In what will probably be the last time I do this here, this is my annual simulcast rankings post where I take all simulcasts that were part of this year, and rank them using my same five-tier system using football terminology for tier names. Unlike in 2019 when there were so many shows that didn't finish before the end of the year due to it airing and needing to throw a recap episode or two because production was behind schedule, 2020 saw no such shows. I have to think that with pandemic conditions, that made studios rethink about when they want to broadcast their shows and now, they come out when production has wrapped up to remove that deadline. In any case, here is 2020's version. Like before, below is a master list of shows watched in 2020 and those with asterisks are simulcasts:

Master List of Anime Watched in 2020

Just like I have done in the past, I split the rankings into two blog entries to alleviate the burden of this blog, and was motivated back in 2017 when the previous version of The Fandom Post forums were having problems with long entries. As usual, I begin with the shows that aren't going to challenge for many, if any, awards as these shows that ranged from solid to downright terrible. As always, I have five tiers of shows and the first blog is all about stuff that rates in the bottom three tiers. As a reminder, there are some rules I set in place as to which shows are ranked on this list:
  • 1. Only shows that I watched to the end (or if continuing into 2021 I have watched all the episodes that have aired) are listed. So stinkers I pulled the plug on early like Gibiate, Hypnosis Mic, and Hatena Illusion will not show up on my list. If doesn't appear on my master list, then it won't take part in this list. Seeing that the spring and summer seasons were gutted by the pandemic that a number of stinkers I probably would have skipped I ended up watching.
  • 2. The show must have been completed in 2020 to be eligible except for the shows whose final episodes were delayed into 2021. For this year, all shows except for those continuing into the Winter 2021 season will have finished their broadcast in 2020, so there are no such shows this year that have this special situation.
  • 3. For shows with multiple entries (i.e. split cour shows and shows finishing a season in winter and starting a new one in fall like SAO Alicization), they will be combined into one entry. Their ranking is based on the average score of their cours.
As always, I use a scoring system that's based on what the average MAL score typically is for shows in a certain grade range, that combined with grades that typical exam scores get you in college courses.

A+: 100+
A: 95-99
A-: 90-94
B+: 85-89
B: 80-84
B-: 75-79
C+: 70-74
C: 65-69
C-: 60-64
D+: 52-59
D: 44-51
D-: 36-43
F: 0-35

So with that, here are the rankings for everything in the middle tier and below. The shows in the top two tiers are appearing in a blog entry that will be coming soon (I'm looking at Thursday to have it posted).

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Field Goal
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First Down
43. The Gymnastics Samurai: B- (Score: 79)
This show was pretty fun for the characters, the story writing, the character development, and relationship building, which are key aspects in making a sports show good. That said, the show didn't exactly deliver on style as the animation was not to MAPPA's typical standards, all while the show's construction was questionable at best. But in the end, it's a show that delivered on substance even if it skimps on style, and that's what made this show worth watching despite getting screwed with the production.

44. Darwin's Game: B- (Score: 79)
This show is filled with nice drama, action, and characters as those things are what made this show go. There was just so much great intrigue with this show that made it worthwhile. While it gets the drama aspect down pat, the storytelling was another thing entirely as it felt rushed, the show just made one too many changes from the manga, and there were some things that didn't exactly connect. In all, it was a pleasure watching, but it definitely could have been better.

45. Diary of Our Days at the Backwater: B- (Score: 78)
This is a fun, relaxing show that's all about great times and learning experiences. The show has great characters, a well-established atmosphere, solid animation, and a well-executed simple premise. Where this show runs into problems is that it gets repetitive as the episodes pretty much are all the same with the only thing different being what is being caught. Nevertheless, it's a nice show for the cute girls doing cute things genre, and fans of these kinds of shows will be greatly satisfied watching this show.

46. Arte: B- (Score: 78)
This show accomplishes what it sets out to do with nice artwork, solid story, and great character development, at least for the MC. However, this show ends up needing to make compromises to make things work and among those things that were sacrificed are character depth for most of the supporting cast, underdeveloped relationships, and not really doing much to stand out. In all, it's a solid show, and certainly way better than what this studio had been recently putting out.

