It's the end of another season of anime, and unfortunately this is not like any other season (and neither will the spring)

WINNER: Funimation
Funimation might just as well be winners every season moving forward, but two things really propelled them to taking the title of the go-to place for anime that had long been held by Crunchyroll. First of all. they are no longer limiting themselves to licensing whatever they have room to simuldub as this season featured three such shows in Phantasy Star Online 2, Number 24, and the Show by Rock spinoff. And the second is that they are now the place to watch Aniplex shows as with both licensors now part of Sony, Aniplex of America is giving Funimation an exclusive time window for streaming their shows. So with everything that has happened, Funimation is looking to conquer the streaming market, something that was made possible due to Sony coming in, ditching Crunchyroll after they were bought by AT&T, and now taking up the majority of the good stuff whether directly or through Aniplex.

LOSER: Sentai
For Sentai this season, it's just Bang Dream season 3 and the continuing Ahiru no Sora. While they will eventually release Haikyu! To the Top and Chihayafuru season 3, this season is showing that they are running on fumes now as they are being able to license fewer titles than ever before as long as they don't have any assistance from a megacorporation like they did with Amazon during the Anime Strike days and what Funimation and Aniplex have now with Sony, as well as Crunchryoll with AT&T and Warner Media. The fact that Funimation is no longer limiting themselves to licensing stuff that they can simuldub is just bad news for Sentai as titles are being snapped up left and right by Funimation that in the past they would have gotten like the new Sorcerous Stabber Orphen (since they have the original series), Nekopara, If My Favorite Pop Idol Makes It to the Budokan, I Would Die, and Asteroid in Love. And things are even more dire in the spring as Tamayomi, Diary of Our Days in the Backwater, and Gal & Dino are all titles that fit their profile to a T, but Funimation took them instead and aren't simuldubbing them (though part of the reason is the pandemic, but it's mostly because they are taking on more titles than they can dub).

WINNER: Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll might have lost a lot of shows to Funimation this season, but the shows they did get for this season are some high quality ones, so the lost quantity from their days as Funimation's partners is made up with quality as they got Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, Chihayafuru season 3, Somali and the Forest Spirit, Science Fell in Love So I Tried to Prove It, Haikyu! To the Top, and Railgun T. Not exactly ideal for Crunchyroll, but at least they made the best of a dire situation.

LOSER: Amazon
Amazon's prevalence is slowly fading away after years of mismanagement. While things are going well in Japan, not so much around the world having lost their exclusive grip on Noitamina and Animeism shows, and this season featured the last of their shows from the Twin Engine deal with Pet, which is one of the season's biggest disappointments. Their only other show this season is the continuing Blade of the Immortal series, a show plagued by the bad decision to adapt the entire manga series in just 24 episodes. It's for the best that Amazon doesn't get things exclusively anymore since their player is not really equipped to handle subtitles the way Crunchyroll, Funimation, and HIDIVE can as it was made with close captioning in mind.

WINNER: Production I.G.
I.G. will always be a winner when there's a Haikyu series out there, but this season they are absolutely killing it, but with a momentum breaker that is a split-cour season. Their other show is Kabukicho Sherlock and while it's a disappointing show, at least it's worthwhile for the right audience. This is really the only studio that put out multiple shows that had a good season as most of the shows this season are the studio's only show of the season.

WINNER: Science Saru
This is the studio that brought out Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, and this is another masterpiece by Masaaki Yuasa in what turns out to be his swan song. He's actually working on two other shows that haven't been released, but one of them production has already wrapped up, and the other he's more of a consultant than a director. Everything that has come out of this studio that Yuasa founded has been amazing, this one is no exception.

LOSER: Studio Deen
Deen had two shows this season in Sorcerous Stabber Orphen and The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods, and it's safe to say that both shows were disappointments going to show that this studio just isn't what they used to be. At least Orphen had low expectations, but they got so many things wrong with that show. However, it's what they did with Seven Deadly Sins that's the big monstrosity as the animation quality took a nosedive compared to the first two seasons, while storytelling was just messy. These guys just can't get their act together, though at least they do for some of their shows.

LOSER: P.A. Works
P.A. Works had a high-and-mighty reputation entering this season, but they haven't been up to their usual golden standards as of late. Fairy Gone was a storytelling mess, and while they wisely took a break to clean up a lot of stuff, the damage had been done. At least their technical presentation is still up to standards. That said, this season hasn't been kind to them as their show is A3!, and from an animation standpoint this is their worst job on the animation quality front. But above all, the show's broadcast was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, so that probably had a big part in contributing to the show's subpar presentation based on the three episodes that are currently out. But on the bright side, it means A3! will actually air during their appropriate seasons.

WINNER: Thursdays
Just two seasons removed from their lowest load since their awful lineup from the Fall 2017 season, this season Thursdays were just packed to the gills with Nekopara, Show by Rock, Somali and the Forest Spirit, The Case Files of Jeweler Richard, Infinite Dendrogram, Hatena Illusion, Budokan, Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, and Uchitama. With their Thursday lineup, there were no timeslots used for rebroadcasts or delaycasts on Tokyo MX that was common in previous seasons, while Hatena Illusion, as bad as that show is, aired a day earlier on another station before it's Tokyo MX airing on Fridays. While most of these shows were unremarkable, it did have three very good ones in Somali, Hanako-kun, and Budokan, while it has a few more that's satisfying for the intended audience in Nekopara, Jeweler Richard, Uchitama, and Show by Rock.

WINNER: Fridays
The other day this season with a ton of shows is Friday, and that includes two of the best shows this season in Haikyu! To the Top and Railgun T. But it doesn't stop there as Science Fell in Love, Smile Down the Runway, and Darwin's Game are also worthwhile, and there's also Asteroid in Love and the continuing Kabukicho Sherlock to round the lineup. Thursdays and Fridays had most of the shows this season, and while Saturdays also had a strong lineup, a number of them were disappointments whereas with those two days the shows either met or exceeded expectations (though meeting low expectations isn't exactly the most encouraging thing out there).

LOSER: Mondays
Mondays continue to be the worst day of the week for anime, and this season it has reach rock bottom. The Monday lineup consists of Pet, ARP Backstage Pass, A3!, and Seton Academy, along with the shorts Room Camp, Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki season 2, and Natsunagu. As if getting saddled with some pretty lousy shows wasn't bad enough, A3! ends up getting bumped to the spring season. While Twin Engine has put out some great shows, Pet is easily their worst show to date. At least things are looking much more promising moving forward as Fruits Basket will be on Mondays for the spring and summer season, while That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, should it continue to be a Monday show, is coming in the fall. Nevertheless, Monday hasn't had a good lineup since the Winter 2019 season, and this season it hits rock bottom.

LOSER: Wednesdays
The Wednesday lineup was pretty disappointing this season, though at least it had one good show in Bofuri. But there just wasn't much to watch on this day as two timeslots were used for the Re:Zero broadcast and another one was for a rerun, leaving it with just Bofuri, Plunderer, Number 24, and the continuing Ahiru no Sora and Blade of the Immortal series. Number 24 and Plunderer are easily two of the worst shows this season, but at least it's far better than Mondays since it has Bofuri. But compared to the rest of the week it was lacking.

LOSER: Everybody
And to end this blog, this pertains to the current coronavirus pandemic as everybody has been hit hard, anime industry included.