And now, here are the top two tiers of 2020 anime shows. See the link below for shows I watched last year, and before I get to the rankings there's a link to the first part.

Master List of Anime Watched in 2020

Just like I have done in the past, I split the rankings into two blog entries to alleviate the burden of this blog, and was motivated back in 2017 when the previous version of The Fandom Post forums were having problems with long entries. As usual, I begin with the shows that aren't going to challenge for many, if any, awards as these shows that ranged from solid to downright terrible. As always, I have five tiers of shows and the first blog is all about stuff that rates in the bottom three tiers. As a reminder, there are some rules I set in place as to which shows are ranked on this list:
  • 1. Only shows that I watched to the end (or if continuing into 2021 I have watched all the episodes that have aired) are listed. So stinkers I pulled the plug on early like Gibiate, Hypnosis Mic, and Hatena Illusion will not show up on my list. If doesn't appear on my master list, then it won't take part in this list. Seeing that the spring and summer seasons were gutted by the pandemic that a number of stinkers I probably would have skipped I ended up watching.
  • 2. The show must have been completed in 2020 to be eligible except for the shows whose final episodes were delayed into 2021. For this year, all shows except for those continuing into the Winter 2021 season will have finished their broadcast in 2020, so there are no such shows this year that have this special situation.
  • 3. For shows with multiple entries (i.e. split cour shows and shows finishing a season in winter and starting a new one in fall like SAO Alicization), they will be combined into one entry. Their ranking is based on the average score of their cours.
As always, I use a scoring system that's based on what the average MAL score typically is for shows in a certain grade range, that combined with grades that typical exam scores get you in college courses.

A+: 100+
A: 95-99
A-: 90-94
B+: 85-89
B: 80-84
B-: 75-79
C+: 70-74
C: 65-69
C-: 60-64
D+: 52-59
D: 44-51
D-: 36-43
F: 0-35

So with that, here are the rankings for everything in the middle tier and below. The shows in the top two tiers are appearing in a blog entry that will be coming soon (I'm looking at Thursday to have it posted).



1. Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2: A+ (Score: 103)
Everything that made Re:Zero a masterpiece continues on as the show continues to deliver with excellent drama, character development, psychological warfare, and plot construction to go along with the animation and soundtrack. The pacing is a big too slow this time seeing that the whole cour was spent on the MC's first roadblock of the season that still hasn't been resolved, but everything that went into this show is a sight to behold, all while driving up the anticipation for the second half of the season.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen: A+ (Score: 102)
Everything is clicking on all cylinders with a strong story, great action, well-rounded characters, and great development. Just about the only thing wrong with this show is that the show tries to do too much, but it does so in an intuitive manner. The animation has been doing great justice to the strong source material it has.

3. Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2: A+ (Score: 101)
This show continues to do everything that made the first season so amazing, while adding to it with great character development on top of it. While the comedy is as funny as ever, this season is more balanced with comedy and storytelling as the first season was more of a laughfest, while this season introduces new characters and does an excellent job in expanding their backgrounds and developing their relationships with the main cast. In all, it's the show's masterful job of bringing the characters to fruition that takes this a notch up from the first season.

4. My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu Climax: A+ (Score: 100)
This season builds on a strong second season that uses a different style of storytelling opting for more drama and seriousness rather than on comedy that the first season was about. The story writing is simply exceptional here as it leads to some serious development that came together more naturally than in the first two seasons seeing that it had a full cour needed to adapt three light novel volumes as opposed to six and five, respectively, for the first two seasons. In all, this season is well-written, and definitely better focused to make it a masterpiece.

5. Great Pretender: A (Score: 99)
This show has just about everything going for it as the technical aspects are all top-notch, while the story executes the drama very nicely. The animation is great, and the jazz-style soundtrack is simply amazing and is one of the best in all of anime. The characters are a well-established bunch that have various sides to them and will always make an impact no matter what the situation is. And then there's the story where the drama is excellent, but also doing a nice job with character development. Just about the only thing keeping it from being masterpiece status is the predictable plot, but despite that the producers do a great job working around it to ensure that despite knowing what is coming, it will do so with plenty of style and enough substance. In all, this show is a mostly complete package that is highly recommended.