47. Appare-Ranman!: B- (Score: 78)
This show is a mixed bag as while it is full of flaws, it's still a highly enjoyable show. The animation is another great work of art by P.A. Works, while the adventure aspects and character building is solid, as well as the drama and intrigue. While solid on its foundation, the story writing is another matter as the pacing is just way too slow, and appearing to not have any sense of urgency to it. Not to mention, the character focus is way too biased as while some characters were well-developed, some of them are barely noticeable. In any case, it's a show that was a nice journey, but one that enjoyed the slow lane more than it should have.

48. Adachi and Shimamura: B- (Score: 77)
Viewer mileage will vary with this show as the narrative-style storytelling is most certainly not for everyone. This show uses this style of storytelling very effectively to build relationships and tell a story. That said, the show's story drags, and at times very needlessly, the plot and direction are weak, and the supporting characters are underutilized. Nevertheless, it's a solid show given the storytelling style, but at the same time the story doesn't really get very far when all is said and done.

49. Strike Witches: Road to Berlin: B- (Score: 77)
This season pretty much sticks to what worked in the second as it's structured pretty much the same way, and while it didn't add much storywise aside from having one of the witches replaced in the unit, it still does a solid job in building characters, all while knowing when and how to use fanservice, something that the first season overdid. Where this season excels is the action as David Productions really came through with the animation as they are known for, and what makes this season so entertaining. Aside from that, and that the story is a slight dropoff in storytelling from its predecessor, this season is on-par with the second.

50. Drifting Dragons: B- (Score: 77)
This is a solid and enjoyable adventure show where it's all about hunting sky dragons for food or stuff to sell on the open market. There's not much of a story, and the CGI might not be for everybody. The biggest problem is the lack of character development with the lead as it seems like some of the other characters get depth, but not so much with the lead guy. In all, it's a solid show that's nice to watch for its concept.

51. Food Wars! The Fifth Plate: B- (Score: 76)
Knowing that the manga's ending was a letdown that the expectations were kept low for the final season, and it's easy to see why. The new villain just came out of nowhere and was nothing but a filthy menace that undid a lot of the character development from the previous seasons. The other major issue with this season is that several of the important supporting characters are kind of tossed aside. That said, it still retains much of what made this show so great with the cooking action, the animation, and of course the MC doing what he usually does, and the anime adaptation made some strategic changes to make it feel much more complete than how it is in the manga. So while it's a huge step down from previous seasons, at the very least it does just enough to make it worthwhile to watch to the end.

52. Blade of the Immortal: B- (Score: 76)
This show was going to be tough to adapt in just two cours and most of the problems this show has stems from that decision. That said, the show's production values are great with nice animation and a great soundtrack that fits the show's atmosphere, as well as not holding back with the extreme violence. The plot is great as it is what made the manga amazing. That said, the storytelling is just a mess, though at least nowhere near as bad as the first adaptation as while the first half was well-paced, the show did a huge rush job in the second half, and that meant introducing so many characters that didn't leave their mark the way they did in the manga. But in all, it did a great job in presentation, but this was clearly a missed opportunity as the decision to do the whole thing in two cours was the source of the show's issues.

53. A3!: B- (Score: 76)
The two cours are like night and day as the first cour was a production struggle, whereas with the change in staff for the second cour, the show's production values greatly improve. The Spring Troupe arc was simply a mess from the bland characters to the shakiness of the plot construction. The Summer Troupe arc is a huge improvement with better characters and a more straightforward story. The Autumn Troupe is where the show hits its peak with great storywriting and excellent character development coinciding with improved production values. The Winter Troupe arc is a dropoff as it packs too much material into what it can handle. In all, the show is tough to get into since it starts off with the worst of the four arcs, but the show greatly improves after that, although still made largely for the fujoshi crowd.

