Time for my seasonal Winners and Losers blog post as once again, there were some things that came out ahead, while others, not so much. Sports writers will do this kind of thing after a big move happens, and likewise I do the same for every season of anime.

WINNER: Crunchyroll
After being beaten to the punch for the majority of titles the past few seasons, Crunchyroll flipped the script this time around as they got their hands on a lot of the season's best shows. They got great shows like To Your Eternity and Tokyo Revengers, while shows like Zombie Land Saga Revenge, Fruits Basket, and My Hero Academia are still covered by their previous partnership with Funimation. But on top of that, they also had a lot of other very good shows to fill the season like Backflip!, Higehiro, Those Snow White Notes, and the biggest surprise hit of the season in Odd Taxi, while So I'm a Spider, So What and Iruma-kun continued. As if that weren't enough, they managed to somehow outmaneuver Aniplex of America and Funimation to get 86, which is quite a big deal seeing that Aniplex is quite persistent about only letting Aniplex of America have the license, and with their partnership with Funimation being both owned by Sony, the expectation was that Funimation would get it. But in the end, getting 86 cements their status as winners this season after getting the short end of the stick for seemingly forever.

WINNER: Sentai
Sentai is putting all of their chips into home video seeing that this company had been struggling unable to compete with Crunchyroll and Funimation for licenses not having a megacorporation backer since their deal with Amazon ended with the death of Anime Strike. But Sentai is making a lot of smart moves by licensing and dubbing Amazon titles like Dororo and Vinland Saga, all while they struck gold licensing ten new Crunchyroll titles for home video release, and all but one of them are already dubbed and presumably Crunchyroll will provide a dub for that odd title out. Just about the only thing that didn't go well is that they are having a hard time getting Netflix dubs onto BD due to Netflix playing hardball with the licensing costs to the point where it is cheaper for them to produce a new dub than to license something that's already out there. And of course, there's there the acquisition of Crunchyroll by Sony being held up in court that means they will at least have Crunchyroll to lean on for titles to release on BD.

LOSER: Funimation
On the other hand, Crunchyroll's success came at Funimation's expense as they didn't license as many titles as they had in recent seasons. And then there's the Department of Justice review going on regarding Sony as it's being seen as a monopolistic move. They still ended up with some of the season's best shows like Vivy, Megalo Box 2 (managing to swipe it from Viz), and Shadows House, but they ended up with a fair share of stinkers like Blue Reflection, The World Ends With You, and Battle Athletes Victory ReSTART. And to top it all off, their streaming service has taken some hits as the new shows apparently only go up to 540 in quality instead of the usual 1080.

LOSER: Netflix
As usual, Netflix has their own lineup of shows, but unfortunately for them this season's lineup was less than stellar. They snagged the Shaman King reboot, Godzilla Singular Point, and Edens Zero, while also putting out shows like Eden and Yasuke, and none of these shows were anything special. And not to mention, they are setting a dangerous precedent by charging exorbitant licensing fees for the dubs as Sentai ended up making their own dubs for Hero Mask and Baki when the Netflix dubs deserve to be on BD.

This is probably TV Tokyo's strongest late-night lineup to date as it featured the heavy hitters Fruits Basket and Tokyo Revengers, especially with the closing chapter of Fruits Basket as the show is at its best there, all while Odd Taxi is a surprise hit that didn't look that way at the start, and the other show is Burning Kabaddi that's a solid sports show (though there are still better sports shows out there). And of course, their primetime lineup, save for the sinking ship that is Boruto, is not too shabby themselves despite Black Clover having ended.

LOSER: Animeism
This season's Animeism lineup is pretty bad as it consists of a show that reminds everybody that this is a video game first and an anime second, an anime-original adaptation of a mediocre video game that was so bad that even the BD release in Japan ended up getting cancelled, and a show that was pretty good, but is lacking in the marketability department. At least Those Snow White Notes saved this block from being a total washout, but when two of the shows in this three-show block are quite possibly the two worst shows ever to air in that block, that's saying a lot about how bad things were for Animeism.

WINNER: TMS Entertainment
TMS by far had the best season for anime as they produced two heavy hitters in Fruits Basket The Final Season and Megalo Box 2: Nomad. They also put out Burning Kabaddi, a halfway decent sports show. With two heavy hitters and one solid show, that means no duds this season for the long-running studio.

Wit continues to knock it out of the park with their shows, and they do just that with Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, which is one of the season's best shows. Teppei Nagatsuki sure shows why he's so well-renowned around the anime world with this show, while Wit's expertise in animation really comes through again.

WINNER: A-1 Pictures
A-1 had been on a cold streak recently, but they have answered the call this season doing an excellent job with 86. It helps that the source material is strong and they got a huge budget to animate this with Aniplex on the production committee.

And for a studio that seldom is among the winner's circle is OLM as Odd Taxi is one of this studio's best shows to date. This show ended up being a sleeper hit. And of course, they get a ton of publicity for their Pokemon show, but nevertheless it's all great for them this season.