6. Chihayafuru 3: A (Score: 98)
This show continues to be great for the same reasons the first two seasons are with amazing drama and character development to go along with a well-constructed story and great animation. While the first two seasons were a cut above the competition, they each had a major issue with the first having questionable decisions with character development, while the second was hindered by slow pacing. This seasons strikes just the right balance with matches being settled relatively quickly, and the choice of which characters to develop were well thought-out. Just about the only issue with this season is that some things of lesser importance got too much emphasis. In any case, it continues to do everything that makes Chihayafuru so great.

7. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!: A (Score: 96)
This show is another masterpiece by Masaaki Yuasa as his unorthodox style of animation really pays dividends in this show. Above all, the story concept of making anime with imaginary and visual cues to add to the effects of the process is simply genius. While the animation is messy, it fits the show perfectly much like how it is with Mob Psycho 100 to emphasize the point that the girls are amateurs, all while it's telling an unorthodox story. So in all, Yuasa does another great job, and just about the only issues with this show is that sometimes it's overdone to the point where it causes parts of the story to be disjointed.

8. Haikyu!! To the Top: A (Score: 95)
This season continues to deliver on its strengths with the drama, storytelling, and action, as well as doing an excellent job developing the characters. However, this show is a step down from the last season as the pacing was really slow, and the animation quality takes a dip this season. In particular, taking an entire cour to adapt this match didn't feel appropriate. Aside from those gripes, it continues to be a great sports anime that hopefully will continue soon.

9. Fruits Basket 2nd Season: A- (Score: 94)
This season is, more or less, on part with the first season, though while the quality is pretty consistent throughout in the first season, this one is balanced out by having more highs and lows. While the season improves on character development and drama, on the flipside the plot construction was flawed with a lot of jumping around and not doing the best of jobs in connecting things. But in all, it does a great job in exploiting the dark nature of the characters to set the stage up nicely in the final season.

10. A Certain Scientific Raingun T: A- (Score: 93)
This show picks up right where the previous seasons of Railgun left off and improves on it with two canonical arcs rather than a long one and a filler that was alright, but felt thrown together on a whim. Unlike with Index that suffers from a terrible rush job with the third season, and Accelerator that just failed to capture the spirit of the franchise, this series does just about everything right from the action to the storytelling, and making characters stand out in a meaningful way, all with the right amount of balance. Just about the only major issue is the pacing of the second arc as it felt a bit too rushed towards the end. In all, this season goes to show why Railgun is the best of the series in this franchise.

11. Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 2: A- (Score: 92)
This show stumbled out of the gates as it had a tough time trying to figure out what it wanted to be, but once the focus shifted into more serious territory, the show settles into a groove and from there, the show does an excellent job in character building, all while slowly hinting at the problems with society. The animation is solid, the characters are well-built, and the plot is strong after an initial stumble. Just about the only major issue from that point on is the pacing as it felt like the story was moving too slowly and was consistently sidetracked along the way, but that's something that strong storytelling and another season can fix. So in all, it's a very fulfilling show.

12. Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You: A- (Score: 92)
This show was a lot of fun that gets a lot of things right as the comedy is funny, the characters are great, the references are amusing, the character development is well-executed, and the animation is pretty good considering the bad reputation the studio has had before recent structural changes. Just about the only major problem this show has is the large amount of conveniences the plot takes as some things are better off developing naturally. In any case, the show hits on everything it needs to hit on, while doing enough to cover for whatever flaws it might have.

13. Golden Kamuy Season 3: A- (Score: 91)
This season does an excellent job building from the first two seasons to reveal a lot of stuff in a meaningful way. The animation quality has gotten much better ever since the CG bears from the first episode, and while the story moved rather slowly, it was doing so productively. In all, the show continues doing what it does best, and the storytelling takes a big step up this season.

14. Dorohedoro: A- (Score: 91)
This is a show with a bizarre style of storytelling, and it's great. It has weird characters, a strong air of mystery, and supernatural oddities that make conventional wisdom lost in chaos. Above all, the character relationships are what make this show go as there is a lot of intrigue to that. That said, the biggest problem with this show is the lack of focus as it often shifts between the lead pair and En's party way too much to make sense of anything. But in all, it does a great job in being the bizarre show it was meant to be, and hopefully it continues with a second season as it ends just when things were really getting interesting.