54. In/Spectre: B- (Score: 76)
This show started off strong as the mystery, supernatural, and drama aspects were nicely done, all while the characters are an interesting bunch. However, this show was undone by terrible pacing as the Steel Lady arc just dragged on and on, and a good amount of the stuff that happened should have either been omitted or sped up since it was killing the momentum of the show. As the show progressed, it got away from what it sets itself up to be in focusing on that case. But in any case, it was worthwhile largely because of the lead's creative mind more than anything.

55. 7 Seeds Season 2: B- (Score: 75)
The first season was just a mess, but the second season is a huge improvement as the show does a much better job of storytelling and character building whereas the first season largely bastardized the characters and had a lot of storytelling that focused on too many things at once, and not doing a good job with any of it. While the show still suffers from some major problems from the first season with the subpar animation, the unlikability of the characters, and the pacing, the storywriting takes a big step forward as while it slows down the pacing, it does so for the better. It still does not bring any sort of conclusion, but it leaves off at a much better stopping point than the first season.

56. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: B- (Score: 75)
Asking this show to be great like its predecessor would be asking too much, but so far this show has been underwhelming. The characters, action, and atmosphere are all pretty good, while the animation is a nice upgrade, all while keeping the same soundtrack does wonders. That said, while starting off strong and building a great foundation, the show goes into a monster-of-the-week format with little upward movement in the story, and that's something a long series can afford to do, but not a two-cour series that this is.

57. Wave, Listen to Me!: B- (Score: 75)
This show does a nice job of amusement and a decent job with the story, but there are plenty of issues this show has that keeps it from reaching its full potential. What really carries this show is the voice acting as this is a show where great voice acting is super important. Other great things about this show are the humor and character development as those things also made this show worthwhile. That said, the way the first episode is constructed was a questionable decision, while the show's gritty animation style and slow pacing will really test the viewer's patience. In all, this show ends up being fun if only because of the MC's amusing rants, but there are plenty of other things this show has to offer with the concept of self-discovery through self-inflicted wounds. But on the same token, the execution certainly could have been improved.

58. Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament: B- (Score: 75)
This season is pretty much more of the same from the previous season of Baki, except that the storytelling is much more focused and easy to follow as opposed to the previous season where it was just all over the place and hard to follow, all while the action was overdone. That said, this show has some pretty stupid and ridiculous action once again as the idiocy and ego of the characters were just way too overwhelming and cringeworthy, but at least it leads to some solid character development. So in all, it's much like the previous season (third overall), but with slight improvements in storytelling.

59. Higurashi: When They Cry Gou: C+ (Score: 74)
This show is a remake of the original series, which was tough to watch due to its focus on horror. This adaptation de-emphasizes horror and while it makes for a much more watchable product, it's lacking that intensity this franchise is known for. That said, the show does have better animation and it does a solid job with story telling, but the lack of standout qualities pretty much makes this an average show, and nowhere near the great series that Kai is.

60. The Day I Became a God: C+ (Score: 74)
This show had all the makings of another great Key Visual show with nice animation, hilarious comedy, interesting characters, and emotional drama. However, the way this whole thing was put together was simply mishandled as the show's comedy parts dragged on way too long with a good amount of it irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and that did not leave enough time for the serious stuff that defines a Jun Maeda production. So in all, the individual pieces were in place, but dragging the story is where things run into problems making this show a disappointment.

61. The Case Files of Jeweler Richard: C+ (Score: 74)
The quality of this show varies from episode-to-episode as some of them are done well, and others not so much. For the most part, the show does a great job in carrying out its concept. The animation is great, the character development is solid, and the mystery parts were nicely done. On the flipside, this show gets very repetitive before venturing into more serious territory in the second half, all while the overall plot is weak. Nevertheless, the show was entertaining as it did just enough to change things up while the character development and mystery aspects made this show worthwhile.

62. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!: C+ (Score: 73)
This show has some nice comedy from a simple concept, and the interactions between characters are quite amusing. It's mostly harmless fun, but at times Uzaki's hyperactive antics can get overwhelming. The humor is largely hit-or-miss with the ones that do miss dragging the show down. In all, it's a fun, amusing show to watch, but not exactly among the most memorable of shows of this type.

