And now, here are the top two tiers of 2019 anime shows.

Just like I have done in the past, I split the rankings into two blog entries to alleviate the burden of this blog, and was motivated back in 2017 when the previous version of The Fandom Post forums were having problems with long entries. As usual, I begin with the shows that aren't going to challenge for many, if any, awards as these shows that ranged from solid to downright terrible. As always, I have five tiers of shows and the first blog is all about stuff that rates in the bottom three tiers. As a reminder, there are some rules I set in place as to which shows are ranked on this list:
  • 1. Only shows that I watched to the end (or if continuing into 2020 I have watched all the episodes that have aired) are listed. So stinkers I pulled the plug on early like Pastel Memories, Namu Amida Butsu, and Arifureta will not show up on my list. For shows that will take part of this ranking, check the master list. Shows with an asterisk in the Completed or Ongoing sections are eligible.
  • 2. The show must have been completed in 2019 to be eligible except for the shows whose final episodes were delayed into 2020. So that means Azur Lane, Babylon, and Rifle is Beautiful will take part since I would have finished them in 2019 had the production teams had their acts together, but shows I binged in 2020 will not that includes Sarazanmai, A Certain Scientific Accelerator, and Ultramarine Magmell.
  • 3. For shows with multiple entries (i.e. split cour shows and shows finishing a season in winter and starting a new one in fall like SAO Alicization), they will be combined into one entry. Their ranking is based on the average score of their cours.
As always, I use a scoring system that's based on what the average MAL score typically is for shows in a certain grade range, that combined with grades that typical exam scores get you in college courses.

A+: 100+
A: 95-99
A-: 90-94
B+: 85-89
B: 80-84
B-: 75-79
C+: 70-74
C: 65-69
C-: 60-64
D+: 52-59
D: 44-51
D-: 36-43
F: 0-35

So with that, here are the rankings for everything in the middle tier and below. The shows in the top two tiers will have their grade and ranking explained, while the rest will just be listed and to get my explanations, click on the link below. All shows that started in 2019 but continue into 2020 are in Italics to let you know that this is only for what has aired this season and that its final grade (and position on this ranking) is subject to change.

Link to Part 1


1. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: A+ (Score: 104)
This show is easily one of the best shows out there as everything clicks on all cylinders and then some. The animation is some of the best out there, the action is amazing, the characters are developed well, and above all the story is well-constructed. Everything about this show is done at a masterful level as this is one of the few shows out there that pays great attention to detail to just about everything and it makes all the difference between something that's merely good, and a masterpiece like this.

2. Attack on Titan season 3: A+ (Score: 102)
This season continues to do everything that made this show a masterpiece well with excellent storytelling, well-utilized action and drama, and of course a well-executed mystery aspect. In all, everything it did well in seasons 1 and 2, it did just as well in this season. The storytelling and impact are especially more potent in this season than in the previous two.

3. Vinland Saga: A+ (Score: 102)
This show is one of the best of the year with a combination of great animation, a strong story, solid action, and a well-constructed plot. Above all, the show does a great job with character development for the characters that the directors decide to develop. Just about the only gripe is the slow pacing of the MC's character development, but that's something that can be solved with a sequel, all while the show did an excellent job developing the supporting cast, and then some. In any case, this show is definitely worth watching for all the technical and storywriting merits.

4. The Promised Neverland: A+ (Score: 101)
This show just nails everything with the excellent drama leading the way, all while doing a nice job with character development and strategically revealing the character backgrounds for maximum impact. The show establishes an intense atmosphere that stays through the end leading me to eagerly await the next episode. The animation quality is also top notch as well. Just about the only thing I would have liked to be done better is to expand on the demons, but that's something that hopefully gets a lot of attention in the second season. So bottom line is that this is one of the best shows of the season that does every bit the justice it could to the masterpiece manga.

5. My Hero Academia: A+ (Score: 100)
This season features the Shie Hassaikai arc for the fall season, and it is one of the most intense story arcs in the manga. This arc is well-written and well-paced as it flows nicely and animates great action when the situation calls for it. It continues to do everything great that My Hero Academia is known for.