15. My Hero Academia Season 4: A- (Score: 90)
While continuing to do just about everything that makes this series so great with the action, characters, storylines, and all the intangibles, this season is a notch below the other seasons. The pacing is questionable as the first two arcs dragged, while the last two arcs felt rushed. Besides that, it's still as great as ever, and that will continue on for another season.

16. Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia: A- (Score: 91)
This adaptation was well done as it's pretty clear that the production team was putting a ton of effort in this. The story is great, the action is well-done, the characters are nicely developed, and above all this show does a great job in accessibility seeing that it is the seventh singularity as it's something someone who hasn't played the game can get into just by watching First Order and episode 0 before this. This show has some issues that knocks it off masterpiece status as there were some parts that were uncharacteristically silly that ruined the momentum, all while some battles just didn't have much purpose to them. In any case, this is a well-adapted work from the Fate franchise that is highly recommended.

Field Goal

17. Moriarty the Patriot: B+ (Score: 89)

It all starts with having a strong MC having someone who is determined to bring justice, but his means of doing so are morally conflicting makes for a far more interesting story than just a straight-up guy. This show is mystery-based, and so far they are all well-done. Just about the only major problem with this show is the slow development of the story as it took awhile to introduce the MC's biggest adversary, all while things tend to get repetitive at the start, but so far the drama and mystery aspects have been well-executed to set the stage for an intrigue-filled second half.

18. Somali and the Forest Spirit: B+ (Score: 89)
This show is a well-done fantasy as character growth is simply incredible. Not only with developing the main characters, but also doing an excellent job in making characters-of-the-week much more than that. The animation does a nice job in gelling with the show's atmosphere and environment as well. This show does have a few major issues in this show's pacing was so slow and sometimes poorly written, all while some of the content really didn't feel right. Nevertheless, this is a show that's definitely worth watching as the character growth is top-notch even if it is far from complete.

19. Fire Force Season 2: B+ (Score: 89)
This season is an improvement over the first season as while keeping its core strengths with the action, the animation, and the characters, the storytelling is much improved as there was just so much tentativeness with the first season, and the focus is much more noticeable. That said, what this season doesn't do as well is the pacing as it felt too slow and some parts needlessly dragged. But in any case, it continues to be every bit the hit show it's supposed to be, and with a more focused plot to take it to the next level.

20. Aggretsuko Season 3: B+ (Score: 89)
This season picks up right where the second left off with the introduction of an idol group that Retsuko ends up having to work for, and it's another nice season. The new characters really stand out and made Retsuko's hectic life all the more interesting and amusing to watch unfold.

21. Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom: B+ (Score: 88)
This show continues to do everything the previous seasons did well, while adding to it by being character-focused and bringing everybody together in the end that made for another fun season. That's in addition to the great humor, amazing characters, and inviting atmosphere. Once again, the biggest issue is that there's not much of a story, but it's the kind of show that doesn't really need one. So in all, it does everything to maintain the charm of this series, and then some.

22. Kakushigoto: B+ (Score: 88)
This show does a great job in being more than just a comedy as it was also telling a story, as well making for some nice character development. The show has a great presentation, but it does have some glaring issues in that some jokes just get overused way too much, and the lack of attention that the assistants didn't get. Not to mention, the animation quality looks a bit off. But in all, it's a nice show to watch as it does a great job in being both a comedy and a character-building show.

23. Sword Art Online: Alicization: B+ (Score: 87)
The Alicization arc gets back to what SAO did so well in the first half of the first season that it got away from since then that made them underwhelming until the Ordinal Scale movie. Seeing that it got four cours to tell the entire story arc that it has a lot more depth and it does a much better job with character development, all while delivering some great drama and action. But above all, it does a much better job with closure. That said, this arc still shows its flaws, though much less so than everything since the SAO arc in that there was a controversial episode that could have been altered, the second cour feeling repetitive despite doing an great job with character development, and the second half felt too action heavy that it overwhelmed the storytelling aspect. In all, it corrected a lot of problems, but didn't correct all of them, and for a show with a gigantic fanbase that's more than sufficient.

24. Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle: B+ (Score: 87)
This is a show that's built on comedy, and it does an excellent job in that. The animation is another nice job by Doga Kobo, and the characters are a fun bunch to watch. The show's format initially gave reason for skepticism as it appears to be a show that's going to get repetitive really quickly, but the show changes things up nicely to keep things fresh. The story writing wasn't the best, but for a show like this it doesn't need to be great. In all, it's a fun show that does a good job in changing things up so that it doesn't get stale.

25. Deca-Dence: B+ (Score: 87)
This is a show that will require some patience after a rather ordinary first episode and a shocking second episode. But once the show settles into a groove, the efforts of Yuzuru Tachikawa and company really pay off. The animation is great, both with the action and the cyborgs using the similar style as Mob Psycho, all while the story is well-constructed for the character building, drama, and everything else. On the flipside, this show is hindered by slow pacing, less-than-ideal story cohesion, and the lack of depth most of the side characters. In all, it's a great show once the show settles, but getting to that point might be too much of a chore for some.

26. Tower of God: B+ (Score: 87)
This show does a great job with drama and adventure, as well as making the characters all interesting people with layers of complexity. And then there's the great soundtrack to go along with it that is another great job by Kevin Penkin. While this originates from South Korea, the production team did a great job in making this show translate well into anime, which doesn't often happen for stuff originating outside Japan. That said, this show had some big issues with the story writing and plot being inconsistent and at times, outright confusing, while some episodes are not constructed well. In all, it's a great show where it was clear that the production committee wanted to make the best product it could.

27. The Millionaire Detective Balance:Unlimited: B+ (Score: 86)
This show has all the technical stuff done well with great animation, soundtrack, action, drama, and mystery to make this show very entertaining to watch. While the story writing is solid, it's also inconsistent as some episodes are great, others not so much. While the leads are nicely developed, not so much with the supporting cast. Above all, the story is well thought-out even if execution is spotty in places. In all, it's a very satisfying show to watch, though it takes awhile to settle into a grove with the approach it takes being action-heavy in the beginning before setting things up for the main story to unfold.

28. Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It: B+ (Score: 86)
This is a hilarious show that's smart, innovative, and crafty. The jokes are really funny, the characters are great, and the romance was handled the right way for a rom-com. Unfortunately, sacrifices had to be made as this show doesn't have much upwards progression, there is the tendency to overdo the jokes. In all, it's a fun and satisfying show that does what a rom-com is supposed to do.

29. Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun: B+ (Score: 86)
This show does a great job in being an unusual take on the supernatural genre. The art style is what really stands out as it captures the mood of this show very well. Then there are the characters that really make this show go. Lastly, it does a great job in balancing the humor and the horror in a way to make this show flow. Production values are great all-around, but this show suffers from one serious problem in the story writing. While it does everything else well, the story just goes nowhere overall as it's more about showcasing the wonders rather than building relationships as that's also an important part of the show that wasn't exactly addressed. In any case, this show is a pleasure to watch for its great characters and quirkiness.

30. Isekai Quartet 2: B+ (Score: 86)
This show continues to do everything that made the first season so great with a colorful cast of characters taken from Kadokawa isekai shows, as well as great jokes that fit to the personalities of the characters in the show. Just about the only thing that's disappointing from this season is that the new characters didn't big roles that I was hoping for, but hopefully things will change with the third season. In all, it continues to be a fun way to see all these characters from different shows interacting.

31. ID:Invaded: B+ (Score: 86)
This show is carried by strong direction as Ei Aoki had a vision and plan in place, and did a great job in putting this into action. This show does a nice job with drama, mystery, and the characters as they all made this show interesting. While NAZ has a poor reputation, it's clear that they got a lot of outside help to put out a product that's better than what they usually put out. This show has a few major issues with the biggest one being the confusing storytelling as it rears its ugly head in the beginning and things don't get explained clearly. But it does a much better job as the show progresses. In all, it's a show that does well for a mystery.

32. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!: B+ (Score: 85)
This show does an excellent job on being more than just another isekai show as it's creative concept and character building are great. Not to mention the MC's antics are funny, the characters are well-developed, and character relationships are all well-established. This show does have a few flaws as it spends a good chunk of the series not really doing anything intuitive, all while the story writing tends to be too roundabout for its own good. So in all, it's one of the better isekai shows out there thanks to the show's creative concept and well-written character leading the way.