63. Rent-a-Girlfriend: C+ (Score: 73)
While this show had some good things going for it, it also had some very cringeworthy ones as well that largely cancelled them out. The show's biggest issues are the MC and the convenient story writing as it got pretty frustrating to watch when so many things line up all too perfectly for things to play out the way they did. The show got off to a sluggish start, but as the show progresses, the story writing improves making it a worthwhile guilty pleasure.

64. Room Camp: C+ (Score: 73)
This is satisfying as a short as having a lovable cast makes a big difference, and having better-than-average animation quality for a short also helps. The silly antics and relaxing atmosphere are on display just like in the TV series, but there just wasn't enough of it. In any case, it passes as a short, but doesn't do nearly enough to satisfy in the same way a second season would.

65. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear: C+ (Score: 72)
This show appeared to be headed for disaster as the beginning was just all over the place and the lack of clarity made a lot of skeptics. Not to mention, the studio's poor reputation gave cause for concern. But after getting past the first few episodes, things settle down and this show ends up being a fun and decent show to watch. The characters are great, while the cliched overpowered MC is amusing to watch, all while the show has a solid story after the opening episode jitters. On the flipside, the animation quality isn't up to snuff, while the show pretty much throws every cliche in the isekai playbook to varying degrees of success. In all, a fun show that could have been adapted better, but for what it is this show does just enough.

66. Dropkick on My Devil! Dash: C+ (Score: 72)
This season pretty much is a more 4koma style comedy and while the first season had some semblance of a story, this one is just random jokes at random times. However, the jokes in this season are funnier than in the first season, and not to mention the wall-breaking ending making for a better experience. Seeing that establishing a story isn't really important in a show like this that this season fares better than the first. Much like the first season, it has the same problems with sloppy animation, the tendency to get repetitive with the jokes, and the lack of advancement of the story or characters. But in all, it was designed to be a comedy first and foremost, and the new characters also added some life into this show,

67. Princess Connect Re:Dive!: C+ (Score: 72)
This show ends up being better than expected as it does a great job in making the characters stand out in a fun and amusing way, all while the adventures were nicely done in regards to what this show sets out to do. That said, the plot was pretty much non-existent here as it was designed to get people to play the mobile game first and foremost, all while things just get repetitive. But in the grand scheme of things, the show had a specific goal in mind and achieves it as telling a complex story was never in the cards. While it's still held back by the show's intent to advertise a mobile game, it does a pretty good job compared to other shows with this kind of setup.

68. Lapis Re:LiGHTs: C+ (Score: 72)
While this is a show that has lots of issues, it does enough good things to make up for its shortcomings to make it worthwhile for those who are into these kinds of shows. For the lack of plot, sloppy story writing, and mediocre animation, the show comes through doing a nice job with the characters and handling the large cast without making them token additions, all while the musical performances and great, and the concept of idols in a fantasy world is nicely done. In short, it's not a show for everybody, for those it's for, it does a solid job in appealing to them.

69. No Guns Life: C+ (Score: 71)
This show is visually excellent and the story had a great concept coming in. But above all, it does a great job with the action, all synched together with a nice soundtrack and stuff. While great on the technical side of things, the story writing is just a big mess after the first arc as the story becomes too complicated to understand without digging deep, all while the story just feels underwhelming as a whole. So in all, it has all the visual stuff down, but the storytelling aspects just have little to no ammo to it.

70. Gleipnir: C+ (Score: 71)
This show does a great job with the mystery and intrigue aspect as there was a lot of that going on. While this show was meant to be full of fanservice, it does so in a way where it doesn't become the focal point of the show. The action was great as well, while it has a solid plot. That said, there's so much wrong with this show as well as the story writing just couldn't keep up after a solid start, while the pacing was slow and given the plan to go with the anime-original ending, some of the stuff just didn't add much to the show. Above all, the characters are a mostly unlikable bunch. So in all, the air of mystery was set up nicely, but it was dragged down by story writing that could have been better and more direct.