6. Mob Psycho 100 II: A (Score: 99)
This season had the advantage of not needing to establish itself as it had trouble doing that in the first season. However, things were clicking right off the bat. And then this show continues to do what it has always done with amazing animation, great action, and mind games that drove the story plot. That said, this show isn't perfect as the structure was questionable, all while character introductions and re-introductions were done without much buildup or expansion made it tough to keep track of the characters, as well as making it feel like the big battle happens too soon. In any case, it's an improvement over the first season, but not quite at masterpiece level.

7. The Rising of the Shield Hero: A (Score: 98)
This show had just about everything going for it with the characters, animation, soundtrack, drama, action, and the story. The character development and action are what particularly stand out about this show as those things made this show something to eagerly anticipate every week. While the end product is great, it had a few issues in its questionable use of rape to drive the story, and the cringeworthy, albeit effective, use of the show's main antagonist, as well as the battle sequences that felt underwhelming at times. In all, it's definitely a must-watch show for all the great things it brings to the table.

8. Kaguya-sama: Love is War: A (Score: 96)
This is a fun time to be had as the comedy is insane and off-the-charts funny. This show does do with a combination of great characters, a creative concept, great characters, nice animation, and jokes that stay fresh never getting stale, all while it still finds a way to build the characters up. The only major issues I had with this show was that the main trio gets almost all the attention leaving not much for the supporting characters that all deserve to have more screen time. In any case, it's one of the best comedies out there as it's just plain funny.

9. Dororo: A (Score: 95)
This is an amazing adventure that does a great job with character development and building relationships between the two leads. While the storytelling was strong despite the possibility of easily falling into the whole monster-of-the-week formula, it always kept the main storyline in perspective. And the biggest highlight is the character designs as they do a nice job of modernizing the vintage characters from 50 years ago. Just about the only problems this show have are the inconsistent animation quality and the slow-moving pace that sometimes occurred. In all, it's a great way to honor Osamu Tezuka's legacy with this 50th anniversary tribute.

10. Carole and Tuesday: A- (Score: 94)
This is another great show from Shinichiro Watanabe that pretty much borrows from his other work in Kids on the Slope, and the show excels with music, animation, and character development, all while the show has a great story and solid drama. Just about the only big issues with this show are the plot seeing that it doesn't quite stick the landing in the end, and the pacing as it moved just a tad too slow. Nevertheless, it's a nice show putting Watanabe's greatness on display.

11. Chihayafuru 3: A- (Score: 94)
After six long years since the second season ended, the story continues, and it does an excellent job picking up right where it left off. But above all, it shows that there are other far more important things in life than karuta, and in spite of that the characters are hard at work improving their game. This season continues to do what it has done well, and that is character development, drama, and storytelling and while pacing is still an issue, things move a bit faster in this season.

12. Dr. Stone: A- (Score: 93)
Simply put, this show is very smart, one with a great setting and using real scientific facts to make this show go. Then there are the characters that are fun and amusing. So while the show does a great job with the task at hand, this show's pacing was kind of slow and kind of spends too much time with sidetracks and other stuff instead of advancing the plot. Nevertheless, it's a fun show to watch that does everything it puts its focus on really well without cutting any corners.

13. Run With the Wind: A- (Score: 92)
This show started off really slowly as it had a tough time getting its footing, but once it does things really take off. From the halfway point onward, this show just thrived as the character development is off the charts, all while the sport was properly utilized to build characters. The show struggled to establish itself in the beginning as the characters were introduced too quickly to keep track, all while some of the antics just didn't sit well. But once the show got past that stage, the story is top notch.

14. Kono Oto Tomare!: A- (Score: 91) [89 for season 1, 93 for season 2]
This has some of the best character development out there. But what especially stood out was the attention put to the supporting cast outside the club as most other shows of this type would simply skip out on them. And the drama and music are the main things this show is great about. On the flipside, the show got off to a rough start with tentative storywriting and things just not firing on all cylinders, all while the animation was off the mark with a no-name studio doing this. But the show improved greatly as the show progresses. In all, this show puts together one of the best stories out there of the season.

15. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: A- (Score: 91)
This show is all about building characters, and it does an excellent job at that in keeping things mostly lighthearted, but utilizing the more serious stuff in a strategic manner. While it does a great job in character establishment and development, the show was a bit off in the adaptation as it opts to drag some things on while not really paying much attention to other things going on. That said, most of these shortcomings can be fixed with the second season.

