no further than the hack job they did with My Sister, My Writer for proof. This show definitely deserved to have a better production team than with these guys, and it showed.