71. Seton Academy: Join the Pack!: C+ (Score: 71)
This show has its moments and good qualities to make this a worthwhile show to watch, but it's nothing special. The characters, the comedy, the concept, and the atmosphere were all pretty good, while on the flipside this show suffers from a weak plot, mediocre animation, repetitiveness of jokes, and cliche misusage. So it's a solid show, but it's nothing more than another run-of-the-mill comedy with animal characters as the main gimmick.

72. Warlords of Sigrdrifa: C+ (Score: 70)
This is one of those shows where the whole is less than the sum of its parts as all the elements are there to be great. It's that putting it all together has its flaws as it's clear that it tries to do too much with varying degrees of success. The show is better when the show focuses on life inside the base, whereas the story writing around the action is sloppy, all while things just don't gel together. The action itself was pretty good, and the characters are all interesting. Not to mention, some episodes were really great like the Umihotaru, swimsuit, and Valhalla episodes that's more in the director's comfort zone. So while the elements are there, tying it all together is where this show really has its flaws.

73. Umayon: C+ (Score: 70)
Overall, this is a short that does what it needs to do, and then some. The show's humor is pretty good, all while the animation quality is better than most other shorts. That said, the show's humor is really hit or miss, and the ones that miss do so quite badly.

74. With a Dog and a Cat, Everyday is Fun: C+ (Score: 70)
This is a minute-long short that's filled with lessons of being a pet owner, as well as some very amusing interactions as this show makes the most of its short run time. Of course, it still has may of the problems shorts have with subpar animation quality and with not much of a foundation to work off of, but it's worth watching for the lessons that can be taken out of it.

75. Magia Record: A Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: C+ (Score: 70)
This show has the same great production values the original Madoka Magica series has, and while comparing this to its predecessor seems unfair given that very few shows can compare, I was expecting it to at least be good, and it was that way for awhile. However, things started to fall apart in the second half as the biggest problem this show has is that it introduces too many characters too fast that not only makes it hard to keep track of, but it means having to tell a lot of stories that eats into how the main story can operate and as such the storywriting greatly suffers. In any case, it still carries the same technical mastery of the original series with great animation, soundtrack, air of mystery, and interesting characters, as well as the drama aspect. But it becomes clear as the show progresses that this was designed to be a mobile game and not an anime series.

76. The God of High School: C (Score: 69)

All style, no substance pretty much describes this show as action dominates, while the story is pretty much non-existent in this show. It's a show that's all style, no substance as while it does an amazing job with the action animation and stuff, there's barely a story going on here as nothing else in this show makes sense. This show could have certainly backed off a little bit on the action to tell a better story since it turns stale towards the end, all while character development only happens in quick spurts, which just won't do.

77. The 8th Son! Are You Kidding Me?: C (Score: 69)
This show is just another isekai as while there was some promise and intrigue at the start, the story writing was just inconsistent and lacked depth opting to really only focus on the lead and not doing a whole lot for the supporting cast. The show started well and ended well, but the middle didn't really do much for this show. That said, this show has great characters, good action, and a solid plot and concept that would have been great had the writing had been better, and is worthwhile for those who are into the isekai genre.

78. By the Grace of the Gods: C (Score: 69)
While this show is nice to watch for its feel-good atmosphere, interesting characters, and decent character growth, it is watered down by the very bland storytelling. In addition, the supporting cast is woefully underutilized as they were just there and didn't add much to add to the show. So in all, it's far from being anything groundbreaking, but it's a solid enough show to watch for those who prefer to watch something relaxing.

79. Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World: C (Score: 68)
The pieces are in place for this show to be great with the concept, interesting plot, action, and character development. But this show fails to capitalize on all that as the story writing is wildly inconsistent with some episodes nicely written, but others are just bland, boring, and doesn't serve much of a purpose to the overall scheme of things. Not to mention, the show tries to cram so much into one cour that given how good the light novels are actually, this show would have been better served being two cours rather than one. So in all, it was watchable, but it fails to stand out in the way it needed to.