16. Fairy Tail Final Season: A- (Score: 90)
This final season is a great sendoff to this series continuing to do what it does great, but this time with much greater focus and a pacing that's just right seeing that the animators had the advantage of having a finished product ready to use. In all, character development is great, the action is amazing, and the story is nicely written. On the flipside, animation quality has been an issue ever since the second season, all while the story just seems to be convenient, but those are things that didn't diminish the overall quality of this show that much. In the end, it's a worthy way to finish this show.

17. Food Wars! The Fourth Plate: A- (Score: 90)
This season continues to do just about everything that made this show great, but it's a step down from first three seasons. The cooking action, character development, and plot all continue to be top notch, but the storytelling dragged seeing that it is seemingly only about the cooking battles this season and there's not much story involved aside from these battles. In any case, it accomplished what it needed with the way the third season ended.

18. Fruits Basket 1st Season: A- (Score: 90)
This show is much more refined and polished compared to the original series as the storytelling was to the point, and the comedy was toned down considerably so that the storytelling can stand out. The show started strong, kind of sagged in the middle, and then really stepped up its game in the final episodes of this season to put Natsuki Takaya's vision on full display that was lacking with the original series.

19. Given: A- (Score: 90)
While a BL on the surface, this show offers a whole lot more than what a typical BL show delivers as it is there to really drive character development and establishing relationships. What was particularly well-done in this show is the way it reveals important information choosing the right time to do so. And add to that great animation and soundtrack and that made for a very compelling show. This show has a couple of big issues as the show didn't have the best of starts and was dragging its feet during most of the first half, all while losing focus at times at the big picture, but in the end the well-done character development is what makes this show stand out in a great way.

Field Goal

20. Astra Lost in Space: B+ (Score: 89)
This show thrives on character development, drama, animation, and adventure as all these things made for a great end product. The drama was especially well-done as that is what makes this show so addictive. On the flipside, however, this show's storytelling was inconsistent all while the overall plot just felt too convenient and predictable. Nevertheless, the great things about this show were so well-done as it left a tremendous impact in the end.

21. Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Second: B+ (Score: 89)
This series picks up nicely where the TV series left off and does a better job with character development as it tells a more focused story. But above all, it gives the two leads equal focus whereas the first season was heavily skewed, which allows for better storytelling. That said, it feels like this season was more overreliant on narration, all while with its limited runtime compared to the original series that the storytelling wasn't as comprehensive and impactful as it could be. But in the end, it does a great job in retelling the story in keeping the core essence of what made the original series so great, and doing so with better animation quality.

22. My Roommate is a Cat: B+ (Score: 89)
This show does a great job with the slice of life aspect and character growth as a lot of it happened throughout the show. This show had a pretty simple plot structure, and it did just about everything right towards that goal. That said, it wasn't perfect as the show had a tough time settling in at the beginning, all while the supporting characters could have gotten more attention than they did, and some of the humor and stuff got repetitive. But nevertheless, this show is definitely worthwhile as it does an excellent and efficient job at character development.

23. Ascendance of a Bookworm: B+ (Score: 88)
This show got off to a rough start with the plot seemingly going around in circles, but as the show progresses, the situation gets more serious and that's when the show really takes off. From there, character development takes a great upturn, all while it does a great job in not relying on the show's gimmick to tell a fulfilling story.

24. Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia: B+ (Score: 88)
The story in the game is most well-written of the singularities, and it shows in the anime adaptation as it could have easily just skimped out and make this something to advertise the game. But thankfully, that's not the case here as it does an excellent job in being faithful to the game telling an intuitive story with dramatic twists and turns, all while doing so with some great animation and characters even more lively when brought to life.

25. Stars Align: B+ (Score: 88)
This show does a great job with being much more than a sports show that focuses more on family drama than anything. The drama was well-executed, while the sport was used well to compare and contrast the life of the boys. This goes along with great animation and a stunning soundtrack. While it does a lot of the major aspects well, the one major issue this show has is that it tries to bite on more than it could chew with so many characters and backstories that couldn't be reasonably addressed in just one cour leaving to some of the characters being underdeveloped and some big things unresolved, though that can be explained by the fact that this was only the first half of what is planned to be a two-cour show that hopefully gets a sequel someday.