33. Akudama Drive: B+ (Score: 85)
This show was a great thrill to watch. The standout aesthetics are what make this show entertaining, but above all it does a nice job with storytelling and utilizing the eye-popping visuals to go along with it. That said, the show does have its issues in that there's so much involved that things don't always come through clearly and it's easy to get confused about what really is happening. And the other major issue is the characters as while some of them are great, some of them are just annoying, insulting, or downright unlikable. So in all, the show looks nice and is full of intrigue, but is held back by clarity and characterization problems.

34. Smile Down the Runway: B+ (Score: 85)
This show does an excellent job with character growth and perseverance as it tries to keep things as realistic as possible. The lack of sugarcoating is what makes the story so well-written. While the storytelling is pretty good, a couple of major issues keep it from being an elite show in that the animation quality is rather mediocre, and it felt like after a certain point that lead female didn't feel relevant anymore with this imbalance of emphasis leaving some characters woefully underdeveloped. In all, it was a show that does a great job of showing what perseverance can do.

35. Bofuri: B (Score: 84)
This show to surpasses expectations as the story premise didn't exactly look like it had much to offer coming off as another attempt to mimic SAO with a MC focused only on defense as the main gimmick. But what made this show nice are the characters, the casual atmosphere, the craziness, and most importantly when this show decides on something it sticks to it never attempting to stray from it. So in all, it was a fun show and while it doesn't the strongest of stories, it does everything it sets itself up to do and never doing anything forceful that would have otherwise watered down this show.

36. BNA: Brand New Animal: B (Score: 83)
This show pretty much follows the standard formula of a Trigger show with an episodic first half before it gets serious in the second half and tells a much more focused story leading up to the climax. The show continues to do what Trigger shows do best with the oddball style of animation, the crazy humor, and strategic storytelling. The characters are a nice bunch, while the soundtrack is nice as well. That said, the show suffers from being way too predictable, but even so it still is an enjoyable show to watch for Trigger's artstyle and everything else that went into this show.

37. Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina: B (Score: 83)
How good this show is varies from episode to episode as some of them are great, some of them not so much. Nevertheless, the show really excels with the great episodes, and the mixture of light-hearted and serious episodes make for a show that doesn't ever get stale. Given the episodic nature of this show, the story writing is solidly done on an overall level. So in all, the show is a nice feel-good show to watch, but the quality varies between episodes and some of them really miss their mark.

38. Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III: B (Score: 82)
While this season fixes a lot of the problems that the second season had, the story writing was losing its edge towards the end. The show was paced much better, and that means improved storytelling as the story was not rushed like it was in the second season, all while the show's content was just better overall. That said, this season did a rather pedestrian job with the supporting characters as there was so much shuffling that led to underdevelopment and needless plot twists, all while leaving some plot holes in the writing. Nevertheless, while not as great as the first season, it's still better than the second season.

39. The Misfit of Demon King Academy: B (Score: 81)
While on the surface it's another one of those shows where having an overpowered protagonist would lead things down the path of bland storytelling with a cliched plot, it ends up being much better than that. The trope was well-played as it's done with great amusement, all while it is backed by a solid story with excellent drama to go along with it. It does a lot of things right, but at the same time it has some serious flaws, the biggest one being the tendency to play that overpowered trope to death, while the story was kind of shaky until the last arc. In any case, it's an entertaining show to watch, mainly for the characters and the ridiculousness of the lead character's powers, as well as the plotting and scheming going on.

40. If My Favorite Pop Idol Made it to the Budokan, I Would Die: B (Score: 81)
This show is enjoyable for the unusual concept, the quirks, the humor, and a fresh take on the idol genre as this time it's about the fans rather than the idols themselves. On the flipside, however, the show is lagging with the story, the animation, and the tendency to be repetitive. In all, it's more about the craziness and devotion than anything else, and on that note these things are what make this show worth it to watch it in spite of its flaws that don't get in the way of enjoying this show.

41. The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc: B (Score: 81)
This season pretty much flips the script of the first season in that it starts out great, but gradually worsens towards the end whereas the first started out slow, and really didn't hit its stride until the last third. The season starts off strong benefitting from the story being already established, and it does a better job with story writing that flows much better, all while continuing to do what the first season does so well with the action, character designs, soundtrack, and the development of the supporting cast. That said, this show is still a dropoff in animation quality, but 8-Bit does a great job in maintaining it to the best of their ability, and the improvements in story writing are cancelled out by the questionable decisions in story construction as the second half felt rushed opting to use the last couple of episodes for filler rather than to use it to tell a more complete story. To sum things up, this season is much easier to get into, but the story writing is just isn't where it needs to be whereas at least the first season told a more complete story, even if it meant really testing a viewer's patience.