80. 22/7: C (Score: 68)
While having some things going for this show with interesting characters, solid animation, nice music, and an intriguing story concept, the story writing was poorly executed for the most part. The whole idol-of-the-week approach this show takes was sloppily executed as it has a tough time balancing the background explanation with the storytelling in the present. Not to mention, several aspects of those episodes didn't exactly feel relevant. And then there's the overall story that's filled with too many conveniences to make it stand out. So in all, while it does the job of being an idol show doing all the right things to make the idols worth caring about, the show's story composition is where things fall by the wayside.

81. Show by Rock!! Mashumairesh!!: C (Score: 68)
This side-story is all about building a band more than anything, and for what it is, the show is alright. But on the flipside, this show just lacks the charm of the original series as it has a pretty bland story overall. The show still capitalizes on its strengths in that the music is great and the characters are a fun bunch, but the story was just lacking the twists and turns that made the original series so entertaining.

82. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045: C (Score: 67)
This show so far pretty much suffers from a weak start, but as the show progresses, things start to improve. The show couldn't have gotten off to a worse start as it is just random missions, pointless fights, and cringeworthy content that really could have been dropped. While the use of CG is always going to be highly criticized, the CG is easy to get used to all while it's better quality that most other CG shows. Nevertheless, the storytelling was just all over the place at the beginning, but towards the end of the first half the storytelling becomes more focused and it sort of gets back to what Ghost in the Shell is all about, so there's hope that things will turn around and build upon the momentum it established in the first half.

83. One Room Season 3: C (Score: 67)
This season is a step up from the first two as the first season was just creepy and tough to watch, and while the second season was a modest improvement it still brought out some cringeworthy stuff out of the MC. But this season it all comes together as it focuses on life lessons and it makes quite a big difference. The girls are better, and this season does a great job in mixing things up after things had become too stale for its own good.

84. Cagaster of an Insect Cage: C (Score: 66)
This show has some decent character development, it is compromised with poor animation quality and a weak overall story premise. The action and drama are solidly done, all while the characters are an interesting bunch to say the least, but nevertheless this show would have been better animated normally than with CGI as this is most definitely a show that's not for everybody.

85. Grand Blues!: C (Score: 65)
The short does what it's supposed to do, and it's pretty amusing with the characters across the mobile game getting showcased doing silly things. Nevertheless, it still is a short and has all the issues with them as some of them are good, while others totally miss the mark, all while it's clearly meant to be an advertisement for Cygames properties. That said, it's still a satisfying way for fans of Cygames to get their fill.

86. Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki Season 2: C (Score: 65)
This season is more of the same from the first in that it's all about the humor and about how things are misinterpreted in Nagoya, to varying degrees of success. The new characters made things a bit more enjoyable, but aside from that it's about the same.

87. Shachibato! President, It's Time for Battle: C- (Score: 64)
This show is pretty much as expected for something adapted from a mobile game. The show has great characters, solid humor, and a creative concept of running a business in a fantasy world. But above all, this show did not do anything forceful as shows like these tend to do having a plan and sticking with it. That said, it's another run-of-the-mill fantasy show in that the plot is just about non-existent, the story writing just drags on with no sense of urgency to it, and the characters are mostly lacking depth. In all, it's a decent show to watch with the proper mindset, but this show doesn't have much to offer that hasn't been done already.

88. Monster Girl Doctor: C- (Score: 63)
This show does just enough to be interesting, but for the most part it's a forgettable show. The show has a solid concept, interesting characters, and a nice atmosphere, but on the flipside the animation is mediocre, the plot is full of holes, and things are just lacking with cohesion from episode-to-episode with stuff just happening without much lead-in. In all, this show does a lot of corner cutting that makes it feel really bland.