26. Bungo Stray Dogs season 3: B+ (Score: 88)
After a sluggish and inconsistent first season combined with a strong second season, this show really hits its stride this season, though not without some hiccups. This season is somewhere in between as while the action is nice and the drama and storyline made for a great villain, the buildup is pretty questionable as some of the content dragged and wasn't exactly crucial enough to deserve such a detailed telling. That said, the show delivers on the amusing interactions and that conflict at the end that made for some good storytelling. In the end, this show does a great job in picking up where the second season left off on.

27. Sword Art Online: Alicization: B+ (Score: 87) [88 for Alicization 2nd Cour and 86 for War of Underworld 1st Cour]
Alicization continues with the War of Underworld arc that's mostly about the action and the buildup as it focuses mainly on Alice as she's taking charge of things. This cour is very slow-paced, but the payoff is tremendous in the end with great action and a nice way to reintroduce the characters from the previous two seasons. This sets the table for what should be a great finish to Alicization.

28. The Quintessential Quintuplets: B+ (Score: 87)
This show ends up being one of the pleasant surprises of the season as while shows like these have been done time and again, this show does a great job in putting its focus on where it needs to be, which is the relationships and not the cliches and other senseless things that are all too common. Above all, it has a solidly-constructed story where it puts its effort into character relationships first and foremost. The show still has issues as the animation could have been better, the story progression tends to favor some characters over others, and there were some issues with the way the story flowed. Nevertheless, this show ends up being better than expected.

29. O Maidens in Your Savage Season: B+ (Score: 86)
This show has a nicely-written story that drives great character development and relationship building using an unconventional approach. While the romance and drama were nicely done, as well as the usage of adult themes and other mature stuff, this show does have issues with its plot construction. In particular, the show can be hard to understand, all while the characters can get really annoying to make it hard to watch. And the animation quality isn't exactly a draw. But in the end, this show makes its intended mark as the story really make this show go.

30. Kakegurui xx: B+ (Score: 85)
This season pretty much has all the same strengths and weaknesses of the first season. The characters are great, the drama is incredible, and the animation is top-notch, while on the flipside the storywriting could have been better and the pacing was too slow as it felt that not much has happened in the overall scheme of things, as well as the questionable use of an anime-original ending. In any case, it continues to be a greatly enjoyable show that I really got into.

31. Aggressive Retsuko season 2: B+ (Score: 85)
This is a fun way to follow up the first season of this show as more characters are introduced, and nice humor really makes this show go. This season is an improvement over the first as the addition of the new characters really helps the season go when it could have easily resorted to recycling jokes and other stuff that would make this season stale. So once more, great characters and humor really helps this show go.

32. Oresuki: B (Score: 84)
This show does a nice job of being a very different kind of rom-com combining drama elements into it. Above all, making the MC more of a background characters and not being afraid to admit that it's silly adds to the enjoyment of this show. And on top of that, characters relationships are built nicely in unorthodox ways to add to the show's greatness. That said, this show's biggest problems are the pacing and the amount of sidetracking that it kind of renders the main premise moot. In all, it's greatly enjoyable, though with some storywriting issues.

33. Psycho-Pass 3: B (Score: 84)
While this season is a great improvement over the second season, it still a far cry from the masterpiece that the first season is. While having Production I.G back made a difference, unfortunately Gen Urobochi didn't have any involvement in this season, and it shows as it simply is a back-and-forth chess match rather than the nihilistic things that made the first season great. Anyway, this show has a great story, intriguing characters, intense action, and a nicely done mystery angle with twists and turns. That said, this show has issues with the biggest being the use of double-length episodes as it felt too comprehensive for it to work, all while there are just parts of the show that just felt weak or confusing with the storytelling. In all, it gets back to doing what made Psycho-Pass great with a solid story concept this time around, but with storytelling that could have been improved.

34. Cautious Hero: B (Score: 84)
This show got off to a rough start as it appeared to be stupid, cliched, and without much of a purpose. But as the series progresses, the show greatly improves with solid character development and creative ways to bring caution into the wind. The crazy antics and unorthodox nature of the show made for something that's worth watching. On the flip side, the show's biggest problem is the incoherence of the story as some of it served a greater purpose for the story, while some of it was just there not really doing much. In all, it's a greatly enjoyable show once the initial shock of the premise wears off.

35. Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files: {Rail Zeppelin} Grace Note: B (Score: 83)
This show is gimmicky, but the gimmicks are utilized the right way as the production team did an excellent job in focusing their efforts on producing a meaningful story. The technical details are simply incredible as the animation is great, the soundtrack is another masterpiece by Yuki Kajiura, and the action and supernatural aspects are great eye candy. The show really stands out when the storytelling is well-executed, which unfortunately was not all the time. As such, the show's biggest problem is that the storywriting was inconsistent as while some episodes were well-written, others just didn't leave a big impact that others did. In any case, it's another worthwhile entry into the Fate franchise that more than satisfies the fans of Fate and Type Moon, but still a far cry from something like the show's prequel in Fate/Zero.

36. How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?: B (Score: 83)
This ends up being quite a fun show as it does a lot of things well. The characters are interesting, the show has some nice humor, the animation is nice, and above all it does all this while providing some nice lessons about muscles and exercising. In all, the show is ridiculous, but also realistic at the same time as that's what kept things on-course. That said, this show does have some flaws as the humor tends to get repetitive, all while some of the stuff just goes way too overboard for its own good. And the great imbalance in character focus was something that puts a damper on this show as well. But in all, it was fun and satisfying seeing that fanservicey shows tend to be garbage more often than not, which is not the case with this show.

37. The Helpful Fox Senko-san: B (Score: 83)
This show does exactly what it sets out to be, a nice, laid-back, and relaxing show with great characters, a fun atmosphere, and great humor, doing a great job and then some with that. Character development was pretty solid as well making it stand out more than other shows of this kind. Just about the only issues this show has are the potential creepiness factor that ended up being mostly unfounded, and the weak plot as while it really isn't necessary for a show like this, it had one and didn't do the best of jobs with it. That said, it's a fun show that accomplishes what it set out to do.

38. Isekai Quartet: B (Score: 82)
This show is just great fun with the characters and comedy really standing out. The interactions are some of the most amusing things out there this season, and this concept of bringing these characters from isekai shows together is simply ingenious. Just about the only problems I had are the cheap-looking animation, albeit serving a greater purpose, and that some of the humor missed its mark. But in the overall scheme of things, it's fun and one of the better shorts out there.

39. Senryu Girl: B (Score: 82)
This is a very fun show with great characters, nice humor, and an atmosphere of greatness. The use of senryu's as this show's gimmick was well-utilized. That said, this show still has its flaws as the animation could have been better, all while there's just not much of a story to speak of that's not really necessary. In any case, this show is just fun all-around and having it as a half-length short makes it really well seeing that a senryu barrage would have watered down the product had it been full-length.

40. The Demon Girl Next Door: B (Score: 82)
This is a fun show to watch for those who like cute girls doing cute things as this will definitely make these viewers feel right at home. The characters are great, the comedy was well-done, the supernatural was used well, and the atmosphere is what makes this show stand out. However, the story was a fairly weak one and for the most part there was not much upward movement, and that is what keeps this out of elite company. In the grand scheme of things, it was designed to be one of those fun shows and in that regard it does a great job at being what it set out to be.

41. If It's For My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord: B (Score: 81)
This show hits its mark with character development as that was the primary focus of this show, and doing so in a laid-back environment. What this show should be applauded for more than anything is that it was never forceful as it could have easily made dark elements prevalent, but they resisted the urge to do so as they were nothing more than teases. Then there are the characters themselves and that's the reason for watching this show. On the flipside, this show has issues with the biggest ones being the animation quality and the plot construction as being handled by a no-name studio, the show's animation was far from crisp, all while the show introduces stuff that doesn't get expanded upon later on that should have been. In any case, it's a show where the things to watch for are nicely done to make for a satisfying show to watch.

42. Fire Force: B (Score: 81)
Overall, this show certainly was enjoyable for the action, animation, and the characters. While the plot is all well and good, the storywriting had issues as there was just too much emphasis on the things that shouldn't matter as much as they did. There was just so much tenativeness in the storywriting, part of it was due to the KyoAni tragedy, Some story arcs were nicely done while others, not so much. This is a show that just failed to reach its full potential, but even so it's entertaining to watch for the art style, if nothing else.