LOSER: J.C. Staff
J.C. Staff is one of those studios that's capable of putting out great shows, but at the same time they are equally likely to put out a dud. Unfortunately for this season, J.C. Staff puts out three duds as Combatants Will Be Dispatched!, Blue Reflection Ray, and Edens Zero weren't exactly shows to write home about. At least Combatants ends up being a solid show despite all its faults and harem antics, but far from being anything that will challenge Konosuba for the creator's best work, while Blue Reflection Ray, I have said enough about this train wreck, and Edens Zero is at least enjoyable for those who love Fairy Tail, but it's a far inferior product to the show that Hiro Mashima is best known for. Better luck next time.

LOSER: Signal.MD
Signal.MD has two shows this season in Mars Red and Dragon Goes House-Hunting, and both of them are massive flops. Mars Red at least stands out with its unconventional art style and theatrical feel, but the story is too convoluted, all while Dragon Goes House-Hunting is just stupid and repetitive, and it's one of those shows where seeing it once means you have seen it all.

LOSER: Domerica
This studio partnered up with Shin-Ei for The World Ends With You and with Liden Films to produce Seven Knights Revoltuion, and it's safe to say they totally whiffed. They are two shows meant to market a video game, which is already a bad sign. And that's exactly what I got out of those shows.

LOSER: Studio Seven
Pretty simple message for this studio: Stick with hentai, please. This studio is known for their hentai shows, OVAs whose animation quality is usually pretty bad compared to most studios out there that regularly produce TV series. The moment it was announced that this studio was doing the new Battle Athletes show, that essentially killed any enthusiasm I might have had for that show. And the end result is one of the worst shows of the season that starts with the awful animation quality.

WINNER: Saturdays
Saturdays for the winter season wasn't exactly a great one seeing that two of the day's titles ended up being part of Thursday's lineup. But this season, Saturdays were absolutely stacked as there was My Hero Academia season 5, I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, Vivy, 86, Shadows House, Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro, Battle Athletes Victory ReStart, Pretty Boy Detective Club, Tokyo Revengers, and in addition Edens Zero that's currently locked away in Netflix jail. Of course, Aniplex shows continue to be high quality content that happens more often than not, while My Hero Academia, despite being the weakest season so far, is always something to look forward to. And then there's Tokyo Revengers as MBS has a premiere seeing that shows on that network on Saturdays are typically stuff that aired earlier in the day. And then there's NTV adding a Saturday timeslot for anime that they are doing with Edens Zero, and it figures that the next season of Lupin III will take that timeslot in the fall. The quantity is definitely there for Saturdays, and there's plenty of quality stuff there as well with Vivy, 86, and Tokyo Revengers among the best this season, while MHA and Nagatoro are popular shows, and Slime 300 is just flat-out fun to watch.

WINNER: Mondays
The Monday lineup this season was really loaded. In past seasons, the Monday lineup had been pretty lackluster with the occasional big seasons like the Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 seasons. This season, it was just loaded as it contains two of the best shows of the season in Fruits Basket and To Your Eternity, while also having this season's surprise hits in Higehiro and Odd Taxi. The other shows this season are Koikimo, Mars Red, and Let's Make a Mug Too. Having two of the top shows instantly make them winners. Having two other very good shows, even better.

LOSER: Wednesdays
Pretty much, only Mondays and Saturdays had great lineups whereas the rest of the week, not so much. That said, of the other days, Wednesdays by far had the worst lineup this season. The only good show that day is Super Cub, which is not everybody's cup of tea, but at least it salvages what ended up being a dumpster fire of a lineup. The winter season Wednesday lineup wasn't all that great, but at least it had Re:Zero to salvage the day, and while Super Cub is a highly recommended show to watch, by no means is it as great as Re:Zero. As for the other shows in the lineup, Osamake is a standard harem show whose gimmick of childhood friend getting the spotlight quickly loses its novelty once the big reveal happens, Full Dive has one of the most cringeworthy MCs out there that will really test your patience, and Cestvs is just ugly all-around that at least had a solid opening episode, but after that the show's lack of production values really made this show unwatchable. And then there are three more timeslots that are all filled by re-runs and delaycasts.

LOSER: Thursdays
Thursdays are losers for much different reasons than Wednesdays as it has a couple of solid shows in Zombie Land Saga Revenge and Backflip!!, while How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Omega is a nice way to follow up those who enjoy this fanservicey show. The other show this season is Fairy Ranmaru, which is easily skippable, but for those who are interested in this magical boys show will find it enjoyable for what it is. And that's it as normally this day has at least a couple more shows, but both Shaman King and Godzilla Singular Point are in Netflix jail. Getting Godzilla was especially a big blow as being a Toho show, that's supposed to be a Sunday show where there are more timeslots, but instead it's taken by a lesser profile Toho show in Seven Knights Revolution. As for the remainder of the day, Thursdays have a rebroadcast of Idoly Pride, Bang Dream season 3 (which is in a timeslot for only Bang Dream-related programming), and Fate/Illya 3rei!, and with only four new shows when there's normally supposed to be around six, that counts as a loss.