42. Sing "Yesterday" For Me: B (Score: 80)
This is a solidly written romantic drama that even has the throwback artstyle down to a T. While this is not the animation style Doga Kobo is known for using, it fits the serious nature of this romantic drama, all while paying homage to when the manga was written. And then the drama was well-written with the story doing its job. That said, the writing was good for some things and not-so-good at other things as while it does an excellent job with character development, it totally misses the mark with character relationships as they were more of a hit-or-miss kind of deal and when it misses, it gets really frustrating. So in all, the show earns its stripes through its choice of animation style to fit the show's setting, well-executed drama, and great character development, but is held by the inconsistency of its story writing.

First Down

43. The Gymnastics Samurai: B- (Score: 79)
44. Darwin's Game: B- (Score: 79)
45. Diary of Our Days at the Backwater: B- (Score: 78)
46. Arte: B- (Score: 78)
47. Appare-Ranman!: B- (Score: 78)
48. Adachi and Shimamura: B- (Score: 77)
49. Strike Witches: Road to Berlin: B- (Score: 77)
50. Drifting Dragons: B- (Score: 77)
51. Food Wars! The Fifth Plate: B- (Score: 76)
52. Blade of the Immortal: B- (Score: 76)
53. A3!: B- (Score: 76)
54. In/Spectre: B- (Score: 76)
55. 7 Seeds Season 2: B- (Score: 75)
56. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: B- (Score: 75)
57. Wave, Listen to Me!: B- (Score: 75)
58. Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament: B- (Score: 75)
59. Higurashi: When They Cry Gou: C+ (Score: 74)
60. The Day I Became a God: C+ (Score: 74)
61. The Case Files of Jeweler Richard: C+ (Score: 74)
62. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!: C+ (Score: 73)
63. Rent-a-Girlfriend: C+ (Score: 73)
64. Room Camp: C+ (Score: 73)
65. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear: C+ (Score: 72)
66. Dropkick on My Devil! Dash: C+ (Score: 72)
67. Princess Connect Re:Dive!: C+ (Score: 72)
68. Lapis Re:LiGHTs: C+ (Score: 72)
69. No Guns Life: C+ (Score: 71)
70. Gleipnir: C+ (Score: 71)
71. Seton Academy: Join the Pack!: C+ (Score: 71)
72. Warlords of Sigrdrifa: C+ (Score: 70)
73. Umayon: C+ (Score: 70)
74. With a Dog and a Cat, Everyday is Fun: C+ (Score: 70)
75. Magia Record: A Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: C+ (Score: 70)


76. The God of High School: C (Score: 69)

77. The 8th Son! Are You Kidding Me?: C (Score: 69)
78. By the Grace of the Gods: C (Score: 69)
79. Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World: C (Score: 68)
80. 22/7: C (Score: 68)
81. Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!!: C (Score: 68)
82. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045: C (Score: 67)
83. One Room Season 3: C (Score: 67)
84. Cagaster of an Insect Cage: C (Score: 66)
85. Grand Blues!: C (Score: 65)
86. Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki Season 2: C (Score: 65)
87. Shachibato! President, It's Time for Battle: C- (Score: 64)
88. Monster Girl Doctor: C- (Score: 63)
89. Japan Sinks 2020: C- (Score: 63)
90. Cute Executive Officer: C- (Score: 60)


91. The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods: D+ (Score: 59)
92. Magatsu Wahrheit: Zuerst: D+ (Score: 58)
93. Listeners: D (Score: 50)
94. The House Spirit Tatami-chan: D (Score: 47)
95. Sakura Wars the Animation: D (Score: 45)
96. Rail Romanesque: D- (Score: 40)
97. Dragon's Dogma: D- (Score: 38)

One more note is that shows in Italics are continuing, either into the Winter 2021 season or is a split-cour show slated to resume for the Spring 2021 season. Thus, the show's grade and standing is only for what has aired so far, and may change after watching the rest in 2021.