43. Levius: B (Score: 81)
While this show appears to be another Megalo Box on the surface, the only similarity is the use of cybernetic equipment to fight. The show has a very solid story as it deals with personal issues, as well as hinting towards a huge conspiracy in regards to a massacre. The show starts off slowly, but it gets better as it progresses going to put the MC's courage on display, as well as him changing the outlook of his opponents for the better. While I usually don't have a high opinion of CG usage, in this case it was a very appropriate choice as it was a great fit for the setting.

44. Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu: B (Score: 81)
This show is a fun time to be had as it does a great job in appealing to its target audience, but not exactly doing a whole lot for those outside it. The show has fun characters, great humor, and solid character development, but in the grand scheme of things the show just doesn't have much of a substantial story to speak of. So in all, it's a show that does the job and more for those into cute girls doing cute things, but not much beyond that.

45. Blade of the Immortal (2019): B (Score: 80)
This show is another attempt to adapt a well-received, but very long manga series and because of its length compromises had to be made. That said, this show has solid animation, a soundtrack that captures the essence of this show well, action that animates the bloodshed in all its glory to the point that it's too violent for TV, and a story that captures several of the important aspects as it does a solid job in selectively adapting the highlights of the manga. But when all is said and done, the manga is still by far the better option as adapting the whole thing in just two cours just isn't doing justice for this work.

46. The Morose Mononokean II: B (Score: 80)
This pretty much has the same strengths and weaknesses as the first season, except for that for this season things are already settled in at the beginning not needing to establish itself like the first season as the slow start nearly derailed this show. Anyway, just like the first season, the show excels in the characters, the humor, and the psychological development, all while the animation quality and issues with pacing are still big gripes. So in the grand scheme of things, it continues to be a worthwhile watch, and with this season not having to establish itself leads to a better product.

First Down

47. Wasteful Days of High School Girls: B- (Score: 79)
48. One Punch Man season 2: B- (Score: 79)
49. Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dugeon? II: B- (Score: 79)
50. Wataten: An Angel Flew Down to Me: B- (Score: 78)
51. Babylon: B- (Score: 78)
52. We Never Learn!: B- (Score: 77)
53. Mix: B- (Score: 77)
54. Granblue Fantasy season 2: B- (Score: 77)
55. After School Dice Club: B- (Score: 77)
56. Karakuri Circus: B- (Score: 76)
57. Endro~!: B- (Score: 75)
58. Kengan Ashura: B- (Score: 75)
59. Cannon Busters: B- (Score: 75)
60. Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next LIfe?!: C+ (Score: 74)
61. No Guns Life: C+ (Score: 74)
62. Mysteria Friends: C+ (Score: 74)
63. Domestic Girlfriend: C+ (Score: 73)
64. Date A Live III: C+ (Score: 73)
65. Wise Man's Grandchild: C+ (Score: 73)
66. Bananya and the Curious Bunch: C+ (Score: 72)
67. Kemono Michi: Rise Up!: C+ (Score: 71)
68. The Ones Within: C+ (Score: 71)
69. Cop Craft: C+ (Score: 70)
70. Million Arthur: C+ (Score: 70)
71. Re:Stage! Dream Days: C+ (Score: 70)
72. Cinderella Girls Theater Climax Season: C+ (Score: 70)


73. Fairy Gone: C (Score: 69)
74. Rifle is Beautiful: C (Score: 69)
75. Null and Peta: C (Score: 68)
76. Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka: C (Score: 68)
77. How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno: C (Score: 67)
78. The Magnificent Kotobuki: C (Score: 67)
79. Hero Mask season 2: C (Score: 66)
80. Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators: C (Score: 66)
81. A Certain Magical Index III: C- (Score: 64)
82. Azur Lane: C- (Score: 64)
83. Are You Lost?: C- (Score: 64)
84. Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki: C- (Score: 63)
85. Hensuki: C- (Score: 63)
86. Miru Tights: C- (Score: 63)
87. Africa Salaryman: C- (Score: 63)
88. Girly Air Force: C- (Score: 62)
89. Kemono Friends 2: C- (Score: 60)


90. Revisions: D+ (Score: 59)
91. Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Take Off!: D+ (Score: 58)
92. Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan: D+ (Score: 56)
93. AfterLost: D (Score: 51)
94. Days of Urashisakatasen: D (Score: 48)
95. 7Seeds: D (Score: 47)
96. Rainy Cocoa Side G: F (Score: 30)