89. Japan Sinks 2020: C- (Score: 63)
Usually having Masaaki Yuasa and a show situated in an environment with ample opportunity for character development and emotional scenes would be a great thing, but that's not the case here. This show starts off great, but becomes a dumpster fire in the middle before somewhat redeeming itself with a great ending. The storywriting was mostly cringeworthy that peaks at the Shan City segment as there is just so much going on that has no place in a disaster show whatsoever. The other major issue is the animation as this style, despite not being Yuasa's usual unorthodox version, doesn't really work. That said, this show got the ending right and character development was solidly done. But in all, the show is just littered with stuff that doesn't belong in this kind of show like arrogance and acts of violence.

90. Cute Executive Officer: C- (Score: 60)
This show does a solid job of being funny and whimsical for a short. There's not much going for this show with the animation quality that shorts typically have, all while the short episode format doesn't allow for much to materialize, but overall it accomplishes what it sets out to do, all while changing things up just enough to keep things fresh.

91. The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods: D+ (Score: 59)
This is just a production mess as the result of being dropped by the highly reputable A-1 and instead, given to the inconsistent Deen. This season was supposed to be the highlight of the manga, but unfortunately this season is doomed by horrible animation quality, poor script writing, watered-down action sequences so that it would pass for a prime-time show, and awkward pacing. At the very least, the show has a solid story concept and some great drama, but aside from that, everything else Deen just dropped the ball.

92. Magatsu Wahrheit: Zuerst: D+ (Score: 58)
This show was just so hard to follow as the viewer is just in the dark about a lot of things entering into the series, and things don't exactly make sense when all is said and done. While it's one thing to take this approach, the writing was atrocious showing no sense of urgency until the midway point of the series. That said, the show does a few things right as it had decent drama, character development, and an air of mystery that managed to maintain the intrigue, while the artwork and soundtrack are fitting. But nevertheless, it was quite a chore to watch as there were just so many things that didn't make much sense, and it was clear that this was meant to advertise the game more than anything.

93. Listeners: D (Score: 50)
What a mess this show is as while it was at least sound in concept, the execution was absolutely atrocious. The show has great music and the references to rock music at least gave it something worth watching. It started off well that at least gave some glimmer of hope of great things. But that's where all the good things end and the problems begin as the story writing is simply a joke, and its insistence on being episodic meant sacrificing development, a bad decision. This show simply ran out of ideas and the production team just winged it from the look of things. Having bland characters as leads didn't do itself any favors, either. So in all, the only reason for watching this show is for the music references as just about everything else outside the first episode is a glorified mess.

94. The House Spirit Tatami-chan: D (Score: 47)
This is pretty much as expected for a short as the show does have some decent humor and a solid concept. But that's just about it for good things as the animation quality is terrible, all while much of the humor doesn't click most of the time.

95. Sakura Wars the Animation: D (Score: 45)
This show was just a mess from start to finish. This show has some good things going for it with the action and the intrigue behind the characters being reasons to watch this show. And as for the laundry list of issues this show has, it starts with the animation that works well for action, but not so much outside of it. The characters just lack depth and are only there because they need to. The plot just progresses at an awful pace as well. But the biggest issue of all is the story writing as it wastes a lot of time doing things that don't really help progress the plot, and those episodes came out as dull and just a waste of time, all while everything is just too predictable. So in all, the other Sakura Wars anime productions are more worthwhile than this mess.

96. Rail Romanesque: D- (Score: 40)
This show has some cute girls, and just about nothing else that's worthwhile. Each episode is a carbon copy with the only thing differentiating itself are the featured girls and the merch ideas. It's pretty clear that this was created to be an advertisement and nothing else. Being a short makes it manageable to watch, but aside from that, not much, if anything, going for this show.

97. Dragon's Dogma: D- (Score: 38)
This show is just a dumpster fire from start to finish as everything about this show is bad. The animation is mediocre, the story is non-existent, the characters are forgettable, the story writing is terrible, and there's just no cohesion. Just about the only thing that isn't bad about this show is the action as at the very least it captured the dark feel that this show presents. But in the end, it's just another terrible anime adaptation of a video game not worth bothering about.